19 Essential Tools You Need for Gardening

People often go overboard when buying gardening tools. The tools are constantly evolving, with new equipment emerging that offer greater expertise and ease of use. However, these tools can be over-specialized, expensive and can occupy a lot of space. So, if you are a gardening enthusiast, consider buying the fundamental tools that can help you in every gardening endeavor.

Listed below are some basic gardening tools that are highly useful.

1. Gloves

Although gardening is amazing as a hobby, it can transform into a splintery and thorny job if you don’t have a proper pair of gloves. Buy a durable pair of gloves which is not very bulky. While storing, keep them away from insects, water, and too much sun.

2. Hand Trowel

hand trowel
Image Courtesy: www.commons.wikimedia.org

Trowels are a great tool to take out weeds, dig around corners, and plant herbs. If your budget allows, buy a hand trowel forged with stainless steel or go for a trowel having a stainless steel head. Such trowels ensure longevity and durability.

3. Spade



These square, short-handled shovels simplify the job of moving small dirt mounds from one place to another and digging holes for planting plants. Buy a spade having a thick handle of fiberglass and strong steelhead. A quality spade can be expensive but will have good longevity.

4. Rake


An inexpensive, sturdy plastic rake will come to help when you need to remove fallen debris and leaves. This essential tool will help you keep your garden clean.

5. Hoe


The kind of hoe you need depends on the type of garden you have. A vegetable garden requires a wide, sturdy hoe, whereas a perennial garden requires a thinner and more delicate hoe.

6. Long Hose with Rain Wand and Adjustable Nozzle

long hose
Image Courtesy: www.commons.wikimedia.org

Your garden’s life depends on water. Your hose should be able to spray each and every area. You can control the water pressure with an adjustable nozzle, and with a rain wand, you don’t need to fight for winding a hose.

7. Loppers


You would need a sturdy pair of loppers soon if your garden has anything in need of ‘lopping’, like shrubs or trees. This tool can remove branches with a diameter of up to two inches. Ensure that you have this essential gardening tool in the shed.

8. Wheelbarrow

wheel barrow

If you are building a garden by yourself, or if your backyard uses compost or has extra soil, you need a wheelbarrow. Nowadays, you can find a collapsible model of a wheelbarrow that saves space in your workshop. When not being used, you can wash it out, fold it flat, and store or hang it against a wall.

9. Tiller


A lightweight tiller can prove to be highly useful to add amendments to your soil and establish vegetable and flower gardens. This small motor powered by gas is very lightweight and can be operated easily. The tool has interchangeable implements because of which it can do other jobs like de-thatching or aerating a lawn.

10. Garden Bag

garden bag

A garden bag that is collapsible is handy when collecting grass clippings, yard debris, or leaves. When you’re not using it, you can fold it up to store easily and hang on a wall.

11. Lawn Spreader

To establish and maintain a lawn well, you will need a lawn spreader. Use the lawn spreader to disperse lime, fertilizer, or lawn seed evenly.

12. Garden Cart

garden cart

A garden cart is a great tool to move garden rocks, soil bags, large potted plants and more. It’s easier to control and roll compared to an ordinary wheelbarrow.

13. Pole Pruner

pole pruner

This gardening tool consists of a saw-blade and pruning device fixed to a long handle. You can employ this tool to prune high limbs safely without needing to use a ladder.

14. Sprinkler


A sprinkler is an integral part of gardening tools. The high-end sprinkler shown here has a head with an all-metal construction that ensures the sprinkler will have a good longevity and hold up well.

15. Cleanup Sink

A sink made of stainless-steel can help with cleanup. Consider including one in your gardening accessories.

16. Slat-Walls

Slat Walls

‘Slat-walls’ are specially designed walls having slots in order to hang cabinets, shelves, and tool-hangers easily on the walls and reposition easily when needed. For safety, ensure the tools having points or sharp edges, like pitchforks or hoes, are hung facing the wall.

17. Dibber

Dibbers are used to make planting holes for seedlings, bulbs, and seeds. Dibbers come in oak timber and stainless steel. The timber dibbers often have calibrated rings for indicating depth, which takes out the guesswork involved in planting.

18. Garden Knife

garden knife

You often need a small knife while working in the garden to cut string, flowers, and sticks, trim vegetable and fruit plants and other jobs. Consider carrying one in your garden trug or pocket.

19. Garden Secateurs

Gardens require constant maintenance.  A quality garden secateurs will help you with pruning jobs.

So, invest in these essential gardening tools and help your garden be healthy and flourishing.

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