Super Quick Money-Making Car Detailing Business

When was the last time that you wanted to enjoy a good life with good and easy money in hand?

Well, where there’s a will there’s surely a way, right?

Car Detailing business is a great way of earning money quickly and on a regular basis too! More cars are on the road than ever and people also love to keep their cars. And at the same time everyone also wants their cars to look clean and sparkling as though new even after years of use.

Gone are the days of simple car wash that would merely take away the superfluous grime and dirt. Car Detailing is big time business now with people opting for such services to keep their cars good-looking for years while also going around impressing others with it.

How much do you get to earn?

Depending on how hard you can work, you can go up to earning a fortune every week, every month, year after year. Even calculating on the downside, a mere vacuum and hand wash will earn you 25-45 dollars, an engine detailing 40-60 dollars and a full detailing 100-150 dollars.

You can also add the repertoire of add-on services that are chargeable per unit basis. These include paint touch-up, carpet dyeing, dent repair, windshield repair, trim restoration that range anything between 50 to 150 dollars depending on the size of the work.

Getting it right

If you have some exposure to the business of car detailing then great! You can go ahead and make a modest investment to start the business right away. There are options of going mobile, having a fixed setup and also working for a dealer. The last option is really not for those that are starting out new as dealers demand a high fee against the earning that you make.

Going mobile is the best option especially is you are living in the south. If you have a van, nothing like it. All you need is a trailer that can house the equipment for your servicing. After all, you will have to drive all of it on site to your clients’ home or their place of work to get the detailing done perfectly!

You will also need the entire office setup in the van including the accounts for your car detailing business to run smoothly.

If you are located up in the north, mobile option detailing service options will be severely restricted during the cold months. In that case, it is best to opt for a temporary location with the mobile option open for the months when the weather permits.

Offer flexible services

People are willing to spend money on car detailing because they don’t have the time in hand. You will have to reach out to them and deliver the level of detailing that they are looking for!
If and when needed you may have to drive to the client, bring the vehicle leaving yours there, carry out the detailing work meticulously and drive the vehicle back.

Whichever part of the country you are working in, make sure that you know the local laws about car detailing. Like in California, there is the more than 2-gallon of wash water that is mandatory for this specific job.

Of course, for the less tough stains you will be using the waterless spray cleaners that do the job of cleaning adequately. Not just the exterior, you will have to deal with the inner parts well too. At the end of the detailing job, the car should emerge such that it is fit to stand in the showroom again!

With your personal hard work, and 3 jobs a day, you can earn anything up to 90,000 dollars a year!!!

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