Top 10 Rental Apartment Baby Proofing Tips

The newest addition to the family is soon going to be mobile and it is better to start baby-proofing your apartment before the few months have just flown by! Immaterial of the size and shape of your apartment, you are sure to have common amenities and fixtures that are going to fascinate crawling babies and stumbling toddlers!

To top it all when it’s a rental apartment, there are clauses and issues that you have to deal with the landlord too apart from installing the necessary gadgets and items. We have for you a list of the top 10 tips that will keep all harm away from your babies without disturbing your tenancy security money.

Secure your front door first:

Installing baby handles and locks are the most normal things to do unless you have weird tenancy clauses like the door should open both ways at any point in time in the building for fire safety reasons. In such cases, you can also think of the alternative of installing an alarm the moment someone passes in or out below a certain level. In that case you won’t have your baby crawling down the hallway trying out an adventure in the line of Baby’s Day Out!!!

Windows have to be taken care of well:

Make sure that the baby bed is not next to the window. The window should be well-guarded with rails that do not have a gap of more than three inches gap. Take permission to install the rails or make sure that the window does not open more than those stipulated windows in case you can’t get them in place.

Electrical outlets:

You have to take a look at everything from a baby’s height. Babies crawl on the floor and will find the electrical outlets very attractive.


They are notorious for putting their tiny fingers inside the socket holes trying to discover what’s in there. Install outlet guards that will help avoid any such disaster.

Heaters & radiators:

Cover up the heaters and radiators that are exposed as the scalding metal is sure to cause serious injury to the babies. Whether immovable wall-fixed heaters or the portable variants, keep them away from the reach of babies.

Closets & drawers:

Crawling into the closets is another attraction that you bundle of joy is sure to discover very soon! There is also the danger of spilling cleaners and other items on the floor and cause injury to all.

Want to work as babysitter

Secure them and the drawers with closers available in the market that does not require any installation. The kitchen and the storage areas are special places of concern that you must look into at the earliest possible.

Keep bathrooms secured:

Bathrooms too have closets that you need to secure along with keeping the commode lid sealed. This is another very interesting spot where babies love to splash with the water and also see items that they throw in sink or float around. Make sure that the commode cover is secured in a way that even toddlers are not able to pull them apart. One of the best ways to secure areas where you do not want babies or toddlers to enter is to secure by installing baby gates. Strong and easy to place, you will not be disturbing the tenancy clause using them.

Smooth the sharp edges:

Very soon the crawling is going to turn into taking small and wobbly steps as the hyperactive baby starts exploring the world of your home on her or his own! You need to place the soft rubber coverings on the sharp edges of tables of all heights and sizes so as not to hurt them.

Move the plants and potters:

You may be a plant lover but you need to make sure that the baby does not put the mud and other material into the mouth. Place them at an elevated level or keep them in areas that are secured by baby gates where they cannot enter. Planters and potters that are delicate and can be easily broken should also be kept away for all purposes.

Keep floors clear and non-slip:

Floor is where the baby will crawl and walk. Make sure that there are no unwanted spills and drops that make it unsafe. Not only is there the danger of a fall but also they can put anything in their mouths and cause a disaster.

Secure the verandah:

Verandahs are the only opening in condos that give the view of the open sky to adults and also babies. Low height railings with large gaps are unsafe for all especially babies. You can think of placing secured panels to a height of about three feet to completely secure it from any accident. In that case make sure that the chairs that you keep there are not placed by the edge or cannot be pulled easily for the toddlers to have a peak below!

Among all the different baby safe possibilities discussed, placing baby gates is the most versatile that will keep them away from most vulnerable zones. Get going before these cute little brats are up and going!!!

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