How To Make Your Old Car Look Like A New One

Can’t afford a new car? Too attached to the old friend that you have been driving around? You need burn a big hole in your pocket or do away with the old model. Just some simple tweaks will do the job. Remain faithful to it without compromising on looks and style, give it a fresh new look with these useful tips.

Even if you continue with the regular maintenance, at times, some of the brush ups go unattended. You need to take a hard look at your car and you will know the place that need to be touched upon. However, here are the top 10 tips that will make your old car look brand new!

Give it a thorough wash

We are not talking about the regular wash that you are used to give your car. It needs a power wash and get it done at a professional place where every element of dirt will get flushed out leaving it squeaking clean. This is only the first step to get the glitter and glamour of the vehicle back.

Clean the windows

Car windows are a different genre of glass and it is important to have them totally clean for that typical new look. Stickers and other attachments on the windshield over the years leave back the glue marks that make the glass including the windshield.

Make use of non-toxic and harmless vinegar and water mix to give them a good cleaning. In case the windshield has developed any crack or had a repair done, replace it with a new one.

Replace windshield wipers

Rubber wipers with good grip look smart and also keep the windshield clean. It is important to take care of these small items of the vehicle as they are responsible for the overall look and also maximizing efficiency.

Touchup scratches and dents

There is a DYI solution to all car problems and that includes doing up the dents and the scratches. Hot glue and suction methods are recommended for such makeover jobs. Carrying it out on your old car also prevents the body from developing any rusting. There are touchup pens available in the market that are somewhat useful for superficial covering.

Do up the dashboard

The steering wheels will do well with a brand-new cover. Changing the dashboard cover helps in giving it the smart and swanky interiors of modern cars. Check the meters and their lights and replace them with aftermarket solutions in case you fail to get the originals.

Get new floor mats

Used floor mats that have the tale-tell signs of being worn out naturally tell the age of your car. Replace them with some swanky new mats that complement the rest of the interior and see the difference that it makes. Once installed, make sure to keep them in good condition not allowing mold growth for that perfect new look.

Give the seats new cover

Seat covers are the next in line. Depending on your budget and the model of your car you can opt for fabric or synthetic leather upholstery. Unobtrusive colors add to the vibrancy of the car interiors.

Electronics & air-conditioning

Change those old sound systems and add the latest iPod and other systems that allow for seamless pairing and playing. Add the systems that will allow you to synchronize and play on the latest way.

The same holds true for the air-conditioning system. If the old one is still in good condition get it cleaned of all old grime and dirt accumulation. Get fresh clean air to circulate through the ducts and clean the filters for the fresh air circulation. Keep the car-freshner smelling the interiors fantastic and drive on!

Add some trendy upgrades

Depending on what model you own, you may think of giving it upgrades like roof-top lights or other off-road gears. Adding wheel covers can give it a sporty young look of expensive cars that you have always admired.

Give it a new car wrap

Painting a car again is an expensive affair. Opting for car body wrap is an inexpensive alternative that opens up several possibilities. A trendy way of giving a new look to your car is adding car wraps on the body. This will give you the options of adding bright splash to the body that paints will find difficult to achieve.

Here is to happy upgrading your old car to making it look and feel new in the easiest and most inexpensive way possible!!!

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