Activewear Fashion Trends of 2018

Activewear is not strictly sportswear but related to clothes while carrying out physical activities. These can be worn to the gym or while doing exercises and are a mix of sports apparel and casual fashion clothing. Having become immensely popular over this decade, it has ensured a place of its own in the fashion industry so much so that it has pronounced and evolving trends.

High-rise leggings are in

High-waist leggings are a current rage as they are more practical as an activewear. The high-rise lends support and also gives the body better silhouette. Moreover, it is a hot fab with the conservatives too and gives more and bolder options for the tops. Surely, high-rise leggings are suitable for women of a variety of figures and mindset.

high waist leggings

Printed leggings are on their way out

Bold floral and other types of prints had dominated the beginning of the decade. But they have already been replaced with solid colored leggings with or without embellishments.

printed leggings

Matched pairs are in

Matched leggings with crop tops and even better sports bras are making hot rounds across the globe. These come mostly in neutral tones with the light combination of similar shades or in plain solids.

sports bra

The cropped sports bra


Intricately detailed backs, mesh-paneling, embroideries, lace-up accents are among the runaway fashion hits in the sports bra category. Another reigning rage is the high-neck sports bra that gives more options for ornate fabrication. While giving the necessary support, these are surely great activewear fashion options.

sports bra

Matching beyond the sports bra

When it comes to matching, pairing stripes and prints or colors of a variety of tops with the leggings. You will come across beautiful sweats sets that are great for lounging and also sweating it out in the gym. In fact, this is the trend in upscale activewear boutiques.

matched pair

Street-smart looks are a rage


No one wants to lag behind in life and it should clearly reflect in the clothes too. The streetwear influence on activewear is more than clear with street emblems and loosening of the silhouette.

sports bra with shorts

Metallic sheen in sheer fabric

Sheers continue to reign the fashion world ever since they bloomed in the summer of 2014. The fabric is being used in with a variety of innovation like cutouts and perforations apart from combined with lace. Translucent and metallic sheen like rose gold and shining silver have made their mark and ruling the show. A metallic legging with a lurex on a sporty and exposed elastic make for an awesome impact.


Pastels and primaries rule the show

Primary colors and their corresponding pastel hues are making more rounds than ever. Dusty blues, blush hues, and lovely lavender shades are hot favorites. Eyes tend to gravitate towards these attractive shades that are fast becoming new neutrals.



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