Odd Jobs You Can Do To Make Money Today

Earning money part-time is not difficult if you are willing to make use of your inherent or learnt skills. More and more people are using their time to earn the extra bucks from a host of part-time jobs that also help better live qualities in more than one way.

Here are the top 10 odd jobs that you can do to earn money today and every day!!!

1. Work as a part-time accountant

Virtual bookkeepers are fast taking up assignments for businesses of all sizes. It is a job that requires your knowledge of accounts and the concerning laws of the land. A lot of individuals as well as businesses look for professionals that are capable of filing tax returns. These jobs are highly paying and you can work any time of the day with only a computer and internet connection at your disposal.

2. Participate in clinical trials

A lot of medical researches are underway almost at every scientific center worth its name. There are plenty of requirement for people with specific medical conditions to volunteer for research for better care and treatment. Healthy people are also called in to see the results of test conditions. Becoming a participant in one such project will only need a few hours but will give you a handsome package in return.

3. Walk dogs or go pet sitting

For those of you that are animal lovers, you can pass the word around that you are willing to pet-sit for your friends and neighbors when they need it. There are also websites that will give you access to membership registration for such jobs. There are plenty of people that would love to leave their pets in safe hands that will take them for a walk or play with them when they are busy. For you, it can well turn into a handsome part-time job.

4. Become a translator

It is time that you make use of your linguistic skills! More and more people are recruited as professional translators with businesses going global. Also, a lot of students need help with translation and languages that you can help out with part-time and earn well too.

5. Be a tutor

You have mastered it all and now it is time that you help the struggling lot at least part-time and end your day earning some good money. You can opt to tutor school students that often need a lot of help out of school. In case you specialize in a subject, you can also guide college and university goers and of course for higher fee!

6. Be a part-time friend

Have you ever considered working for someone else and benefitting for yourself? You are growing old and getting lonelier by the day. There are plenty of others around you feeling just the same. A lot of people are literally working by hiring out their companionship to like-mined spending a few hours every day chatting, watching movies or just going for a walk. Of course, you have to set the limits so as not to allow it to cross boundaries beyond professional ties that earns you dollars.

7. Run errands for the elderly or the rich

There are more lonely people than you can ever imagine! Elders living alone need help with their grocery shopping and other small errands that they are not capable of carrying out themselves. Running errands for them a couple of times a week or giving them company is a sure way of earning good pocket money.

8. Work as a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are soon going to replace the in-person assistants for bosses. All you need is good organizational skills, a phone and a computer to do it all and all in a few hours. The work usually includes setting up appointments, answering or composing emails and responding to other social media posts. It is a job that can be done beyond the official working hours giving you the perfect opportunity to earn handsomely part-time.

9. Be a part-time photographer

If photography is your passion, then practice it and also earn part-time. You can opt to become a professional photographer for special events among friends and neighbors. As word of mouth reference spread, it could well become your extra part-time income that will do you a lot of good.

10. Take up part-time cleaning job

Students will love to pocket the extra money to fund their living expenses and what better option than working as a part-time cleaner with a couple of families. Traditional homes still prefer to employ individuals that will do the house cleaning at mutually convenient hours and pay them instead of paying out to companies. Ask those around or post a few lines at free ad listing marketplaces like www.rentingstreet.com and get hired to earn money.


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How To Make Money As A Part Time Tutor

Teaching is one of the best ways of earning money while also enhancing your educational skills. In fact, this is the one trade where you get paid to learn along with the person that is paying you!

Whether you are studying and want those big bucks to pay your college education, working somewhere and want to earn more or looking for a good part-time income source tutoring is one great way to get the money.

A popular way of part-time tutoring is to teach courses online.

Plenty of tutoring sites offer the opportunities to teachers and budding teachers to make use of their skills. You can opt to teach a course after school hours and even during summers for longer periods. With more and more authorities making online tutoring reachable to those that need them, you are likely to come across plenty of sites with such offers.

Choose tutoring a course you are passionate about apart from your specialization

With the internet having become a huge learning platform, you have every opportunity to give classes on photography or painting! This way, you get to give your creative side the expression that you wish to give it and also earn handsome amounts from it.

Tutor as a subject specialist:

Those of you that have the reputation of a college and university to back your teaching abilities, can go ahead to prepare students at a higher level. Preparing students for entrance exams and helping those in higher studies is a highly paid part-time job that will keep your rich.

Tutor in person to individuals and even to groups:

Make use of your skills in math or science to give lessons to school children when you are free. In-person tutoring is when you connect with students and help them overcome their personal struggles with a subject with your own finesse. You could start this on recommendation for the first time or even post free or low-cost ads for it.

Use your expertise to sell an online course tutoring it too

When you are confident about a subject that needs technical finesse and continual upgrading like SEO, or a web language, you can consider creating your own course. The only investment that you have to make is that of your time to shape a unique course. You can post it online and attract potential students from across the globe and give them the course part-time.

Once you have got a good grasp over the fine aspects of part-time tutoring, you can consider starting your own tutoring website. This way, one day not only will you be earning but can also help several other beginners like you to make money part time.

Many people may especially the adult groups may not like the term tutoring. In such cases, it is better that you make use of more suitable words like help or guide will attract the potential students to you. As regards the rate that you charge per hour, you will have to make a market survey of the existing rates online or from those that give out such courses.


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6 Ways to Earn Money from Anywhere as a Virtual Assistant

If you want to help out small companies, bloggers, and busy entrepreneurs, while being able to work from anywhere and at any time, the job of a virtual assistant may sound appealing to you. As a virtual assistant, you can have a multitude of job opportunities and a good paycheck too! All you need are a computer and an internet connection.

Although there are a huge number of ways you can make money by working as a virtual assistant, here I’ve discussed 6 job roles that can offer you sound earning opportunities:

1. Social Media Virtual Assistant

All entrepreneurs and bloggers are well-aware of the powerful impact of social media in business growth. However, they face time constraints when leveraging social media for the growth of their business. Moreover, not all of them have expertise in using social media. Here comes the role of social media virtual assistants who manage social media accounts.

2. Blog Management Virtual Assistant

You might think that there are tons of ‘how to blog’ articles out there that can help someone start a blog. Nevertheless, over time one would realize that only starting a blog is easy. Blogging involves content planning, list building, email marketing, social media promotion, guest posting, networking and so on. Blogging is indeed a challenging job.

As a blog management virtual assistant, you can assist in assigning content to writers, moderating comments, and content planning.

3. Email Marketing Virtual Assistant

Similar to social media, email marketing is an important element of operating an online business. By helping with or managing email marketing, you can lighten the burden of responsibilities on the shoulders of online business owners.

4. Customer Service/Community Moderator Virtual Assistant

Online businesses usually create online communities and Facebook groups that need a moderator for ensuring that nothing inappropriate happens in them. Customers also seek assistance in these groups if they face any problems. The virtual assistant in this role needs to offer solutions to customer queries.

5. Technical Virtual Assistant

If you are technically gifted and have expertise in any particular technology, you can become a technical virtual assistant. You have to offer solutions and answers to people’s problems and questions related to that technology.

6. Creating Content Upgrades

Bloggers often leverage content upgrades for drawing readers to subscribe to email newsletters they offer.  However, after developing content, bloggers often face time constraints to develop the content upgrades. As a virtual assistant, you can do the job of creating the content upgrades so as to get more and more readers to subscribe to the email list.

Working as Virtual Assistant

Before becoming a virtual assistant for full-time, it’s wise to start working as one as side hustle. Prior to getting started side hustling, it’s good to be mentally prepared that you will be undertaking additional work, which may be exhausting. It’s helpful to have a goal with your side hustle.

In addition, remember that the money you earn through the side hustle is taxable. Don’t skip paying taxes, to avoid getting into any trouble.

Summing Up

Being a virtual assistant can help you be in a role you love and work according to your own convenience. If you are someone who yearns for adventure and freedom, the job of a virtual assistant is highly suitable for you. Knowledge about the job roles you can choose in this field, can help you find work you love and make a sound income at the same time!


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How To Save On Your Monthly Electricity Bill

High energy bills every month are annoying. Most people like you will agree that you could do something better to reduce your energy bills every month. After all, energy costs are always on the rise and the demands of modern life makes the use of devices and gadgets necessary. It is possible for you to make some good saving without making a lifestyle sacrifice.

Here are the top 10 tips to lower your utility bills the easy way:

Monitoring the heating cooling device pays:

Run a check on your HVAC system and see if all the vents are open. This will ensure that the room is evenly cooled or heated. Very often we are ill-advised to close vents with the idea to save on electricity. On the contrary, when cool or warm air flows in evenly through all the vents, there is less consumption of energy. Change the filters to keep the airflow clean and also at an ideal rate.

For those of you that live in larger homes, make sure that the zones not is use do not waste energy and the systems are turned off when not in use there.

Adjust and readjust the thermostat:

It does not make sense to maintain the same temperature in your fridge all year round! Increase the temperature by two degrees in winter and lower it by two notches in summer. Using your refrigerator with care, opening it less often is a great way of lowering your electricity bill. In fact, in most homes, heating systems and refrigerators account for maximum energy waste and inflated bills.

Switch to energy-efficient LED:

Changing the lighting system of your home to LED each time you need a bulb replacement will ensure that you are making long-term savings. Not only will you make savings on your energy consumption but also will not have to worry about changing the bulb for at least 10 years.

Bank on solar options:

If you have the means, go solar. Some states have special schemes help citizens install solar panels. Even if you cannot change the entire household energy system to solar power, you can at least install a solar-powered water heater. Water heaters are also among the highest consumers of energy and switching to solar will bring your investment back in 2 years’ time.

The laundry load saves:

Run your washing machine to full capacity with clothes loaded in it. Each time that you run your machine, it consumes a good amount of electricity despite the newer models being energy-efficient. Avoid running it everyday only with a couple of clothes or lingerie in it. Stack clothes for the week or run it bi-weekly depending on the number of members living in your home.

Load the dishwasher efficiently:

Running dishwashers is similar to that of running the washing machine. Not only packing it to capacity saves on energy, but also the way that you place the dishes matter. Reserve the bottom rack for plates facing inward toward the center. All utensils with handles can be placed at the bottom of the racks. While cups should have their faces down, bowls should be placed at an angle that is slanted downward. Other items can be placed in their designated slots with the cups and glasses placed on the top.

Switch off appliances, gadgets and entertainment units:

Most modern appliances and gadgets are energy start rated. This ensures that they do not consume too much of electricity. Televisions, gaming consoles, desktop computers and electric kettles are some items that tend to remain on all day long and consume endless amount of energy that you are actually not using. Switch them off and see the difference that you can make to your monthly power bills.

Clothe the water heater:

You can prevent your heaters from losing out on heat by giving them a good wrapping during the cold weather. Though they are built with insulation, this small extra padding can help prevent heat loss to a large extent. This will automatically bring down the power bills.

Cash in on natural energy:

Keep your rooms cool and shaded during the warm days by pulling the blinds and curtains behind closed windows. Your air-conditioner will have less load to deal with when keeping the room cool. Conversely, if there is sufficient sunlight during the day in the cold days, let in some sunshine for warm interiors!

Turn off lights and use dimmers:

Unnecessarily burning lights in the portico all night long, or in the corridors are big eaters of energy. Timing them and switching them off will ensure a small bill. Also, make it a habit to switch off everything when moving out of the room – the habit will pay you in the long run!!!



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Top 10 Eco-Friendly Living Ideas For Today

It is time that we get ourselves to respect nature, earth and the environment that is sustaining our lives. Even for those of us that consider ourselves as responsible citizens often miss out on the fine things that make us call eco-friendly. It does not take moving mountains to live an eco-friendly life. Rather, making minor changes in the way that we do things every day can make a large difference.

Here are the top 10 lifestyle changes that you can make easily to opt for an eco-friendly living that will go miles in conserving the earth better for our future generations.

Conserve energy:

Turn of electrical gadgets or unplug them instead of leaving them in standby modes. The less electricity that you consume the lesser the carbon footprints that you leave. This small and studied change will also make a big difference to your energy bill bringing it down considerably. Also, the use of LED lights is a big marker in this regard. Not only will the consumption of electricity come down but bulbs have to be changed less frequently.

Conserve water:

Stop all the dripping from the taps and unnecessary overflow of water. It is a wise step to change those old shower heads and faucets with the more water-efficient rain shower types. Turn off showers soon after the bath instead of standing under them to enjoy the rain feel unnecessary.

While doing your laundry, try to get the washing machine loaded to capacity washing as many clothes together as possible. This will help eliminate washing lesser clothes and wasting more water several times a week.

Use public transportation or carpools:

Pooling in together to work makes you eco-friendly to a large extent. The less gas that you use, the lesser carbon footprints you leave. So naturally, when you are moving together in a single vehicle, you are cutting off the carbon footprints left by at least 3 other vehicles! Moreover, sharing the ride also distributes the cost of the gas of single vehicle among four people bringing more savings to your account.

Modify eating habits:

Try cooking your food from fresh vegetables, fish, poultry or meat instead of banking on canned or packed food. Cooking them and storing them in the refrigerator surely healthier and also eliminates the generating more plastic and other forms of waste.

Stop wasting food:

Buy food that you will consume. Cut out those unnecessary shopping on discounted price and stacking up of food packets. In lot of homes, a good number of these packets remain unused and go beyond the stipulated date landing them in the dustbin. By not doing this you will only generate less toxic waste and be eco-friendlier.

Recycle and compost:

The food waste that comes out of your kitchen can become a huge resource for growing an organic garden. Making compost from the leftover food and those that have past their consumption dates helps you create natural fertilizers. Instead of sending them for landfill and methane gas build-up, it is better to use them for your kitchen garden and grow your own fruits or vegetables.

Plant trees / grow organic garden:

Planting trees is among the best steps forward to make your life eco-friendly. If you have a small lawn or garden place nothing better. Else you can place pots with plants in them as part of your organic farm or decorative plants. Consider placing some of them inside the rooms that will freshen up the ambience and also the air. Hang them from above the window shade or in the verandah if possible. Adding green and using your homemade compost is the best way to make your life eco-friendly.

Cut out plastic:

A lot has already been said about the toxic effects that plastic has on our environment affecting animals and marine life equally. Carry your own coffee mug and inculcate the practice among your friends and family. It will help do away with the plastic waste to a large extent.

Stop impulse buying:

Everyone wants to do good business. Lucrative offers by stores lure people into buying items and hoarding them. Very often we end up buying things that come in large packs and used very rarely. Not only are you bringing out the waste of pack but also crowing your space with plastic and other synthetic products of little use. All of this affect the environment and make it more toxic. When you buy only your essentials, you are making your life simple and eco-friendlier.

Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products:

Cleaning products are used in every home and each office and have a huge effect on the environment. Those that have harmful chemicals directly affect human and animal life. Switching onto eco-friendly products ensure that you get to work and live in clean spaces without adversely affecting earth life.


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Why It Is Important To Attach A Picture With Your Renting/Selling Ad

Pictures and photographs are everywhere! Given that we are the citizen of the digital world, social media and graphics form the major part of our communications. Think of a large written piece on your social media and one that is followed by attractive photos and captions. Which would draw your immediate attention? Naturally, it is the one with the visuals that grab attention!

Pictures speak eloquently

The age-old adage, A picture is worth a thousand words holds true today as much as it would several hundreds and thousands of years ago! However, if we look back to ancient human history and civilization, the first forms of communication between people were in the form of pictures and diagrams. Take a look at the cave paintings and the hierographic, they code everything that one person wanted to tell others.

Photos are lodged in long-term memory

Apart from the obvious reason that languages in their coherent forms took time to come into existence, people always remembered pictorial messages better. Scientific studies reveal that while words are processed by our short-term memory, images go directly into the long-term memory being etched indelibly. (According to Dr. Lynell Burmark, Ph.D. Associate). Little wonder that V-blogging is fast replacing blogging, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Kinder are more attractive to children than paper books!

Billboards have always been among the most prominent ways of advertisement where people remembered the visuals. Modern age advertising has come a long way making studied use of graphic color and designs to create the maximum effect on the audience. Here the selection of the images, their proportionate placement, using the right hues and the shades of colors clearly affect the success of the ad.

Audience identify self & needs

This all boils down to the point that when you are posting ads of your items online, they are going to have more impact when you post authentic pictures of them. One of the theories that successful advertisers make extensive use of is that of identification. A potential customer has a need and she or he should be able to identify that need with the picture and the words that they see on the ad.

When you post pictures of items that you wish to rent out or sell, the potential hirer or buyer is likely to match them with the specific ways that they wish to use it. Here it is important to post pictures of the same product from different angles that will give a full view of its full range of utility and the overall look.

Real-life experience impact

Moreover, images from real life are more likely to have more impact on the human mind than a mere representation of the experience. The trick is to make the target audience stop and take notice of your items. The same holds true if you are offering your personal skills on hire. You should have pictures of you being at work to authenticate what you are advertising.

Seeing is believing

People are more likely to believe what they see than what they hear. So, it is extremely important that you post the right pictures of the items or that of your personal skills. Human attention span is not more than a few seconds and you need to grab that as precisely as you can with the apt picture. In short, the pic that you upload with your ad describes the product or service instead of too many words.

Most potential customers are likely to browse through the renting or selling portals when they are travelling or enjoying their midday break. Crisp pictures with a few words will work the magic of getting your item off the shelf or getting hired instantly.

In short, having photos in your renting/selling ads online have the effect of visual persuasion that work towards your benefit and give you immediate results too!


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Want a Roommate? 5 Tips to Write a Great Ad

Having a roommate in your rental apartment can help you save on rental expenses, alleviating some of your financial stress. However, finding a good roommate can be a challenging job. You need to find a person who is suitable for your lifestyle.

Well, the way you craft your roommate ad can play a major role in whether you are able to find a great roommate or not. Here I have listed some useful tips that would help you find a suitable roommate fast.

1. Create a Great Headline for your Advertisement

Roommate ads are flooding on the web. If you wish that people should click on your advertisement and read it wholly, your ad needs to catch their attention within a fraction of a second. So, your ad headline needs to be attention-grabbing. The headline should also raise their curiosity to know more.

So, instead of saying, “One bedroom available for rent downtown”, say, “Huge bedroom available for rent at a gorgeous downtown apartment”.

2. Provide Relevant Details About Yourself

Applicants would like to have some information about you – their potential roommate. Give brief information about yourself. Some important factors to list include professions, ages, and general schedules/habits of all the members residing in the house.

For instance, a woman in her 30s who likes to have a tidy, calm household is likely to attract a different kind of roommate compared to three guys in their 20s who like throwing parties regularly.

Give some details about your lifestyle, like at what times do you prefer silence in the house. When providing such information, say this, for example, “Night nurse in 30s who needs complete silence in the house between 7am and 4pm.”, instead of saying this, “Professional in 30s who likes to have a quiet house.”

4. Highlight your Apartment’s Best Features

If you are searching for a great roommate, the best way to get one is enticing several potential roommates. The more are your options, the better it’s for you! So, make your rental place sound as appealing as possible to draw more candidates. Create a list of all selling points and feel free to flaunt the appealing features of your rental house.

When doing this, say, for example, “The huge walk-in closet would showcase all your shoes, purses, and accessories! When you look out from the balcony, you would feel as if you’re on a vacation. Additionally, you can stay within walking distance from the most popular coffee shop/night club/bar of the city!” Avoid saying, “The apartment has a lot of space for everything and it’s close to various places around the town.”

5. Mention What you Expect from a Roommate

If there are things that you cannot stand or you have specific expectations from a roommate, mention those in your ad clearly. For example, if you cannot tolerate smoke’s smell, have a bullet point saying “non-smoker”. In case certain pets cause you allergy, mention that too. If you prefer a neat and clean space and would like staying with someone who is clean, say that right away. It’s always better to state what you expect outright than getting someone moving in and discovering later that some of their habits drive you crazy.

When stating your expectations, say, for example, “Highly allergic to cats and peanut butter. Pet hair and sandwiches of jelly and peanut butter are a no-no for me!” rather than saying, “Don’t like some foods and pets”.

5. Make the Ad Readable with Proper Formatting

A large block of text is difficult to read for anyone. The readers should not have to work hard for finding the important information bits. Your ad should be clean-looking and easy to read. For this, use line breaks and bullet points wherever relevant. Create a list of what you expect in a roommate, information about yourself, and best features of the rental house, rather than writing down one huge paragraph. Such well-formatted, skimmable ad would be appealing to your readers.

Although finding an awesome roommate is not the easiest of tasks, an effective ad can make the job easier. Following these tips would help you write a great ad to get a great roommate.


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10 Effective Tips to Rent with Pets

For animal lovers, pets are family! However, finding a place to rent that’s pet-friendly is not that easy. If you want to rent with your pet, your options are less, and you need more persuading skills, organization, and time.

However, by following certain tips, you can find a decent place to rent that allows your pets. Here are those tips:

1. Stick to Places that are Pet-Friendly

Sticking to places that are pet-friendly is the best way of moving with your pets. Look for apartments in your region that are pet-friendly. Your best and least stressful option would be being around like-minded people who are animal lovers.

2. Seek the help of Humane Societies

Animal control, vets, and humane societies make great sources to find out the places in your region that are pet-friendly.

Although the ideal situation is to find a pet-friendly renting place, it may not be available always. The remaining tips focus on what you should do in other situations.

3. Avoid Large Rental Communities

Persuading the owner of a condo or home to allow pets is easier than persuading a large corporate community.

4. Ask in Advance

If you are planning to adopt an animal in the near future or have a significant other or friend with a pet intending to move in the rental place with you soon, ensure that you ask the home owner about pet rules clearly. This will help you know whether you have options available in the future.

5. Be Honest

Be honest to the landlord about what pet you have and how many pets you have right away, since the landlord is likely to find it out over time. Being honest will save you from encountering any legal ramifications, bad referral, or eviction notice.

6. Collect References

Provide written references for your pet(s) from your previous neighbors and landlords. Additionally, provide a letter from the vet that shows your pet’s shots to be up to date. In case you enrolled your dog to a training class, show that documentation too. If one of your previous landlords says that your pet did not damage any property and was well-behaved with the neighbors, there are high chances that you would be allowed to move in with your pet.

7. Create your Pet’s Resume

Consider creating your pet’s resume. In the resume, include age, height, weight, breed, whether the pet is neutered or spayed, training background, behavioral traits, personal hygiene, personal references, and the veterinarian’s phone number and name. Provide the resume to the prospective landlords.

8. Introduce your Pet

Not all pets are well-behaved always, with some pets requiring some courting time before they can show their true colors. Nevertheless, if your pet is adorable and adequately well-behaved, and is able to win the landlord’s heart, your chances of moving in with your pet increase.

9. Propose Trial Period

If you find the landlord to be in a dilemma about allowing you with your pet, consider suggesting a short trial period. During this time, the landlord can observe how your pet behaves. After the trial period is over, your contract can be re-negotiated.

10. Get In Writing

You may have to pay some extra money and also make a payment for pet security deposit while signing the lease. Before signing, ensure that each and every term that has been discussed as well as agreed upon regarding your pet is written clearly.

These tips would help you find a good rental place for yourself, your family as well as your lovable pet.

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Top 10 Rental Apartment Baby Proofing Tips

The newest addition to the family is soon going to be mobile and it is better to start baby-proofing your apartment before the few months have just flown by! Immaterial of the size and shape of your apartment, you are sure to have common amenities and fixtures that are going to fascinate crawling babies and stumbling toddlers!

To top it all when it’s a rental apartment, there are clauses and issues that you have to deal with the landlord too apart from installing the necessary gadgets and items. We have for you a list of the top 10 tips that will keep all harm away from your babies without disturbing your tenancy security money.

Secure your front door first:

Installing baby handles and locks are the most normal things to do unless you have weird tenancy clauses like the door should open both ways at any point in time in the building for fire safety reasons. In such cases, you can also think of the alternative of installing an alarm the moment someone passes in or out below a certain level. In that case you won’t have your baby crawling down the hallway trying out an adventure in the line of Baby’s Day Out!!!

Windows have to be taken care of well:

Make sure that the baby bed is not next to the window. The window should be well-guarded with rails that do not have a gap of more than three inches gap. Take permission to install the rails or make sure that the window does not open more than those stipulated windows in case you can’t get them in place.

Electrical outlets:

You have to take a look at everything from a baby’s height. Babies crawl on the floor and will find the electrical outlets very attractive.


They are notorious for putting their tiny fingers inside the socket holes trying to discover what’s in there. Install outlet guards that will help avoid any such disaster.

Heaters & radiators:

Cover up the heaters and radiators that are exposed as the scalding metal is sure to cause serious injury to the babies. Whether immovable wall-fixed heaters or the portable variants, keep them away from the reach of babies.

Closets & drawers:

Crawling into the closets is another attraction that you bundle of joy is sure to discover very soon! There is also the danger of spilling cleaners and other items on the floor and cause injury to all.

Want to work as babysitter

Secure them and the drawers with closers available in the market that does not require any installation. The kitchen and the storage areas are special places of concern that you must look into at the earliest possible.

Keep bathrooms secured:

Bathrooms too have closets that you need to secure along with keeping the commode lid sealed. This is another very interesting spot where babies love to splash with the water and also see items that they throw in sink or float around. Make sure that the commode cover is secured in a way that even toddlers are not able to pull them apart. One of the best ways to secure areas where you do not want babies or toddlers to enter is to secure by installing baby gates. Strong and easy to place, you will not be disturbing the tenancy clause using them.

Smooth the sharp edges:

Very soon the crawling is going to turn into taking small and wobbly steps as the hyperactive baby starts exploring the world of your home on her or his own! You need to place the soft rubber coverings on the sharp edges of tables of all heights and sizes so as not to hurt them.

Move the plants and potters:

You may be a plant lover but you need to make sure that the baby does not put the mud and other material into the mouth. Place them at an elevated level or keep them in areas that are secured by baby gates where they cannot enter. Planters and potters that are delicate and can be easily broken should also be kept away for all purposes.

Keep floors clear and non-slip:

Floor is where the baby will crawl and walk. Make sure that there are no unwanted spills and drops that make it unsafe. Not only is there the danger of a fall but also they can put anything in their mouths and cause a disaster.

Secure the verandah:

Verandahs are the only opening in condos that give the view of the open sky to adults and also babies. Low height railings with large gaps are unsafe for all especially babies. You can think of placing secured panels to a height of about three feet to completely secure it from any accident. In that case make sure that the chairs that you keep there are not placed by the edge or cannot be pulled easily for the toddlers to have a peak below!

Among all the different baby safe possibilities discussed, placing baby gates is the most versatile that will keep them away from most vulnerable zones. Get going before these cute little brats are up and going!!!

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10 Rental Features to Attract Tenants

Home is where you make your dwelling place a pleasant one with your family and near ones. This is true of whether you own a property or are looking to live as a tenant. Naturally, as a landlord you have to make the necessary additions and deletions to your property that will attract more tenants to it.

In the age of competitive market, no amount of marketing can do you good unless you have the necessary features and amenities that tenants look for. Here are the top 10 rental features that will attract more tenants to your property.

1. Safety ranks first:

Your tenant would want a peaceful living condition where they can return to a safe home and have a peaceful night’s sleep.

cameras in house

Having the protective cover around the property and the necessary safety alarms installed will help induce more confidence in them. Adding an extra level of security will help make your property more unique to prospective tenants.

2.  Ready to move-in properties:

No one likes their lives to be disrupted when living on a property with workers carrying remodeling or modifications.


Whatever changes, repair or modification you wish to carry out should be complete before your tenants move in. Moreover, the first impression of your prospective clients is the lasting and final impression. Having your property totally ready is more likely to get you good tenants even amidst competition.

3. Spacious look with ample storage facilities:

If you wouldn’t want to live in a cramped home with a dingy look, neither will your tenants. Make the necessary modifications to open up floor space and add overhead storage, beneath the counters and underneath the bed in the rooms for comfortable living.

spacious house

In kitchens too, make sure that there is enough immovable storage that facilitate an easy working condition even within limited space.

4. Modern decor in neutral shades:

Try doing away with too many frills and old-fashioned decor to leave as much as modern straight-line approach as possible.

decorative house

Also, paint the walls in neutral shades like white, pink, off-white and light shades of yellow that will blend in with all types of tastes and personal preferences. Painting rooms in dark blue or a deep shade of green may not be appreciated by your tenants that would not want to invest in re-painting.

5. Fitted with a range of modern appliances:

People usually prefer living on rented properties because they do not want to get into the hassle of buying new and heavy appliances. Most do not wish to carry them around at the end of the rental term.

home appliances

At the same time everyone wishes to enjoy the facilities that the latest and the best of these appliances offer to make life easier. Having them in your rental property will only increase its value.

6.  Modern bathrooms: 

Bathrooms offer a private space to a person like no other part of the home.


Fresh and clean bathrooms that are tastefully done up is a natural draw to any tenant. Having a well maintained and modern bathroom with the best possible amenities will help you attract more tenants in less time.

7. Internet and television connections: 

Internet is a necessity for all today. Your tenants will appreciate having both the internet and the cable connection provided at no extra cost. You can always adjust the amount with the rental in a tactful way such that they will be happy to pay you more without grudging it.

8. Provision to personalize: 

Keep ample of power points and connection options indoors. The movable furniture is better left in their light and durable variants.


All of this gives your tenants the opportunity to arrange or rearrange everything jus the way that suits them and their lifestyle. After all, they will be making the property their home for as long as they are staying there and they better be comfortable in their own way!

9. Parking facilities:

Whether a covered parking space or an open one, your tenants would want to have a decent parking space within the property. No one will want to walk back home tired after having parked their vehicle several hundred meters away!

10. Outdoor living space: 

Even a small verandah space offers the view of an open sky.

living space in house

if you are letting out a condo in the city, make sure that you have the space well laid out. In case you are letting out a house without a garden, clear a space where the children can come out and the adults can sit to enjoy fresh air.

Happy renting out and earning from the lovely property that you own!!!

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