Top 10 Eco-Friendly Living Ideas For Today

It is time that we get ourselves to respect nature, earth and the environment that is sustaining our lives. Even for those of us that consider ourselves as responsible citizens often miss out on the fine things that make us call eco-friendly. It does not take moving mountains to live an eco-friendly life. Rather, making minor changes in the way that we do things every day can make a large difference.

Here are the top 10 lifestyle changes that you can make easily to opt for an eco-friendly living that will go miles in conserving the earth better for our future generations.

Conserve energy:

Turn of electrical gadgets or unplug them instead of leaving them in standby modes. The less electricity that you consume the lesser the carbon footprints that you leave. This small and studied change will also make a big difference to your energy bill bringing it down considerably. Also, the use of LED lights is a big marker in this regard. Not only will the consumption of electricity come down but bulbs have to be changed less frequently.

Conserve water:

Stop all the dripping from the taps and unnecessary overflow of water. It is a wise step to change those old shower heads and faucets with the more water-efficient rain shower types. Turn off showers soon after the bath instead of standing under them to enjoy the rain feel unnecessary.

While doing your laundry, try to get the washing machine loaded to capacity washing as many clothes together as possible. This will help eliminate washing lesser clothes and wasting more water several times a week.

Use public transportation or carpools:

Pooling in together to work makes you eco-friendly to a large extent. The less gas that you use, the lesser carbon footprints you leave. So naturally, when you are moving together in a single vehicle, you are cutting off the carbon footprints left by at least 3 other vehicles! Moreover, sharing the ride also distributes the cost of the gas of single vehicle among four people bringing more savings to your account.

Modify eating habits:

Try cooking your food from fresh vegetables, fish, poultry or meat instead of banking on canned or packed food. Cooking them and storing them in the refrigerator surely healthier and also eliminates the generating more plastic and other forms of waste.

Stop wasting food:

Buy food that you will consume. Cut out those unnecessary shopping on discounted price and stacking up of food packets. In lot of homes, a good number of these packets remain unused and go beyond the stipulated date landing them in the dustbin. By not doing this you will only generate less toxic waste and be eco-friendlier.

Recycle and compost:

The food waste that comes out of your kitchen can become a huge resource for growing an organic garden. Making compost from the leftover food and those that have past their consumption dates helps you create natural fertilizers. Instead of sending them for landfill and methane gas build-up, it is better to use them for your kitchen garden and grow your own fruits or vegetables.

Plant trees / grow organic garden:

Planting trees is among the best steps forward to make your life eco-friendly. If you have a small lawn or garden place nothing better. Else you can place pots with plants in them as part of your organic farm or decorative plants. Consider placing some of them inside the rooms that will freshen up the ambience and also the air. Hang them from above the window shade or in the verandah if possible. Adding green and using your homemade compost is the best way to make your life eco-friendly.

Cut out plastic:

A lot has already been said about the toxic effects that plastic has on our environment affecting animals and marine life equally. Carry your own coffee mug and inculcate the practice among your friends and family. It will help do away with the plastic waste to a large extent.

Stop impulse buying:

Everyone wants to do good business. Lucrative offers by stores lure people into buying items and hoarding them. Very often we end up buying things that come in large packs and used very rarely. Not only are you bringing out the waste of pack but also crowing your space with plastic and other synthetic products of little use. All of this affect the environment and make it more toxic. When you buy only your essentials, you are making your life simple and eco-friendlier.

Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products:

Cleaning products are used in every home and each office and have a huge effect on the environment. Those that have harmful chemicals directly affect human and animal life. Switching onto eco-friendly products ensure that you get to work and live in clean spaces without adversely affecting earth life.


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