10 Super Cool Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

Summer is here and not all of us can take time off for a wonderful cool holiday at a snow-capped resort or lazy out at a stunning beachfront!

You are expected to go about life as normally as possible during the summer days your very own city or town. But, it need not be a gruel for you so long as you adopt some simple things into your daily routine.

Here are ten simple yet effective tips for your everyday life. These will help you cope with the summer beat smoothly without spending extra dollars or disrupting your normal schedule.

Now this is all that you need to do:

1.  Stay Hydrated Round-the-clock

There is no substitute to water when it comes to replenishing your body with the necessary fluid due to sweating. Drink water as often as you feel thirsty. It is a sign that your body is already dehydrated. So, the best thing to do is sip water as often as possible. Make sure that the total amount adds up to at least 8 to 10 glasses every day.

drink water
Drink lot of water

Water is clear fluid that does not contain any added calories. In case you want to add some flavor to your water, make a lemon and honey drink that is excellent in replenish lost fluid and also boosts energy.

2.    Exercise well regularly

Don’t stop exercising just because it’s hot and you will sweat more. Maintain a daily exercise routine during the summer days to give your metabolism the healthy boost it needs! Being sluggish is more likely to make you feel hot and uncomfortable when you step out in the heat.

Exercise daily
Exercise Regularly

Make maximum use of the early morning cool breeze. Exercise when it is still cool and if possible carry it into the warmer part of the day gradually. This will help your body to comfortably adapt with the gradual rise of temperature through the day.

A good option is to go in for more water sports workouts like swimming!

3.  Wear the Right Fabric

Pep up your fashionable side during the summer days and yet remain coolly comfortable! The best fabric for the hot days are cotton, crepe, linen, silk blends, viscose and seersucker. All of these are natural fibers that are totally breathable thus keeping the body cool.

cotton fabrics
Wear the right Fabric

You will never run out of fashion options in these materials as the stores are piled up with bright solid colors, pastels and also interesting floral prints. Set aside the rest of your wardrobe and play with colors even when the others are sweating it out and be as cool as ever…

4.     Stay away from Spicy Food

Studies have shown that eating spicy food stimulates blood circulation and thus your metabolism. This naturally will make you feel hot and sweat. For example, eating capsicum makes the body sweat without increasing body temperature!

Eat fruits
Eat seasonal Fruits and Salads

Include plenty of fresh salad and seasonal fruits in your diet. Nature has its own way of helping us cope with the change in temperature by giving us the right fruits and vegetables.

5.   Eat Smaller Meals

Filling up your stomach with large meals will increase body metabolism abnormally making you feel uneasy. Divide your portion into small and frequent meals that will keep you full and also regulate body metabolism.

Eat food in smaller quantities


Drink a glass of water half an hour before any large meal. It regulates body temperature and also controls appetite levels.

6.   Train Your Mind to think cool

Trick your mind and let the placebo effect/response take over to keep you cool in summer! Psychologists have proved how the mind can be tricked into perceive better conditions and also feeling better physically as a result of it. Make this happen with your mind and body.

Do Meditation daily
Do Meditation

Cooling the mind and is important as keeping the body cool. Set aside sometime during the day, preferably in the morning to cool your mind by meditating. Deep breathing exercises for ten minutes every day or a combination of meditation and breathing will go a long way in keeping your mind and thus body cool.

7.  Cool the Pulse Points

The major pulse points on the body are on the wrist, the nape of the neck and at the back of the neck. At any point in time during the day when you visit the washroom dab these points with a wet towel. Also, splash your face with water intermittently and see the difference that it makes as your cheek and temples cool off.

Wash your face
Splash your face with Water

When you cool these major points, heat is instantly taken away from the rest of the circulatory system. This naturally cools the rest of the body beating all the external heat!

8.  Make Essential Oils a part of your daily routine

Place a few drops of essential oils like peppermint or spearmint in your bathing water. Alternatively, take a jug of water and with the drop of essential oils in it and pour it over your body at the end of the bath. Both these oils have cooling properties that physically help the body to remain cool and also stimulate the olfactory nerves to have a cool refreshing feel.

Peppermint Leaves
Peppermint Leaves

It is an excellent way to beat all the heat either by starting the day with it or ending it for a cool relaxed evening and night.

9.  Make Aromatherapy a part of your summer days

Rose and lavender are known for their properties as coolants and stress busters. Place a diffuser containing these essential oils, light incense sticks or candles of the same aroma at home or in office if possible.


The best time to go about is in the evening or at night when you retire for the day. Relax and let the heat off to rest well and be prepared for another cool summer day ahead!

10. Use plenty of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known for its healing properties for burns and soothing the skin. Keep this gel handy and use it to clear off sunburns or just giving your skin a comfortable feel and rejuvenated look.

Aloe Vera gel
Aloe vera gel

Step out each day of summer looking cool and ravishing as ever!


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9 Hush-Hush Life Hacks For Cash-Strapped College Students To Enjoy Life

College life is a combination of fun, frolic, stress and exorbitant expenses! But these are also the years that you would cherish for the rest of your life. Making the best of these times depends on how well you can manage your available resources and make maximum use of what is at hand. Some of these tricks cross the boundaries of age and are just right as life hacks for high school students.

Here are 9 Cheers to college life as you read on these secretive student life hacks:

Get a pair of jeans with the completely new look without buying them!!!

Jeans Life Hack
Courtesy: wikihow.com

Run a razor carefully over your favorite pair of old jeans. The effect is amazing – you will have a fresh & new look pair of jeans for your next event.

Save on your electricity bill by making use of this trick!

two bowls in a microwave
Courtesy: thedailymeal.com

Your small microwave is incapable of heating two bowls together. You can easily avoid using the machine twice by placing one bowl on the floor of the oven and the other on a tall mug to rise it over the first bowl.

No money to invest on new perfumes? Not a problem, make yours!

Perfume in Body Lotion
Courtesy: blog.freepeople.com

Pour the last few drops of your perfume into the bottle of your body lotion and smell good – always.

Can’t afford a resounding music system? No worries, make one!!!

smartphone music inside plastic bottle
Courtesy: bestoutofwastes.blogspot.in

Make one with your smartphone and a plastic bottle. Cut a 1litre or larger bottle near the middle about half of its diameter and an inch in height. Place the phone in it and rock the party with loud sound and clear bass.

No access to a microwave or can’t invest in repairing the old one? Enjoy a hot meal!!!

Pizza over iron
Courtesy: ericfm.wordpress.com

Continue to enjoy a warm pizza or fresh warm bread by placing them on the flat side of the iron and run the hair dryer over it at full heat. Make a pack of instant noodles heating water on the same iron plate and stirring the pack for 2 minutes!

Study hard but party harder during your college days without letting your teachers even get a hint of it!!!!!!

electrolyte before drinking alcohol
Courtesy: mommypotamus.com

Arrive at the lecture in the morning without a trace of a hangover after a late night party with this simple trick. Drink a glass of electrolyte water before leaving for the night out – you will wake up as fresh as ever in the morning.

Save on your snacks by eating only half the packet & preserve the rest…

preserve your snacks
Courtsey: freegreatpicture.com

Preserve the other half in fresh and crisp condition. Make use of the can tabs to seal them instead of spending on a packet of zippers. Alternately use a pen clip over the plastic folds in case you don’t have can tabs.

Small and budget spaces should not be a constraint so long as you can collect some can tabs from your friends!

Hangers on Can Tabs
Courtesy: pinterest.com/pin/247275835762799796/

Slide them through the hooks of a hanger and cascade other hangers down it to neatly hang shirts, tops, pants or skirts.

Go economical with a pair of shoes 365×7!

shoe odor smell
Courtesy: thrivemarket.com

Place used tea bags, lemon peel or sprinkle baking soda inside shoes to absorb odor that is created by bacteria when you have them on for long hours. You will never feel embarrassed or out of place anywhere!

Try using these hacks and let me know which one is your best. Share your views in comments below.

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