7 Points To Ponder Before Appointing A Babysitter For The First Time

Bundle of joy is fast growing into a spirited entity that has recently got mobile too!!! Yes, we are talking about your hyperactive kid that demands a chunk of your time and energy too.

There are professional demands, work to do and obligations to fulfill outside the home too. It is only normal that you are going to need a helping hand to take care of your child.


Sooner or later, you are sure to need help to look after your kid. Hiring a babysitter is the most normal thing that you would do for this.

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But of course it is easier said than done!

Leaving your child with a babysitter involves several safety factors that you must consider before hiring one.

Now, these are some important factors to keep in mind when selecting the right babysitter:

1.References are deciding factors

i.  If you have listed an ad to hire a baby sitter, you are sure to hear from experienced or new-found people.


Never shy away from asking for references or calling people they whose details they have given you as references. It is not a matter of hurting any one’s sentiments but a matter of your child’s safety!

ii.  The other way to go about the process is to talk to a babysitter that someone has referred you. This way you will know that you are talking to a person who has already babysat with someone that you know.

2.   Schedule a time for a one-on-one talk 

Make sure you set up a meeting with the candidate when you do not have to run around after your child. Also, meet the person at a time when your mind is fresh and alert. This will ensure that you do not miss the small details in conversation or the person’s body language.

3.   Ask plenty of questions

Prepare a questionnaire beforehand and rehearse them so that you are nor fumbling for words when talking to your potential babysitter.

i.   Ask if the person has children of her own, had younger siblings whose care were entrusted to her. Experience of kids is extremely important.

ii.   It is important to get her philosophy on children and childcare. What age children is the person most comfortable with? Children of different ages have varying interests and the person should understand them well.

iii.  Make sure to understand how the babysitter’s priorities when she is with your child. Ask questions like the child has just choked on a piece of food or fallen down the stairs and the bell rings with the deliveryman shouting out. How will she react?

iv.    The potential babysitter should have basic first-aid knowledge and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is one of them. In case the person has no idea of such emergencies, ask if she is willing to learn.

4.   Ask for a kid test

A reliable babysitter will surely agree to spend some test time with your kid during any of her spare times. Make sure you are around, but of course without a conspicuous presence to see how the two get along.

A lot is sure to come in the open in this test time which of course should not be less than thirty to forty minutes.

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5.   Trust Your Gut

The biggest asset you have as a mom is your gut feeling. When interviewing a potential babysitter, let your gut feeling give you the clear indications.

Despite all odds or everything going smooth, there is that one feeling that is nagging at the back of your mind – your gut feeling. Never ignore it!!!

The irreplaceable bonding between you and your child is sure to let out special wavelengths that will allow you to make the correct final decision.

6.     Find the current rates

Make a fact finding on the current rates of babysitters in your area. Even within a city, the rates are likely to differ depending on the experience of the person as well as the place where they are working.

Call your friends, ask your neighbors or look up the websites of agencies providing them to get the right idea. Of course, you have the choice of offering something more in case the person turns out to be exceptionally good for your child.

7.   Opt for a Trial Run

Make arrangements of a day, a couple of days or a week if necessary with the babysitter before going in for long-term commitments. It will give you enough time to see any adverse or positive reactions coming from your child.

If things work out fine, you can naturally continue with her. Else, just thank her after paying and say that the arrangement is not working for you.

Enjoy your motherhood and time with your baby to bring smile back on your lips reminiscing them after decades!!!


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9 Reasons Why Adorable Dogs Make The Best Babysitters

Both Dogs and Babies are cute. Individually, you will love to hold them, cuddle them and watch them try out their antics. In fact, having them before your eyes is pure bliss and unadulterated entertainment as nature can bring forth.

But have you ever considered these loveable babies and adorable dogs together? They are an unbeatable combination especially if you have to entrust the task of babysitting to dogs. Not that you can safely leave kids with dogs alone at home, but surely, if you are around to supervise, dogs are the best babysitters that you can ever find.

babysitter jobs

Here is proof why dogs are by far the most amazing and number one babysitters you can ever have:

  • You will never have to worry about your babysitter being vigilant and careful not to fall off to sleep as both can share the same bed or even cuddle on each other to fall off to sleep on the comfort of each other’s body.

  • When you appoint your beloved pet to babysit your precious kid, you will never have to worry if the babysitter is being too harsh on her or him.

want to become a babysitter

  • Your dog will maintain a vigilant eye on your kid without ever trying to discipline him. While your kid can have the time of his life, your dog can just sit back and relax watching the proceedings!!!

  • No babysitter would fit so fine on the same chair as your kid and your dog.

In fact, two is company, and what better company than your best friend, philosopher guide and you sit and watch the sun set down and planning your retirement days!!!

  • No more tantrums about finishing the food that your kid is supposed to eat. The vigilant babysitter is there to discipline with all rigor sans the harshness…

  • Your babysitter will never complain of having run out of energy when looking after your kid. The two are perfect mates for the hide-n-seek game. There is always plenty of games to come up with when the two are together!!!

She copy every moves 😂 . . . #dogsofinstagram #beaggle #dogandbaby

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  • If your toddler is yet to walk and still on his fours to move around, he has just the company around. Could you have ever imagined any other babysitter to crawl around the house with your kid giving perfect company???

  • No babysitter could teach your kid better to share all that she has. Sharing, caring and babysitting. You sure couldn’t find a better combination, could you???

  • No babysitter will probably as vigilant as this, watching your baby take each breath while sleeping peacefully… a human babysitter would busy herself with the smartphone or the TV!!!

  • What about having some fun together without mommy being able to say a word to me or to you – my appointed babysitter!!! The party has only begun…

Next time don’t lose sleep over getting the right babysitter, just appoint your beloved dog as the official babysitter…

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