7 More Amazing Verbal & Non-Verbal Cat Communication Meanings

Cats are fast climbing the popularity charts and are here to retain their upward swing. They are going viral on the social media giving ample proof of their vibrant social life!!! This of course is not without reason, after all, there is so much that they have in common with humans from language to stress busting. Here are some cat calls that any pet lover will love to take:

Non-verbal catty callings

If you thought only your Body Language was readable to people around you to help them make decisions about how to access you or interact with you, you are wrong. Cats have amazing body language that you must know how to interpret to go great guns with them.

Here’s to some happy Catty Body Language


This is what it means when I rub you, poke you, lick or bite you:


Cat Body Language
Via: BrightSide.me

Here’s what I mean when I glare at you!!!


How Cat Talks
Via: TheyCanTalk.com

My eyes are more expressive than yours!!! I’ll beat you at your game with them…


Cat's Body Language
Via: BrightSide.me

If you thought that only you could make those nasty faces, you couldn’t be more mistaken!!! I can obviously beat you at your game…


Cat's body language
Via: BrightSide.me

You may have lost your tail during evolution and they don’t speak a word, but mine have plenty to tell you. Learn how to read the catty swags of my tail you moron…


cat body language
Via: BrightSide.me

It’s not funny when I roll over. I’m cute and I may or may not like it with you!!! See what I mean…


cat's body postures
Via: @DogRescueTweets

Verbal Cat Calls

Cats have an eloquent verbal communication that most pet lovers learn to read and communicate accordingly with time. Much like you and me, they raise their voice, utter short or long sounds to speak out their mind. Just learn my language you stupid…

My meows mean a lot and you better know how to differentiate between my anger, disgust with you and my requests!!!


Understand your cat's language
Via: BrightSide.me

If you have learnt how to read or write your language, now there is no excuse why you should not know how to read my exclusive language too!!!

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