Why It Is Important To Attach A Picture With Your Renting/Selling Ad

Pictures and photographs are everywhere! Given that we are the citizen of the digital world, social media and graphics form the major part of our communications. Think of a large written piece on your social media and one that is followed by attractive photos and captions. Which would draw your immediate attention? Naturally, it is the one with the visuals that grab attention!

Pictures speak eloquently

The age-old adage, A picture is worth a thousand words holds true today as much as it would several hundreds and thousands of years ago! However, if we look back to ancient human history and civilization, the first forms of communication between people were in the form of pictures and diagrams. Take a look at the cave paintings and the hierographic, they code everything that one person wanted to tell others.

Photos are lodged in long-term memory

Apart from the obvious reason that languages in their coherent forms took time to come into existence, people always remembered pictorial messages better. Scientific studies reveal that while words are processed by our short-term memory, images go directly into the long-term memory being etched indelibly. (According to Dr. Lynell Burmark, Ph.D. Associate). Little wonder that V-blogging is fast replacing blogging, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Kinder are more attractive to children than paper books!

Billboards have always been among the most prominent ways of advertisement where people remembered the visuals. Modern age advertising has come a long way making studied use of graphic color and designs to create the maximum effect on the audience. Here the selection of the images, their proportionate placement, using the right hues and the shades of colors clearly affect the success of the ad.

Audience identify self & needs

This all boils down to the point that when you are posting ads of your items online, they are going to have more impact when you post authentic pictures of them. One of the theories that successful advertisers make extensive use of is that of identification. A potential customer has a need and she or he should be able to identify that need with the picture and the words that they see on the ad.

When you post pictures of items that you wish to rent out or sell, the potential hirer or buyer is likely to match them with the specific ways that they wish to use it. Here it is important to post pictures of the same product from different angles that will give a full view of its full range of utility and the overall look.

Real-life experience impact

Moreover, images from real life are more likely to have more impact on the human mind than a mere representation of the experience. The trick is to make the target audience stop and take notice of your items. The same holds true if you are offering your personal skills on hire. You should have pictures of you being at work to authenticate what you are advertising.

Seeing is believing

People are more likely to believe what they see than what they hear. So, it is extremely important that you post the right pictures of the items or that of your personal skills. Human attention span is not more than a few seconds and you need to grab that as precisely as you can with the apt picture. In short, the pic that you upload with your ad describes the product or service instead of too many words.

Most potential customers are likely to browse through the renting or selling portals when they are travelling or enjoying their midday break. Crisp pictures with a few words will work the magic of getting your item off the shelf or getting hired instantly.

In short, having photos in your renting/selling ads online have the effect of visual persuasion that work towards your benefit and give you immediate results too!


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