10 Chic Uses of Vintage Wood Charm

Homes and families tend to collect furniture that has come down from previous generations. A lot of times these vintage pieces are placed aside to make way for modern and eye-catching new furniture.

Gradually, the attic, the garage or some other place in the backyard is piled up with old and period furniture. You are either tempted to arrange a garage sale or put it up at online selling portals like Renting Street.

But have you ever considered how these same pieces can make your interiors chic?

Well, read on and see how innovatively you can use that you own for a stylish makeover to your home!

Here is how you can make those wonderful furniture pieces functional again in style.

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1.  Old cupboard to Home Office

You can sand, polish or paint a 20th-century cupboard into a home-office desk.


While a lot of people are likely to cringe at the proposal of painting period furniture, doing it well only highlights its beauty. Place it against a contrasting wall with photographs containing frames with the mat of the same color as the furniture piece. It will turn itself into a centerpiece of the room from an old derelict cupboard in the backyard!

2.  Chest of drawers to stylish Side-Table

An old chest of drawers can be found in many old homes. You can get it varnished and place in the dining room to store your cutlery and other dining accessories while also placing a mirror on top for that classy look.

The other way is to spruce it up with fresh paint for that outstanding look. In case some of the drawers are broken, you can empty out one side to create a larger storage space and place it in the living room.

Place a period chair with some matching brightly colored upholstery and near it and see the effect…

stylish side table

You just can’t beat that old-world charm that they create!

3.  Chic Center Table

What would have been an otherwise drab and unexciting period table makes the entire room come alive with this bold color coat on it.


In fact, this table can be placed with modern straight-line synthetic sitting arrangements adding life to it being made of wood with its antic touch.

4.  A distressed door to Coffee Table

Have you ever thought how a distressed door can give your living interiors a rare and chic touch?

coffee table

Just don’t throw away that broken door that is lying in your backyard! See how you can convert this solid wood door into a coffee table with storage too. Placed amidst modern sofas, it breaks the monotony to give the room an interesting look.

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5.  Old drawer set to Sofa Table

See how the warm texture of the intricate wood grains with the brass drawer hardware stands out despite its age! It can sure stand out as an heirloom adding more value to your décor – literally!

sofa table

6.   From old dresser to interesting Wine Cabinet

Don’t contemplate throwing away that old dresser with broken drawers! Turn it into an into a wine storage in your dining space. Just remove the broken drawer parts and carve out the holding from a piece of wood. Attach it to the base area and see how you can store the bottles.

wine cabinet

Giving it a fresh coat of paint while retaining its old and rugged look further adds charm to the piece making attracting immediate attention to it!

7.  The worn antic piece to modern Kitchen Storage

This old dresser cum chest of drawers has turned into a wonderful open cupboard in the kitchen. Just modifying the upper part by covering the back with wallpaper and adding the shelves makes it a functional storage cum display in any kitchen.

It adds oodles of charm to them to the kitchen area with the same colored wall.


open cupboard in kitchen

8.  Old worn out table to Kitchen Island

This rustic table used in a farm kitchen would have never made it in any modern home had it not been for the innovativeness of the owner. Adding a side pocket to it had made it more functional as kitchen island while some paint on its legs takes away the monotony.

A coat of food-safe wax brings out the dark luster of the wood and makes it waterproof too in the kitchen.

old table

9.   Bedroom to Charming Bathroom Commode

drawer set

See how a small modern bathroom gets that extraordinary look with this old and otherwise unwelcome drawer set! The owners thought of retaining its distressed look in the paint and turning it into a commode with a single basin.

What would have otherwise been just another bathroom has become an attractive bathroom with this vintage solid wood furniture giving it a chic makeover.

10.  Broken drawer to stylish Wall Shelf

Those broken drawers from those old chest of drawers have a stunning use in your living area! See how one of these has been turned into an unusual wall shelf that attracts attention and has high utility too.

Giving it a coat of wood polish is sure to bring out the vintage charm of wood even in the midst of synthetic modernism.

stylish wall shelf

Share with us more interesting makeovers ideas with old furniture that you may have. We will be happy to share it with our users and others!!!





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13 Secret Tips To Keep Sofas Clean & New Looking – Always

You are sure proud of the great looking sofa that you have invested in and also enjoy its comfort! Guests are happy to make themselves comfortable in it and spend some happy times in your living room.

With the living room being the hub of activities in all homes, the family too is sure to descend on it! While the going only gets better in its soft comfort, there comes the vital issue of maintaining its initial pristine looks.

Continual use will naturally make it dirty with dirt, dust and of course the infamous stains. But here’s the kicker – the most amazing tips to clean your sofa and make it look as new as ever! Just read on to know how to clean fabric or leather sofas.

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No more investing in any expensive cleaner or calling costly professional cleaning people. Now, you can easily remove any type of stain easily all by yourself. Only, the sofa cleaning methods will differ according to the type of material that it is made out of – fabric or leather.

Cleaning Fabric Sofas

Stains of any types are to be treated immediately with tissue and moisture. Soak up the liquid with the tissue and then use a clean moist cloth or tissue paper to remove as much of the remnant as possible.

Here are some tips on handling some specific stain types without the use of harsh chemicals or detergents. Now, you need not be worried about damaging the color or texture of your sofa fabric while getting it clean too!

  • Firstly, vacuum your fabric sofas regularly preferably once a week depending on the type of traffic an usage it undergoes. This will keep preventing the accumulation of loose dust in the corner or beneath the cushions. All of it will ensure that when treating stains you are not rubbing in more dirt into the fabric!

Cleaning sofa

  • Dark Chocolate, Juice & Wine stains can be removed effectively using a combination of baking soda and vinegar. This is especially good for delicate fabrics and you can leave the paste for 15-20 minutes.

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  • For stronger fabric, you can use baking soda mixed with hand-wash liquid and leave it for the same time span or even more depending on the stain.

cleaning sofa

  • Milk tea and coffee stains can be removed best using hot steam, that is, cloth dipped in boiling water. Just rub the stain place with the cloth dabbed in hot water and see the stain disappear gradually.

coffee stains

  • Ink stains are best removed by rubbing alcohol or even pure spirit on the mark. Repeat the process for old and stubborn ink stain marks.

rubbing alcohol

  • Blood stains when fresh can be treated with cold water and warm water when they have dried up. In both cases, rubbing the place with a mild detergent will help remove totally the faint traces of the stain.

cleaning sofa with detergent

  • Oil stains are probably the most daunting of them all. These are best treated with baking soda paste made mixed with water that is left on the mark. You can repeat the process till there is no more trace of the stain left on the fabric.

sofa stains

  • Lipstick stains too are greasy and can be easily removed by applying new nail polish remover. In case you feel it is too strong, dilute it with water (1:1) and repeat application till the stain is gone.

lipstick stains

  • Other color stains can be treated using fresh lemon juice that is left over the stain for about 20-30 minutes. Alternately, you can use white vinegar and do the same leaving it for the same time length.

cleaning with lemon

Cleaning Leather Sofas

Leather sofas give a plush and rich look to the ambience of your living room and are expensive too. But with the passage of time, they too become dirty and need to be cleaned periodically.

Leather sofa cleaning poses a lesser challenge compared to fabric sofa cleaning and here is how you can maintain the initial sheen – always. However, you need to be careful about using any liquid when cleaning the surface.

  • Cleaning accumulated dirt on a leather surface is best done using dry microfiber cloth on a daily basis. This prevents the dust from turning into a layer of settled dirt on the surface.

Cleaning leather sofa

  • In case, the dirt has already settled on the surface, use a mild liquid soap and warm water mix to clean it. Make sure that you wipe away all traces of liquid once the dirt layer had disappeared. Leather is a sworn enemy of water or liquids of other types.


  • Mold and mildew from leather sofas can be removed using white vinegar on the patch. Not only will the patch disappear but it will also act as a disinfectant preventing it from reoccurring.

cleaning dust

  • Applying beeswax on leather sofa to maintain its sheen is always to be given precedence over other petroleum products.

stains on sofa

There are several professional cleaning products available in the market for fabric and leather sofas. However, using effective home remedies with care result in clean sofas that look bright and inviting as ever!

Even your old sofa can get its near original sheen back in no time with these cleaning hacks. This will surely get you a better price in case you wish to sell it or rent it out!!!

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15 Creative Ways you can Repurpose Old Furniture

Planning to revamp your home interiors? Well, you don’t need to make it an expensive affair! If you have old furniture at your home (that you were thinking about tossing out), you can use them in several creative ways to lend a fresh feel to your home. All you need is some ideas on how to repurpose your unwanted old furniture into something useful and innovative!

Need a sofa

So, here we are listing down some creative ways to make something amazing out of unwanted junk.

1.   Interesting Children’s Dresser

Dressing table

If you find your old dresser to be boring, revive it with a vibrant color. You can paint it in bright-hued chalkboard paint like pinkish-red. This will give it a playful look, making it perfect for your kid’s room. Your kids can write or draw anything on it, saving your walls from unexpected drawings.

2.   Salvaged Home Office

home office

Imagine a home office made up of things from your junkyard! Yes, you can create a fully functional home office with your old furniture, like the one shown here. The legs of this desk are made by sawhorses, the desktop is formed by a wooden pallet, and the framework is made by an old ladder. A garage storage unit has been used here along with wood pallets to offer back support. They create a shelving unit with substantial storage space. Place vintage-style objects on the shelves to lend a rustic look to the space.

3.   Decoupaged Furniture

Decorating items

You don’t need to throw away damaged furniture. An interesting way to hide imperfections and damages on furniture is with decoupage. On this neglected dresser, the imperfections have been concealed with old sheets of music. This also lends a shabby yet chic look to this all-white bedroom. Other stuff you can use to decoupage damaged furniture are book pages, postcards, letters, and maps. This is a great way to hide missing veneer, water marks, gouges and other flaws. Moreover, it adds a unique style and dimension to the space.

4. Vibrant Focal Point

painted coffee table

A fresh coat of paint can sometimes work wonders on a weary piece of furniture. This coffee table, boring earlier, has been painted in an attention-grabbing royal blue color that has made it the focal point of an otherwise neutral living room.

5.  Outdated Turned to Stylish


With a bit of creativity, you can repurpose even the most outdated and unnecessary stuff.  Here, a worn out wood frame has been updated with decoupage with the help of antiquing glaze, polyurethane spray, and aluminum foil. The framed chalkboard gets a stylish look with the gold finish. It looks great when hung on a wall or placed on a dresser.

6.   Wallpaper Table

Dining table

Spruce up your old furniture with unexpected materials! Have some wallpaper and leftover paint? Use them to transform an old dining table into an artwork. The various colors and patterns add versatility to the table, making it suitable for any room.

7.    Wooden Soda Crates

wooden crates

Here is an out-of-the-box way to use old soda crates and an old table. A shadow box and combination coffee table has been made out of four old crates of soda.

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The crates have been attached to the base of an old table and a tempered glass piece is laid over them.

8.   Retro Nightstand Makeover

old night lamp

Two-tiered nightstands and end tables were quite popular in the 50s. They have a practical design. All you need to transform this retro style furniture piece into a fully functional one is a fresh coat of paint.

9.   Paint Magic

Painted table

Have an old wooden table? Revive it with paint! You can paint the whole table in a single color, and then paint floral patterns on it as shown here. The earthy flowers and the crisp white palette create a serene effect.

10.   Outdoor Coffee Table

outdoor coffee table

Add some visual appeal to your front porch with an old coffee table. If you don’t have one, get it from the flea-market. Paint it in an exterior, high-gloss plaint that can withstand the outdoor weather conditions.

11.  Door to Table

table made of door

An old door can make an amazing coffee table. The rustic finish of the door shown here, fits well for family rooms. Put your feet over it, avoid using coaster, spill soda – it won’t damage the table. Rather, it would only boost the rich, natural patina.

12.   Weathered Wooden Table

Timbered table

With weathered timbers, you can create a solid table that matches various styles – eclectic, contemporary, old world, rustic and more. The table shown here has angle cuts on its legs that lend an Asian flair to it.

13.   Wooden Crate Shelf

shelf of crates

You can build a fully functional shelf with wooden crates. Here, two old wood crates have been stacked over an industrial cart to create a portable shelf. You can hide away clutter easily through the hinged openings.

14.    Stepladder Display Shelf

stepladder shelf

A small, bright-hued stepladder can serve as a delightful display shelf as shown here. The ladder’s weathered finish teamed with crisp white frames hanging on adjacent walls, lends a classic cottage feel to the room.

15.    Outdoor Bench


Old chairs

Thinking what to do with those old chairs? Create a comfortable and gorgeous outdoor bench out of them! Place your chairs adjacent to each other (two, three or more, based on how long you want the bench to be). Make a custom cushion tying the chairs together. Sand down the chairs to paint or re-stain, or simply leave them in their original condition to get a rustic look. Once done, you will have created a cozy and stylish outdoor seating arrangement.

So, aren’t these ideas interesting? Gear up to take your home décor to the next level with your old furniture and these creative ideas! Applying these ideas is fun and cost-effective. So, go ahead and start making interesting things out of your old furniture!

Images Courtesy: DiyNetwork, HGTV, DiyNCrafts


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