Top 10 Hot Fashion Accessories For Fall 2018

With clicking selfies and posting them on the social media becoming the way of life, you have to be fashion updated!

Fashion is no longer your wardrobe and the colors that you wear. Accessories have come to define fashionable looks in a big way.

A remarkable trend in fashion is the stamp of practicality that all accessories bear – from sunglasses to shoes, hats to gloves.

Here are the most prominent trends that are likely to dominate the Fall of 2018


1. Sunglasses: Small sunglasses that are almost not there in pointed or defined shapes have dominated Spring and are here to stay until the end of the year too.

small sunglasses

If you’ve been wearing large and oversized glasses till now, it is time to shelve them and opt for small frames with sportier edges like a true fashionista.


2. Earrings: Swinging pendulum earrings in bright colors or metallic sheen are making a statement in the fashion world and they are likely to stay now.


Pick colors that match your external outfit if you are layering or the overall outfit colors and make a fashionable mark.


3. Hats: Big is beautiful when it comes to your summer or rain hats. You will also come across the moderate bucket hats that are just right to keep the glare away.


A full makeup face with stunning crystal earnings and a large sunhat are your perfect accessories as a style-conscious woman in 2018.


4. Scarf: It is not just a trend but really fashionable to turn a silk scarf into a head dressing. Vibrant and colorful, much is being improvised with this accessory for a fashionable mark.


Choose one that contrasts your overall outfit and uses it as a smart head dressing and gives your fashionable side a boost.


5. Gloves: When it comes to giving hands a fashionable makeover, gloves have made their place in 2018. This is for both men and women. While men have their gauntlets, women their bright latex gloves.

summer gloves

Make your pick of colors and contrast them with your outfit for that fabulous fashionable look.


6. Bags: Move over regular shapes and give space to geometric forms like the perfect square or the circle or even the cube for an eye-catching hand companion.


Opt for a striking geometrically shaped handbag this year and pair it up with your wardrobe and make an impactful fashion statement while at work or play!


7. Boots: Stilettos still look great and are hot on the Red Carpet. But low-heeled boots are dominating the ramps across the globe.


It’s a mix of practicality and good looks that modern women adore and you sure can move places fast and fashionably in them.


8. Heels as Classic Pumps: Heels are never out of fashion and they are dominating the fashion world in the form of classical pumps. These are either trimmed or tweed with stilettoes with bows and other embellishments.

pump heels

Opt for a formal looking yet highly fashionable pump with a trimming or a litter piece of décor to add that chic look to your everyday look.


9. Sneakers: Sneakers are no longer limited to the running tracks or jogging tracks. Sneakers are getting a heady and studded makeover to rule the fashion world. Curled toes, clunky and colorful crystals are making their marks.


Pair your outfit with one of these vibrant sneakers and see how much they make a difference to your overall look making you fashionable.


10. Dressing for Survival: Whether it is your bag, shoes or raincoat, it is fashionable to dress for the occasion and your survival.


Make your choice of extra-large bags, rainy season shoes or survival packing bags whether you are at work or going on a vacation for the right fashion statement.


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