10 Stunning Rental Kitchen DIY Designing Ideas

You’ve moved on to a property as a renter and have to make yourself comfortable in all that the landlord provides you including the super-active workstation named kitchen!!!

In fact, for the time that you are living in a space there is every reason to make it your own by designing it in a way that vibrates your personality. A lot of us are familiar with kitchen spaces that range from artificially lit and dingy to a mixture of cumbersome and not-so-pleasant walls, tiles, floors or appliances.


Here are some awesome DIY hacks that will help you transform your everyday cooking area into a pleasure spot that you will love to return to. These are easy to carry out and will not cause you to breach your lease terms or lose any money when you move out.

Do up the dull fridge and cabinets colorfully:

Awful looking fridges that renters have been using for years are common. Change the face of the appliance by applying some attractive removal wallpaper.

kitchen cabinets

You can do the same with the cabinets in case you wish to set up a uniform pattern look. Match them or contrast them with the color of the wall and see how the entire space comes alive bright and vibrate to your pulse.

Give the transparent glass cabinets a magical makeover:

Glass-front cabinets have the advantage and disadvantage of showing it all to the beholder.


Moreover, they can add to the dull and lifeless look of the kitchen if there isn’t enough color and life in it with the right lighting. Cover the glass using attractive wallpaper or even wrapping paper sealing the sides with sealing tapes.

The colorful cover will set the tone of your personality while giving your belongings the privacy that they need! When moving out, just peel them off and restore the original plain glass doors.

Bring alive those lifeless walls in style:

Coloring the walls is a time-consuming process, gets cumbersome and also will cost you though most landlords permit tenants to paint the walls.

colorful kitchen

A good way of making your rental kitchen space more attractive is by placing your personal art pieces and framed photos. You can consider placing them in such a way that they become the focal point in the kitchen drawing the eyes away from all other dull distractions.

Add real-life greenery to complement and enlarge natural artworks:

Adding green to any part of your home does an instant makeover bringing in a breath of fresh air. Place a large planter with a natural plant close to the art pieces on the wall and expand the visual effect manifold.

kitchen designs

The entire space will come alive wanting you to return to your kitchen space more often.

Remove a couple of cabinet doors to make a bold display:

Taking away a couple of those conventional cupboard doors will help you display some of your interesting and colorful crockery.

Bold display in kitchen

Choose to display bold colors and not fineries that are likely to make the space look clumsy. Just replace the doors before you leave to not affect your lease deposit amount.

Add some removable storage racks to make a bold statement:

Another way of adding a statement to the unattractive walls, it to fix the removal vacuum-aided storage racks.


These are helpful in placing your essentials as well as attractive decor pieces that make the kitchen space more striking.

Reinvent the back splash in an amazing way:

The back splash is often the focal point of most kitchens. Add to its character by placing removal and oil-resistant back splash stickers.


These come in several colorful geometric patterns that draw immediate attention to it. Choose one with a color-scheme and design that stands out from any point.

Make the counter tops more colorful:

You have the choice of making the counter tops more interesting by covering them with colorful vinyl sheets that are easily removable. Another option is to place large wooden chopping boards on the counter top that will be both functional and cover any ugly spot. Large wooden piece can also act as the base of placing of vase with flowers that add to the natural tone of your kitchen.

Hang a trendy decorative center lighting piece:

Lighting fixtures have the ability to break the monotony of a space.


Placing a large and decorative fixture in the center of the kitchen will naturally make it an attraction that will make the space more appealing.

Give the insipid floors character and transform the aura:

Dark, ugly and spotted floors are common characteristics of rental kitchens. Make a complete makeover by covering the area with a natural fiber rug like those of jute.

kitchen floors

You may also opt for colorful and designed pieces that you can contrast with the light wall colors.

These amazing design hacks will surely help you get a kitchen space makeover that will help you live your life the way you want making it your true home for as long as you are there.

Happy kitchen re-designing!!!

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10 Interesting Ways to Decorate your Home with Broken & Old Items

We all have old items in our home lying unused in the store room or garage for years. Some of them may also be broken or damaged in some way. Well, instead of just throwing away such items, you can decorate your home innovatively using them. Sounds interesting? Here we have listed some amazing home decoration projects you can do with your broken and old household items. Most of these projects are simple, cost-effective, and consume less time.

1. Earring Holder from Broken Picture Frame

If you have an old, unused, or broken photo frame, don’t throw it away. Create a fully functional, gorgeous earring holder out of it. Use some wire for hanging your earrings on. This makes an amazing gift idea for women and girls. You can make several levels using the wire and hang many earrings. If you plan to hang larger earrings that dangle, the levels should be longer.

2. Recycling Center from Old Basket

If you have an old, large basket that you don’t use much, you can create a large recycling center out of it. You don’t need the basket to hold anything, and so, holes at the bottom are not much of an issue. Simply put some waste baskets in this wicker basket for recycling. Label the different sections to understand easily where everything goes. In this way, you can not only use the old basket, but also have an attractive place for storing your recyclables.

3. Lighting Fixtures from Old Baskets of Wire

If you have old wire baskets, they can serve as innovative light fixtures, even if they are worn out. Even if the wire baskets have holes at the bottom or the wires have come loose, they will look amazing when used as light fixtures in the kitchen. All you need to do is prepare the wire basket and connect it to the pendant light. You may paint the basket so that it goes with your kitchen décor before attaching it to your light or you may leave it just as it is.

4. Garden Markers Out of Broken Pots

Broken terra cotta pots don’t have to go to the trash. You can create interesting garden markers out of them. You can make garden markers even if you have only one broken pot. Simply take some pieces of the broken pot and write down the names of veggies, herbs, or flowers in your garden using a magic marker. You could also go a bit creative and paint different names on the pieces. In case you have multiple old pots that you don’t use for planting, label all the plants in your garden using them.

5. Cozy Bench Out of Old Dresser

This is a really interesting and useful furniture makeover project. If you have an old dresser, you can turn it into a cozy and comfortable bench. You can even buy an old dresser and carry out this makeover project, if you want an innovative bench for a low cost. The steps are simple; you can check them out here.

6. Pumpkins Out of Broken Terra Cotta

You can create beautiful pumpkins out of broken or old terra cotta planters. Well, this can be done with other ceramics too, like broken saucers or plates. Simply make small pieces, and then put them together over a foam ball to create a mosaic-like appearance.

7. Birdbath Out of Cracked Plates and Planters

Create a beautiful birdbath using cracked or broken plates and cracked planters of terra cotta, and place it in your garden. Planters of various sizes can be employed, so, if multiple planters are damaged, making a birdbath is an interesting way of repurposing them. Simply paint them to offer them an appealing look and then assemble them. You would love creating this birdbath and birds would love you for creating it.

8. Two Desks Out of Broken Table

In case you own a kitchen table you don’t need any more or one that’s damaged, broken or scratched, don’t discard it. Rather, create two appealing wall desks out of it that would certainly enhance the décor of your home. The very middle portion of the table is not needed for this, so this makes an amazing project for tables with damage in the middle. Cut the table’s end sections off, and stain or paint them. Next, attach them to your wall.

9. Tea Lights Out Of Bottle Caps

Instead of throwing away bottle caps, repurpose them to make attractive tea light candles. Such candles would be useful in occasions when lots of candles are needed, like wedding ceremonies or other large events. Simply clean the caps, put a wick in them, and pour some wax. Wax can be attained from melted crayons, and so, this job also lets you use broken, old crayons.

10. Ground Cover Out of Broken Plates

While broken plates won’t look that awesome in your yard, they can be employed in the place of mulch so as to give some color to certain areas. Instead of using pebbles or mulch to fill in the areas around trees, go for using broken terra cotta pots or plates. You may use items of a single color to make the area look elegant, or use items of different colors for a fun and exciting look. This would cost you much lower than the cost of pea gravel and mulch, but would give your garden areas a unique look.

Awesome ideas, isn’t it? These decoration projects don’t take much time, are easy, and let you turn your old and broken items, which you would otherwise throw away, into something useful. So, give a try to one or more of these projects!

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10 Easy Tweaks to Make Space Around the Home

Space is among the most expensive items on earth currently with homes getting smaller by the day. Studio apartments and single room apartments are fast becoming commoner than normal homes with more than one bedroom.

As time passes, number of items acquired and people living together increases, space constraint is felt more strongly than ever.

Here are the top 10 tweaks that you can carry out in your home to make space around and live comfortably too without increasing the costs.

Build open storage in living room


Instead of placing art pieces on the wall, build small storage like shelves on your living room walls. Place décor items and other usable objects like your crockery on them that will draw the eyes upwards and make the room attractive and airy too.

Add a loft wherever you can

Building a loft need not be an expensive affair but it surely adds the square feet to the area that you can use without breaking the walls.Kids room is the first place that you can think of that will comfortably take care of their living, study and play area needs.

Use space underneath for storage

Tables that are stashed away next to the wall and work as breakfast counters are best used as storage areas.

Rent a home

Another good option is the area underneath the staircase that you can turn into an attractive storage with immense utility.

Extend bookshelf to the ceiling


Stack your books and journals neatly along the wall by simply extending the existing bookshelf or rack up to the wall. To break the monotony, you can place a vase with flowers or some artifacts in between.

Make use of the space beneath the bed


Add a storage to your existing bed or exchange it for one that comes with a built in storage. It will help you to do away with the closet and the cupboard space that you need in your bedroom.

Innovate a closet area

In case there is no space for a closet in the room, hang them from a suspended rod that is supported by two other rods fixed to the ceiling. Place the total set up next to the wall and near your bed for best accessibility and a neat look too.

Build a shelf along the walls of the kitchen


A cheap solution to getting more space out of your kitchen area is to build a running shelf along the walls of your kitchen. Keep the entire storage space open for an aesthetically pleasing look and better functionality of easy accessibility.

Reorganize your kitchen/bathroom


Even large kitchens tend to become smaller with time and accumulation of items. You can maximize space by placing multiple shelf plastic racks that come with vacuum attachment. As and when needed you can also attach them in the small bathroom to accommodate utility items for every day use.

Use room dividers or curtains in place of walls

In case you need to install some amount of privacy between two living zones, don’t ever think of building a wall! Save the inches by putting up a fancy looking room divider or a curtain.

Turn your stools into storage

If you have small and low stools, turn them into storage by covering up the sides. Depending on their shape you can think of storing items that you use regularly in your living room like magazines, extra cushions and the like.


With these simple and inexpensive tweaks, dealing getting those extra spaces around the house should be easy and increase your comfort of living without compromising aesthetic appeal.


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How To Create A Dream Living Room Within Budget

Living rooms are the hubs of all homes almost to say that it is the lifeline that connects people living there and also those that come to visit. When you enter a warm and cozy living room of a friend, you have stimulated by the sheer ambience and encouraged to stay on and spend more time. On the contrary, a large and opulent living room adorned with plush and expensive furniture may not be so inviting.

It is not the price tag that can get you a lovely looking living room that you have always dreamt of. Rather, it is the choice of items, prudent use of colors and of course optimizing the space to give it that captivating look!

There are plenty of ways that you can repurpose your existing stuff and get creative. Pick up relatively inexpensive items that are both durable and pretty to make your living room truly dreamy.

Read on our suggestions and get going to bring alive your budget dream living room!

Declutter & create space

Things tend to collect over time. Identify all the items that are not necessary in your living room. You are sure to come across a host of small items including furniture that would do better in someplace else. You may have lovely vintage pieces like a record player or a classic artifact that you’ve inherited.

If there are junks that have cluttered up around those pieces, remove them and highlight the main piece. Let them make a proud statement while you can sell the superfluous items to earn a few quick bucks. When you declutter, your living room will also get a more airy and copious look that is just right to create a light yet warm look.

Set up a focal point

Once you have rid the space of the unnecessary, plan out a single focal point on the wall around which you can replace the seating and the rest of the arrangement. In case you have a fireplace, it is to remain the focal point that will further add to the warmth of the setup.


For those that have to create a focal point, you need not break the bank for it. There are decorative mirrors and inexpensive artworks that you can match with the mood and color scheme of the room. Whatever you may choose to make the focal point should highlight your personality and radiate the warm vibe that you wish to set up.

Clean lines with right colors

Once you have rid the space of the unnecessary, plan out a single focal point on the wall around which you can replace the seating and the rest of the arrangement. In case you have a fireplace, it is to remain the focal point that will further add to the warmth of the setup.

Plan out the overall look of your living room according to its shape and size. When space is a constraint, it is best to keep the furniture to simple straight lines and with minimal ornamentation.

Choose lighter shades of bright colors that will lend character to the overall look. Do up the walls in shades of pale yellow, pink or green. You can paint one wall in a bright and striking color that will bring alive the warm and inviting ambience.

An inexpensive way of adding an interesting landscape in your living room is to use wall decals. These are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety to designs and colors to give the perfect look that you envision. In fact, placing wall decals can help creating visual depth in rooms that are relatively small.

Make the floors attractive

You do not need those expensive Persian rugs or woolen carpets to get your dream living room. If you have to place rugs, there are plenty of light yet colorful variants available in the market. An interesting way to giving you existing carpet a fresh new look is to layer it up with something that you can place on it as a contrast.


You can place a single piece just beneath the lightweight center-table that complements the color of the walls and create a visual continuity. While costing you less, it will give the room more warmth and life that will attract and invite people to your living room.

If you are living in a warm and tropical climate, try and avoid overdoing your floor with too many rugs or carpets. Instead use economical runners on the sides and pieces for the center table for that perfect look.

Set up comfortable seating

Shop around for inexpensive seating that is comfortable, has straight line looks. It is not necessary to buy leather upholstery for that dream living room. There are plenty of faux leather options that will allow your guests to sink in and enjoy their stopover in your living room.

Keep your eyes open for sales and offers and buy something that will fit into your living room neatly. It is best not to opt for seating that look too bulky as they eat into the visual space of the room.

You can re-purpose your existing seating by giving it a fresh varnish or coat of paint of paint on your existing furniture. Change the fabric if need be pairing it with the curtain and throw cushions to make it attractive and comfortable. The makeover need not be expensive yet will inject life and turn the space into a dream living room.


Select your lighting prudently and set aside a small budget for it. A centrally hanging heavy piece can bring about a trans-formative look to the room. Place an expensive yet trendy looking down-lighter in a corner and light it up. If you have a table lamp or floor lamp just change the shade and bring warmth and cozy feeling to the room.

Window dressing

Buy attractive draping for your windows that are not necessarily expensive. Natural fabrics will give you endless options in terms of colors and designs. Choose a style that will complement your seating arrangement and fabrics. Keeping it light will be less burdensome on your pocket and also go along the straight-line looks of your seating.

If you have curtains behind your seating, they should be bright and attractive to give life to the setup. Having lovely window dressing will add oodles of warmth to your living room and also help you save on energy in all climatic conditions.

Plants bring in life

A very good way of giving your dream living room a bold character that is also inexpensive is by placing plants. Choose a corner near the window where you can place an attractive planter. A tall evergreen plant that reaches the ceiling can give your living room the much needed warm and natural touch.

You can also place small indoor plants at strategic points to bring nature indoors. Inexpensive yet colorful, adding plants is a great way to bringing alive your dream living room on budget.

With these tips you can start working on the wonderful living room of your dreams where you will love to return to at the end of the day and entertain friends too!





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10 Guest-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

It is always fun to have guests at home and give them that special feeling for the time that they are with you. Renting out your home to guests to stay with you on their visit to your city or town is fast becoming popular and catching on in all parts of the world.

More and more people are signing up with agencies like Airbnb to rent out their spaces to guests from other lands. Friends or rented guests, certain home improvements will make them comfortable notwithstanding demography or origin.

These makeovers need not necessarily be backbreaking difficult or pocket hole burning expensive. But they will surely add fresh new and welcoming dimensions to your home that is perfect to welcome your guests and make their stay memorable.

Here we give you 10 helpful tips or ideas for such home improvement ideas:

1. Revamp your front door/entrance

This is the first impression that you are going to make on your guests and make it a warm and welcoming one. Depending on whether you own a house or a condo you can modify the look of your entrance. A polished wood finish with elegantly places planters on the sides is a great way to impress guests. Placing a ‘welcome’ or ‘hello’ sign greets them and speaks of your warmth instantly.

front door

In the past centuries, homes that were open to welcoming travelers to stop over and spend a night had their main doors painted red. You may wish to emulate the same feeling or choose to paint it in any other bright hue that will instantly strike your guests’ attention. Make sure to install attractive lighting fixtures at the entrance that gives out soft yet clear lighting.

2. Redo living room for the traditional vibe

Redo the décor of your living room placing enough seating for everyone without of course cluttering the space. Doing it up according to the traditional décor of the land is sure to be a great hit with your guests.

living room


People with wanderlust and that are coming to live with the local people are naturally looking to stay away from an artificial and synthetic culture of hotels. Give them the local vibe by doing up the living room with natural materials that speak of the native culture. They will love to carry back the memories of having stayed with you!


Install modern amenities everywhere. Even with the most traditional touch to your interiors make sure that you set up a well-stocked bar in the living room.

3. Fully furnish the kitchen and well stock it too

When it comes to using utilities, your guests will be looking to use the best-in-class. Refurbish the kitchen with the hob and replace the sink if necessary with the modern stainless variant. Not only will be easy to maintain but also last longer than other variants.


Demarcate three distinct areas in your kitchen for easy functionality of your guests. There should be a washing area, preparation zone and the cooking place. Whatever be the ethnicity of your guests, an ergonomic kitchen is common to all and it will make your home more guest-friendly.

Get to add more storage in your modular kitchen if necessary because there should be adequate storage space for everything. Pots and pans, tissues and accessories, and of course provisions should be easily reachable to your guests.

4. Don’t forget placing amenities for babies and kids

Among the most important additions that you have to make your home kid-guest-friendly is to include high chairs for babies at the dining table. There should be the right type of break-resistant crockery and cutlery for feeding them too.


Make sure to keep potties for kids, small and colorful towels, kids’ soaps and a few toys to keep them engaged. They too will love their time in your home.

5. Make the bedroom as comfortable as possible

Your guests will want to have a good night’s rest in a comfortable bed. Plan the layout of the bedroom in such a way that it facilitates easy movement around the bed. Check out on the old mattress and replace the old bed if it is a tad too small for two large-sized adults.


Place more than two pillows for your guests to prop them up and converse in bed to relax the holiday time. Fresh new sheets and pillowcases are a must. You can place the existing sheets so long as they still look as good as new with their colors intact.

It is good to keep a basket of goodies in the bedroom with water bottles in the bedroom as a welcome gesture for your guests – they will surely appreciate it!

6. Secure storage space in a bedroom

When guests arrive at your home, they will have luggage accompanying them as they are here to stay for some time. Once they unpack, they should be able to keep their belongings neatly and also safely. Storage should include cloth hanging facilities, drawers and of course a locker with the proper set of keys or access to the password.


Let the cupboard in the bedroom double as a dressing facility by placing mirrors on the shutters or carve out a dedicated area for the same. This way, you will be optimizing space while also giving your guests the true homely feel.

7. Soak the bathrooms in luxury

It is time that you take stock of the bathrooms in your home. The bath attached to the master bedroom needs maximum attention. You can contrast the décor of the bathroom with that of the rest of the interiors. If you are placing traditional indoor décor, you can choose to opt for a traditional looking bathroom. In such cases, the asymmetrical balance will set the matching tone with the rest of the interiors.


To set up a contrasting feel and when you are aiming at a young guest group, spice up the bathroom interior with plenty of bold colors. Neutral shades are best suited for all types of guest and also the rest of the interior.

Storage is extremely important in this zone. You should have adequate stock of differently sized towels, soaps and shampoos neatly arranged. Accessories to facilitate the holding of these and other items like toothpaste, toothbrush toilet rolls are equally important.

8. Install entertainment facilities at strategic points

Digital televisions and music systems in the living room compatible with handheld devices are what your modern guests naturally expect. Having a small billiard table, a game of chess and if possible a gaming console will add more value to your property.

entertainment facility

Make sure to keep a laptop and a printer handy so that your guests may use it to take prints of their boarding pass in case they are too comfortable with the e-boarding pass. Leave the Wi-Fi password on the keypad of the machine for them to have access to high-speed internet connection.

9. Redo the electric line and fittings

Your guests are looking to home-like comforts and you are looking to rent out your facilities to earn from them. It is only natural that you give them the best that you can and also a completely safe living environment.

Check out on all existing electrical layout and connections and upgrade them where necessary. Carry out all such works only by electricians authorized by the local authorities. Make sure to install plug points at convenient positions for charging or other electrical inputs.

Place lighting fixtures that lend to the décor’s look and feel and also provide the necessary lighting. Lighting and the accessories used should be a combination of functionality and aesthetics.

10. Keep provision for an outdoor living even in the smallest form

If you have a house, arrange for a patio setup so that your guests can sit back and enjoy the cool breeze in the evening. Some may even want to stretch out in the morning. For those of you have a garden, invest in landscaping it. Your guests will be delighted to spend quality time on your property during their holidays.

patio at home

In case, you only have a small verandah, place comfortable weather-resistant seating on it. Depending on the amount of sunlight your place gets, you can think of placing a sun umbrella for them to enjoy sitting in the open under the shade.


With these 10 all-inclusive home improvement ideas, you should be able to offer the best-in-class hospitality at your home to anyone. Just make sure that you connect with the right agency and understand their terms and conditions before signing up. With everything done, you just have to sit back and wait for the rent amount to get credited in your account.












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How to Choose the Perfect Paint for Rooms According to Color Psychology

Colors are more than what reaches the eye. They offer psychological experiences and can significantly influence our emotions and mood. Reactions to different colors may be subjective; however, certain colors are known to evoke similar responses. Warm colors such as orange, yellow and red can evoke feelings of aggressiveness or friendliness, whereas cool colors such as blue and green can calm the mind or be depressing!

Choose Colors for your Rooms Wisely

Every color has its own psychological value. When choosing paint for your rooms, consider how you feel when you look at different colors. Colors have the power to influence all emotions – from anger to tranquility. To create an ambiance of tranquility, harmony, and warmth in your home, choose colors for rooms wisely.

Think about the mood that you wish to create in a room and the corresponding colors that would help you create that mood.

Rent a home

Colors and Their Effects on Rooms

Colors influence in three ways – neutral, active and passive. You can surely choose your room colors according to your individual tastes and preferences, but, keeping in mind the purpose of a room. Light hues are airy and expansive, making a room appear brighter and larger. On the other hand, dark colors are warm and sophisticated, giving large rooms an intimate appearance.

Choosing Room Colors Based on Color Psychology

Following is a guide to choosing colors for your rooms according to color psychology and a room’s function:

Living Room

Living Room
Image courtesy: www.cbrnresourcenetwork.com

The living room is often the place where you sit together with your family and friends and spend quality time. If you want to have colors stimulating conversation, choose red, yellow, orange, tan, beige or brown. Color consultants usually recommend such colors as they encourage interaction by creating an ambiance of friendship and warmth.


Image courtesy: www.housebeautiful.com

Many color experts suggest blue and white for kitchens since these colors are considered to recreate good memories of childhood. Other colors suitable for kitchen interiors are yellow and red.

However, if you are controlling your weight, avoid orange and red in your kitchen and dining space since these colors are known to stimulate appetite and are suitable for fast food joints and restaurants. In case, your dining area is separate and you entertain lots of guests there, then the ideal color for that space would be read as it encourages conversations and generates feelings of positivity, appetite, and warmth.


Image courtesy: empiricos.club

For your bedroom, avoid orange, red and other warm hues. Although red makes the color of passion and can generate feelings of romance and love, it’s not a good choice from the perspective of health since it may raise blood pressure. Rather, choose to relax and cooling tones like light green, lavender or blue that can promote a sound sleep.

Rent or sell your home

For children’s rooms, you may choose orange or light yellow since both can stimulate intelligence and creativity. As a better alternative, allow your kids to choose their bedroom paint colors themselves as they usually know what colors will suit best for them.


Image courtesy: www.designtrends.com

Nowadays, most people want to have a bathroom like a spa. They want their bathroom to be more than merely a place for cleaning and washing up. So, resort and spa bathroom hues are in demand now. The popular colors for bathrooms today are green, blue, turquoise and aqua.


Image courtesy: www.houzz.in

The ideal hues for workout rooms and gyms are orange and red as these are energy-stimulating colors that encourage you to get moving. Alternative colors you can choose for these areas are combinations of red-blue, blue-green or yellow-green. These exciting colors have the ability to facilitate a better workout.

Home Office

Home Office
Image courtesy: www.virtualvocations.com

If you have a home office, the color you should choose to boost your concentration is green. Color experts are of the opinion that green makes one of the best hues for surrounding yourself with for extended time periods.

This guide would help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing paint for your rooms.



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10 Amazing Ways Of Giving Your Home A Makeover With Old Items

You have an amazing home where you have been living for years and things have just accumulated. There are also those pieces that you have valued so much but, have got old and worn out over the time. Some may have developed chips and cracks or just lost their sheen.

It is not always necessary to buy expensive articles and do costly makeovers to give you home a swanky new look. Have you ever thought how useful your old are to make your home look as great as ever?

You’ve probably never thought how those cracked pottery could become rare and attractive showpieces or those napkins turn into bright scallops!!!

Well, now here are some amazing ways of using these articles to get a chic looking home that you and your guests will love!!!

buy a sofa

Before you throw out that broken drawer, take a little time to reorganize it into a unique key-holder. An alternative is to fix them together to new and interesting shapes to create exciting patterns on the wall. It will give the room a completely new makeover!

Key hanger

2.   Keep your home clean while making it look swanky too! Place an old plastic serving tray filled with acrylic or polished pebbles/rocks in it and turn it into a shoe stand.

Shoe rack

3.   Make your kitchen fresh looking and colorful all through the change of seasons. Use you old napkin cloth and hang them as café curtains from a tension rod. You can make use of all the colors that you have changing them according to the seasons and placing similar hued flowers to make your kitchen a lively place to work in.


4.   Another way of brightening up your kitchen with multiple print napkins is to make a drape or scallop out of them. Stich them to form scallops and hang them from a string that you can attach to removable vacuum holders on either ends. Make an interesting mix of colors and prints to give the place a lively look helping you enjoy your time in the kitchen.


5.  Give that corner or end of the corridor an interesting look with an old table hand painted or polished for a solid look. You can place together large unused wooden trays painting them in contrasting colors for that raw and earthly look. The overall look is sure to give the place a chic look that is a fine combination of the old world charm with that of simple modernity.

old table

6.   If that nice looking vase has developed a crack near the neck but there is too much sentiment attached to it to be thrown out, there is a way to turn it into a centerpiece! Take an unused scarf and tie it around the neck with an interesting knot and place complementing color flowers in it. As a centerpiece, the table and the overall room will get a stunning makeover.

broken vase

7.    You have an old bed with a plain metal or wood headboard whose paint has chipped. While the old furniture is still comfortable, its look is making the entire room drab. Keep the same bed and give the room a refreshing look by placing a piece of proportionately wide textured cloth. Tie up the ends with ribbons to secure it in place. Color up a couple of old wooden trays and cut soothing pictures to paste them onto it and hang them over the headboard on the wall. Even the plainest of rooms will come alive with these old reused items.

old bed

8.  See how your living room can come alive with some coat of paints. Make a mix and match of colors to give the décor an interesting yet warm vibe. Paint that old storage drawer in a soothing green and another bench like storage in blue.

Take the old placement mats and give them a dash of color if needed. Or else place photos of interesting moments and fix them in the center to draw your guests’ gaze.


9.   Faded wall paint is one of the worst elements in a room that makes it look drab and unappealing. When you can’t afford a repaint, you can make use of your exiting placement mats to create a flawless curtain. Make a curtain by connecting each mat with strings or ball-link chains to form the needed width. It will refresh the look of the place altogether and make it inviting too!

old mats

10.  Give your old walls a splash of colors and an interesting twist to the overall look of the room. No expensive paints or costly wall-paper, all you need are the old porcelain plates, melamine trays and plated and flat wall clocks. Clean them and add s fresh dash of color to some of them if necessary. Place them on the floor and arrange them into an interesting pattern. Take double-sided adhesive tape and fix each of them on the wall covering any crack, faded or peeled paint. When finished, an old wall is sure to turn into an attractive wall art for your guests!

old plates

Here is happy home redoing without spending more than a couple of dollars using the same old stuff that you may be thinking of throwing out. Keep looking out for more blogs on beautiful homes from Renting Street!!!

Share your thoughts and ideas so that we can tell others too and keep the chain growing!

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How To Make Your Home Look Large & Spacious: 10 Smart Tips

If large and copious spaced where you can dance and waltz is not your to own, there is no reason to dismay. All that matters is that you have a pad of your own and turn it into a lovely living space that looks amazing and large too!!

These super tricks will help you beat the physical space limitations and make your home look large, airy and delightful. Go ahead and make your home that special nook that you will love to get back to and unwind!

Clean house

1   Play with colors carefully


The splash of the right colors not only brighten and enliven any room but also gives it the character that you want to define it with. Use light colors to paint the walls of your room to make them look roomier. Use light shades of yellow, green or pink with a combination of white for the walls. This will make the space interesting, inviting and of course look larger.

2   Choose your furniture with care

Buy straight-line light-colored comfortable sitting that will blend in with the walls and their light colors.

comfortable sitting

Also, avoid buying chairs or sofas with large protruding arms. Placing such furniture will result in attracting attention on their large visual appearance making them look out of place. They will also make the space look small and cluttered.


3     Upholstery fabric has a big say

Buy upholstery that have colors complementing those of the walls. This will help in extending the visual appeal of the colors, retain continuity and thus make the space look larger. In case of fabric, it is good to stick to a solid color. In case you are fond of prints, choose very small prints only.


Avoid placing chairs or sofas with cushions that have contrasting or dark colors that will make the room look cramped. Opt for cushions with trips in case you wish to want to give it an interesting look. Large and bold floral or geometric shapes are best left out.

get a sofa


4     Place long curtains that increase visual continuity

curtains for small rooms

Light colored small prints best complement the airy look of a small space. Buy lightweight fabric for your curtains that will blend in with the color scheme on the walls. Something that directly complements the upholstery is more likely to create a harmonious and continuous look. Avoid shiny and heavy curtain material or blinds that eats up the visual space.


5      Make clever use of your wall space

Instead of buying expensive painting and hanging them on the walls, use the space to fix small and open storage racks. If you are a DIY expert, you can fix planks of wood together to create some great designs.

designed shelves

Else, there are attractive options available in the market that you buy. Only make sure that the racks are parallel to each other horizontally to add to the visually spacious look.

You can place decorative items as well as keep planters or books to bring an interesting look to the wall and the overall décor.


6     Light up the corners well

Dingy room corners not only cut out on the spacious look but also make any room unappealing. Place small tables with storage options below. This way you will be making use if every inch of space.

light up your corners

Keep a subtle table lamp on it or if possible a down-lighter from the ceiling. This will not just illuminate the space but also reflect the light softly on other walls adding to the visual light look.

7   Cut out on that rug

Floor is the only continuous area of any room and it is important to maintain its continuous and smooth flowing look.

Carpets and area rugs are best reserved for moderate to large space. Placing them defines an area and unless you place them wall-to-wall in any room, they divide the floor space visually. This naturally makes the room look smaller.

When doing up the floors at the construction level, make sure you opt for long plank designs or patterns that are parallel to the longest wall of the room to make it look bigger. You can also play it safe with solid colors with light veins.

8   Let the mirror speak – everywhere

Mirrors reflect and it is the one of the best ways to increase the visual look of any space. But, it is important to select the mirrors carefully and also place them prudently.

mirror in rooms


Firstly, for small spaces, avoid mirrors with heavy or showy frames. What you need is a plain mirror that will blend in with the wall and reflect the space seamlessly.

Secondly, place the mirror where it will receive light to reflect it. Else, the whole purpose of using the mirror to make the space look larger will be defeated and the room will end up looking dull.


9   Use that large storage furniture well

If you have large chest-of-drawers or low storage furniture pieces, use them to turn them into side tables and sitting places.

large storage furnitures

Give them a fresh coat of paint or polish them to get the sheen back and spread out a linen piece on top of the chest-of-drawers. Keep comfortable cushions on the low storage pieces and see how versatile they become to you and your guests.

While your guests can sit on them and chat with you, you can also excuse yourself to take something out asking the guest , to get up. This will help you retrieve your item and also cut down on the chatter!


10   Stay clutter-free and get more physical and visual space

A periodic deep cleaning is a must. This is the time that you should do away with things that you have not used nor do you envision using. It is not necessary that you sell away everything right away.

clutter free rooms

You can rent them out and earn some extra dollars and retrieve them when need them. This way there will always be some freed space in your home to give it a large and spacious look.

Rent or sell your home


The way you arrange your living space, make clever use of colors and manipulate heights and lengths can make a world of difference to even a small room.

So here is happy home doing up!!!

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