10 Awesome Money Making Hacks for Students

If you are a high school or college student, you may be facing constraints not only on your time but also money. Your institution’s fees teamed up with money spent in hanging out with friends, eating out, traveling, partying etc., can leave you with an empty pocket. In such a situation, making some extra cash is always a welcome idea!

There are several ways you can earn money and increase your savings as a student. Following are some of the ways you can give a try to:

1. Complete Surveys

Complete surveys on various brands or products to earn quick money. You can gather points that are redeemed for vouchers for different shops and websites like Amazon or for a transfer to your PayPal account.

2. Share or Sell Old Revision Notes

Share or sell your old revision notes from school, college or university through relevant websites or via offline means.

3. Be a Tutor

If you are good at any particular subject, you can teach students and provide services in the form of a private tutor. There are many websites that allow you to register as a tutor and get hired. Register in such sites.

4. Sell Old Books

You may sell your old books either through marketplaces like Amazon or to other students. It’s a good way to get some cash.

5. Be a Resident Assistant

A good way to save a substantial amount of money during college is becoming an RA (Resident Assistant) in the dorms. An RA’s role is assisting students with life on campus and organizing activities. Resident Assistants should be available at any time of the day or night, and in return, they are provided free meals and housing. Think the amount of money you would save during your college years. Moreover, you can add several skills to your resume, like organizational, management, and leadership skills.

6. Be a Freelance Writer

If you can write well and fast, freelance writing can be a great way to earn money. Get some detailed insight into how to earn money by writing. You can write for blogs. Besides blogs, you can work for businesses that are often looking for freelance writers who can write different types of content – from creating brochure content, to technical writing, to how to content. There are many websites that allow freelance writers to register and get hired by businesses and individuals that need writing services.

In this context, you can also work as a proofreader – a popular job today. You can proofread content for websites, blogs and that written by authors.

7. Be a Translator

Good at another language? Work as a translator! Translation work is required across various platforms, from written translation work to people speaking. There are several websites that allow anyone to register and start working as a translator. Consider signing up on a couple of such sites.

8. Find Bugs in Programming

Good at programming? Have some spare time? Consider investing that time to find programming bugs within existing and new software. You can find postings of such jobs in your college campus or on job boards.

9. Drive for UberEATS

If you have a bike and reside in a city that’s bike friendly, use your bike to make some money. Deliver food using your bike for UberEATS!

10. Do Babysitting or Pet-sitting

If you are a responsible person, babysitting can be a good means of earning some extra money. Babysitters typically earn around $20 per hour. You can ask your neighbors and friends if they need babysitting services. You can also sign up in relevant websites that let anyone with proper skills to get hired as a babysitter.

Like babysitters, there is also a need of pet sitters – people who look after pets when the owners are busy at work for long hours or go out of the town. If you have a love for animals and the skills needed for taking care of them, becoming a pet-sitter would be an amazing way to make some extra money as well as spend time with those furry creatures.

Try one or more of these great ways to make money and increase your savings as a student! Some of these ways not only can help you earn money, but also learn and improve some of the essential skills.

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Odd Jobs You Can Do To Make Money Today

Earning money part-time is not difficult if you are willing to make use of your inherent or learnt skills. More and more people are using their time to earn the extra bucks from a host of part-time jobs that also help better live qualities in more than one way.

Here are the top 10 odd jobs that you can do to earn money today and every day!!!

1. Work as a part-time accountant

Virtual bookkeepers are fast taking up assignments for businesses of all sizes. It is a job that requires your knowledge of accounts and the concerning laws of the land. A lot of individuals as well as businesses look for professionals that are capable of filing tax returns. These jobs are highly paying and you can work any time of the day with only a computer and internet connection at your disposal.

2. Participate in clinical trials

A lot of medical researches are underway almost at every scientific center worth its name. There are plenty of requirement for people with specific medical conditions to volunteer for research for better care and treatment. Healthy people are also called in to see the results of test conditions. Becoming a participant in one such project will only need a few hours but will give you a handsome package in return.

3. Walk dogs or go pet sitting

For those of you that are animal lovers, you can pass the word around that you are willing to pet-sit for your friends and neighbors when they need it. There are also websites that will give you access to membership registration for such jobs. There are plenty of people that would love to leave their pets in safe hands that will take them for a walk or play with them when they are busy. For you, it can well turn into a handsome part-time job.

4. Become a translator

It is time that you make use of your linguistic skills! More and more people are recruited as professional translators with businesses going global. Also, a lot of students need help with translation and languages that you can help out with part-time and earn well too.

5. Be a tutor

You have mastered it all and now it is time that you help the struggling lot at least part-time and end your day earning some good money. You can opt to tutor school students that often need a lot of help out of school. In case you specialize in a subject, you can also guide college and university goers and of course for higher fee!

6. Be a part-time friend

Have you ever considered working for someone else and benefitting for yourself? You are growing old and getting lonelier by the day. There are plenty of others around you feeling just the same. A lot of people are literally working by hiring out their companionship to like-mined spending a few hours every day chatting, watching movies or just going for a walk. Of course, you have to set the limits so as not to allow it to cross boundaries beyond professional ties that earns you dollars.

7. Run errands for the elderly or the rich

There are more lonely people than you can ever imagine! Elders living alone need help with their grocery shopping and other small errands that they are not capable of carrying out themselves. Running errands for them a couple of times a week or giving them company is a sure way of earning good pocket money.

8. Work as a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are soon going to replace the in-person assistants for bosses. All you need is good organizational skills, a phone and a computer to do it all and all in a few hours. The work usually includes setting up appointments, answering or composing emails and responding to other social media posts. It is a job that can be done beyond the official working hours giving you the perfect opportunity to earn handsomely part-time.

9. Be a part-time photographer

If photography is your passion, then practice it and also earn part-time. You can opt to become a professional photographer for special events among friends and neighbors. As word of mouth reference spread, it could well become your extra part-time income that will do you a lot of good.

10. Take up part-time cleaning job

Students will love to pocket the extra money to fund their living expenses and what better option than working as a part-time cleaner with a couple of families. Traditional homes still prefer to employ individuals that will do the house cleaning at mutually convenient hours and pay them instead of paying out to companies. Ask those around or post a few lines at free ad listing marketplaces like www.rentingstreet.com and get hired to earn money.


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How To Make Money As A Part Time Tutor

Teaching is one of the best ways of earning money while also enhancing your educational skills. In fact, this is the one trade where you get paid to learn along with the person that is paying you!

Whether you are studying and want those big bucks to pay your college education, working somewhere and want to earn more or looking for a good part-time income source tutoring is one great way to get the money.

A popular way of part-time tutoring is to teach courses online.

Plenty of tutoring sites offer the opportunities to teachers and budding teachers to make use of their skills. You can opt to teach a course after school hours and even during summers for longer periods. With more and more authorities making online tutoring reachable to those that need them, you are likely to come across plenty of sites with such offers.

Choose tutoring a course you are passionate about apart from your specialization

With the internet having become a huge learning platform, you have every opportunity to give classes on photography or painting! This way, you get to give your creative side the expression that you wish to give it and also earn handsome amounts from it.

Tutor as a subject specialist:

Those of you that have the reputation of a college and university to back your teaching abilities, can go ahead to prepare students at a higher level. Preparing students for entrance exams and helping those in higher studies is a highly paid part-time job that will keep your rich.

Tutor in person to individuals and even to groups:

Make use of your skills in math or science to give lessons to school children when you are free. In-person tutoring is when you connect with students and help them overcome their personal struggles with a subject with your own finesse. You could start this on recommendation for the first time or even post free or low-cost ads for it.

Use your expertise to sell an online course tutoring it too

When you are confident about a subject that needs technical finesse and continual upgrading like SEO, or a web language, you can consider creating your own course. The only investment that you have to make is that of your time to shape a unique course. You can post it online and attract potential students from across the globe and give them the course part-time.

Once you have got a good grasp over the fine aspects of part-time tutoring, you can consider starting your own tutoring website. This way, one day not only will you be earning but can also help several other beginners like you to make money part time.

Many people may especially the adult groups may not like the term tutoring. In such cases, it is better that you make use of more suitable words like help or guide will attract the potential students to you. As regards the rate that you charge per hour, you will have to make a market survey of the existing rates online or from those that give out such courses.


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6 Ways to Earn Money from Anywhere as a Virtual Assistant

If you want to help out small companies, bloggers, and busy entrepreneurs, while being able to work from anywhere and at any time, the job of a virtual assistant may sound appealing to you. As a virtual assistant, you can have a multitude of job opportunities and a good paycheck too! All you need are a computer and an internet connection.

Although there are a huge number of ways you can make money by working as a virtual assistant, here I’ve discussed 6 job roles that can offer you sound earning opportunities:

1. Social Media Virtual Assistant

All entrepreneurs and bloggers are well-aware of the powerful impact of social media in business growth. However, they face time constraints when leveraging social media for the growth of their business. Moreover, not all of them have expertise in using social media. Here comes the role of social media virtual assistants who manage social media accounts.

2. Blog Management Virtual Assistant

You might think that there are tons of ‘how to blog’ articles out there that can help someone start a blog. Nevertheless, over time one would realize that only starting a blog is easy. Blogging involves content planning, list building, email marketing, social media promotion, guest posting, networking and so on. Blogging is indeed a challenging job.

As a blog management virtual assistant, you can assist in assigning content to writers, moderating comments, and content planning.

3. Email Marketing Virtual Assistant

Similar to social media, email marketing is an important element of operating an online business. By helping with or managing email marketing, you can lighten the burden of responsibilities on the shoulders of online business owners.

4. Customer Service/Community Moderator Virtual Assistant

Online businesses usually create online communities and Facebook groups that need a moderator for ensuring that nothing inappropriate happens in them. Customers also seek assistance in these groups if they face any problems. The virtual assistant in this role needs to offer solutions to customer queries.

5. Technical Virtual Assistant

If you are technically gifted and have expertise in any particular technology, you can become a technical virtual assistant. You have to offer solutions and answers to people’s problems and questions related to that technology.

6. Creating Content Upgrades

Bloggers often leverage content upgrades for drawing readers to subscribe to email newsletters they offer.  However, after developing content, bloggers often face time constraints to develop the content upgrades. As a virtual assistant, you can do the job of creating the content upgrades so as to get more and more readers to subscribe to the email list.

Working as Virtual Assistant

Before becoming a virtual assistant for full-time, it’s wise to start working as one as side hustle. Prior to getting started side hustling, it’s good to be mentally prepared that you will be undertaking additional work, which may be exhausting. It’s helpful to have a goal with your side hustle.

In addition, remember that the money you earn through the side hustle is taxable. Don’t skip paying taxes, to avoid getting into any trouble.

Summing Up

Being a virtual assistant can help you be in a role you love and work according to your own convenience. If you are someone who yearns for adventure and freedom, the job of a virtual assistant is highly suitable for you. Knowledge about the job roles you can choose in this field, can help you find work you love and make a sound income at the same time!


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5 Tips to Make Money Selling Vintage Items at your Home

Do you have a vintage item at your home that might be valuable? Perhaps you found it while cleaning your attic or maybe you inherited it. If you don’t intend to keep it with yourself, selling it may turn out to be a good way of making some money. However, to sell it at a good deal, you need to find out the item’s worth.

Here are a few ways you can know the value of an antique item and possibly get it sold:

1. Get the Antique Item Valued

If you want to sell vintage or antique gems, get some advice on the item’s value before selling by visiting antiques fairs and local auction houses.

Most of the auction houses consist of on-site specialists that can offer you advice on various collectibles. They usually offer verbal valuations for free, but may seek charges for written valuations. Another good source for advice is independent specialist valuers, and they can provide you valuable advice on vintage and antique goods.


Reputed valuers are usually accredited by famous organizations like National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers, Society of Fine Art Auctioneers, and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. You may need to pay for their services, but that can help you sell a vintage item at the best possible price.

In case you aren’t able to visit the auction houses, simply click some images of the antique item and send them to the auction house experts. You may find them getting back to you immediately.

2. Consider Selling at an Auction

Once you know the approximate value of your vintage item, you may consider taking it to your preferred auction house, if they show interest in your vintage item. Almost every major city or town has auction houses. Select one or two auction houses that are near your home and check out what they offer you.

If your vintage item has a good value, the auction house would place it at a specialist sale. They will provide you a customer number and contract with reserve price and more. After the sale, you will be emailed by the auction house to confirm whether your antique item was successful or not. They would send you a cheque within around four weeks, with deductions for commission costs, vat, advertising, and insurance. In case the item is not sold, you still have to pay a charge. You may choose to re-enter the item for the auction sale to occur next.

3. Don’t Settle for the First Offer

Shop around the way you do when buying any items. Don’t give in to anyone’s pressure on making a sale. Try remaining careful and level headed. The right price for your vintage item is worth any hassles.

You may get tempted to send the item for postal evaluation. The hassle involved may entice you to accept the first offer coming your way, rather than claim back your item.


Always try keeping your vintage items with you till the time you are ready for making a sale. Wherever possible, try sending a photograph first. Most of the auction houses accept this, especially the big ones.

4. Selling Antique Jewelry

When it’s about small antique items, the sale of vintage jewelry is quite popular. To find out whether the jewelry piece you have is of any significant value, follow the tips given below:

Check for Hallmarks

If you have a piece made of precious metal of 22ct, 18ct, 14ct, or 9ct, the piece instantly has a value. It’s always good to check the inside of bracelets and rings, and necklace clasps for hallmarks.

Check the Settings

Victorian jewelry may not always have a hallmark, so check out whether the metal with which it is made is tarnished or not. If the piece shows discoloration, then perhaps it’s plated jewelry. But if it doesn’t show any discoloration, the piece may be made of gold.

Check the Stones

Quite often, items set with glass or paste can be spotted easily since there is a lack of the “depth” of diamonds and other gemstones. Use this tip to evaluate the stones in your jewelry piece.

Avoid Peeling Pearls

Pearls that are peeling are imitation. Jewelry with such pearls would not fetch any price.

Don’t Underrate Costume Jewelry

It’s surprising to note that how collectable some pieces of costume jewelry are, although they are made with synthetic materials. Check out for any signatures. For instance, Chanel and Dior jewelry pieces would fetch high prices at Christies or Kerry Taylor auctions and the vintage shops across London.

5. Sell on an Appropriate Website

If the valuation of your antique item is a low amount, it’s a good idea to sell it on eBay or any other auction site. You may also offer the item for sale or rent on Renting Street.

See the similar items offered for sale on the site and note the price asked for them. Once you get an idea of the price you could get, considering the item’s valuation, offer it on the site, asking a fixed price. Put the item on the site for a minimum of 30 days.

In case your vintage item is delicate and large, consider offering it only for collection as sending the item may be troublesome.

While posting your antique item for sale on a site, upload high-quality pictures and provide the maximum possible description, including hallmark photographs or images of other marks showing the maker/manufacturer.

Summing Up

Vintage items are often a great source of money. However, selling a vintage item at the best possible price requires you to be smart. Apply the tips above to sell your item quickly and at the price you want!

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10 Jobs You Can Start For Free Today To Make Money

Surely you want to spend a life that is full of good things that accompany a great sense of satisfaction too. There is surely nothing as fulfilling as working on what you pursue as your passion and earn from it too. But again not everyone is as blessed to have a life as content as this.

The vast majority of us earn our living working a nine to five job at an establishment belonging to someone else. This kind of job is usually considered to be a more secure source of income than trying hands at business. Entrepreneurship is undoubtedly full of risks and more challenging and involves investment too.

There is surely a midway between the two extremely of full-time job and entrepreneurship that also can help you earn handsomely. What matters at the end of the day is the money that you have back in your bank to live life comfortably and contently.


This is where the technological advancement plays the crucial role in our lives. There are huge varieties of job concepts for you to choose from depending on your personal skills, expertise and the passion that you have in you.

Here, we have the list of the top 10 job gigs that will help you get started for free and yet help you make good money. These 10 Jobs You Can Start For Free Today To Make Money are good earning potentials that require very little or no investment at all.

Read on to get your money wheel spinning and earning without the limitations of fixed hours or target points to reach…

1. Teach a language

Most people that work in multi-national environments are likely to have proficiency in multiple languages. Knowing languages other than English sure is likely to come in handy to get you started as on the job of a language teacher. There are plenty of people that are looking to learn popularly spoken languages like Spanish, French, German or Italian at affordable costs and convenient timings.

teach language

Even if you are a master of English alone, still the possibility of teaching the language to students both native and foreign is immense. Those that come from other demography regions are always looking for English language learning classes where they can learn the right diction. Teaching languages is always a free job that earns you well all through the year.

2. Pursue photography as a profession

It is something that you are good at, hold it close to your heart and the biggest passion that you have in life – shoot great pictures anywhere and everywhere. Turn this into the free job opportunity that will also allow you to earn handsomely.


If you have a professional photographer’s camera, so much the better! Even without it, most digital cameras are capable of providing you with a variety of photographs with amazing effects. High-quality phone cameras with high pixel configuration these days come with dual facilities that enable DSLR effects.

Click whatever fascinates your photographic mind while going to your job, returning, traveling or in your spare time. Upload them as stock photographs at online sites that sell them and get paid as you sell hundreds and thousands of them according to themes.

3. Tutor in person or online

When you have specialization in a field, you can well make use of it by starting a tutoring job. There is always a high demand for those with technical knowledge like biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering sciences, economics and more.

online tutor

Start off your own tutorial at home or any other convenient place giving classes to school and college students. There is also the option of joining several online platforms that are always on the lookout for qualified people to offer tuitions. Either way, it is a zero investment and high paid job that you can start apart from your regular job.

4. Give music lessons

You have learned it well and hold it preciously close to your heart, but never had the opportunity to take it up as your profession.Make the most of your musical talents by giving out private lessons to children or even adults. Be it vocals or teaching how to play one or more instruments, start your own music lesson school at home or visit homes in your free time.

music classes

This way you will be content with being able to pursue what you have always loved most and also earn money without having to make any investment.

5. Write paid reviews

It is the age of e-commerce and stores and selling increasing varieties of products from various manufacturers. This often puts buyers in a fix concerning which product is best suited for their use.

Writing product reviews for affiliate marketing is a great way to earn handsome amount especially if you love to pen down opinions. While writing for others will not require any investment at all, later on, you can think of launching your own affiliate website and earn huge amounts all year round.

6. Pet Sitting and grooming

That pets are among the best and natural stress buster is a proven fact. If you love animals, there is no better way to spend time and feel content too than spend time with pets around you.

pets sitting

Opt to pet sit for your neighbor or friends in your free time and on holidays when they are out to party and get paid for it too. While Pet Sitting, you can also attend to their grooming needs and get to earn even more. Surely, people will be more happy to leave their pets your reliable hands knowing that you will give them the wash, trim their nails apart from taking them out for the walk.

In case you know how to pair the scissors and the comb on the furry body of the pets, nothing better. You surely have the potential to earn thousands of dollars without having to invest a penny!

7. Start v-blogging

Blogging is fast taking a visual face and turning into v-blogging. Making a video does not call for investment anymore. Place a mobile phone with high-quality camera and video making facility and shoot yourself explaining or selling anything.

v blogging

As a person with professional expertise, you can explain how to work on makeup, instruct to make interesting crafts and arts, give out helpful home management tips, specific exercises targeting facial muscles, those of the hands, legs or abdomen and so on. In fact, the scope of v-blogging is as unlimited as the topics of blogging.

Create your own You-Tube channel and upload your video increasing the numbers and you are getting paid by advertisements accompanying your video. There is always the possibility of people hiring you for your expertise.

8. Editing and proofreading

People are continually writing for the virtual world and also for hardcore copies. Writers by themselves are mostly unable to do the final proofreading. This is one job that you can begin in your free time and get paid by the hour too.

fitness trainer

All you need for starting this job is your academic skills and perseverance with which you have always pursued it. It will help you get paid by the hour without having to make any investment on your part. There is plenty of scope for this job on online freelance work portals.

9. Refurbish used electronic items

If you have a penchant with electronic items, you can make small get started with the job of buying used items with slight malfunction, refurbish them and resell them. This will, of course, require you to make a small investment when buying these unused items and the material needed to repair and refurbish them.

It is a self-starting job that is high paying and is also sure to give you a lot of satisfaction in giving you the opportunity to handle gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, and cameras. While you get into the technical nitty-gritty and repair them for reselling fulfilling your passion, you are also set to make handsome profits from your job cum business.

10. Yoga trainer/personal fitness instructor

If you are conversant with Yoga and wish to pursue it in your free time, no better way to do it than by practicing it and earning too from it too. As a natural stress-buster, energy giver, healing therapy and of course spiritual up-lifter, there is no replacement for Yoga.

yoga trainer

Teach Yoga in groups or individually and earn per hour. Rates will differ according to the number of people that you are instructing together. You can start off as a personal trainer and then cater to bigger groups.The entire exercise is spiritually rewarding, physically stimulating and of course good for the health of your bank account too!!!


Now that you have the 10 best options for jobs that you can start for free, spend some time to think about which ones you would like to give a try. The best way to go about it is to shortlist two or three of the probable modes and then further zero down to the precise choice.

Start small with whatever you opt for and gradually increase your efforts and reach to increase the scope of the new-found job and thus increase your earnings substantially.

If you have some other interesting suggestions, please feel free to let us know them and we will be happy to place them in our next post.




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12 Interesting Freelance Jobs that can help you make Money Easily

‘Freelancing’ is the new buzzword of this digital age. If you want to make some extra money easily, freelancing is a great way to do so. Whether you’re thinking about becoming a full-time freelancer or want to supplement your regular income through it, choosing your field of work is important. You would want to choose a field in which you are equipped with some training or experience. You would also want to make sure that the job helps you make enough money such that it’s worth your time.

fitness trainer

Among many people, it’s a common notion that freelancers don’t earn much money. Well, as a matter of fact, around half of all the freelancers earned somewhere between $25,000 and $75,000 in the year 2015. A person can make a living on that money, and can even support their family with the upper limit. If you’re planning to add your freelance earning to your regular earning, your income will get a significant boost.

Nevertheless, if you seriously want to make a sound income through freelancing, you need to act smartly. To help you choose a great field for your freelance work, we’ve created a list of some freelance careers that pay most impressively. Read on…

1. Marketing

Have experience in marketing? Working as a freelance marketer can help you make a per hour income of an amount within $46 and $52. Work responsibilities of a freelance marketer usually involve creating strategies for brands, leveraging social media and other media forms, and working on customer relationships. Look for a company that values your skills and work, and you may be able to acquire a long-term, flexible job.

2. Voice Acting

Is acting one of your interests? Do you often get complements from people that your voice is wonderful? If yes, voiceover work would be a great freelance job for you! This job can let you make a per hour earning of $72. Several companies nowadays are using more and more videos in advertising, since the masses respond better to videos than print. Hence, this industry is steadily growing.

3. Recruiting

Is choosing new talents one of your skills? If yes, consider working as a freelance recruiter. Several companies are realizing that hiring a freelance team or freelancer to hire new employees is more cost-effective as compared to doing the job in-house. As a freelance recruiter, you can earn $46 per hour on an average.

4. Programmer

The work of a computer programmer can be done from anywhere; all you need is an internet connection and a computer. If you have experience in programming, that’s great! However, even if you are a beginner, you can learn computer programming from several resources on the internet. Once you learn programming and gain some ground in it, your hourly income as a freelance computer programmer would be about $60.

5. Translation

If you happen to have the knowledge of two or more languages, a freelance translator would make a great job for you. Jobs in this field that pay well are Korean-English translation and Spanish-English translation. However, you can find opportunities for other language combinations too. Based on the task, the languages involved, and your skill level, you can earn somewhere between $25 and $40 per hour.

6. Legal Work

If you have the training of a lawyer, the job of a freelance lawyer can help you make an impressive income. Usual legal consulting would let you make about $70 per hour, patent lawyers make $112 an hour, and intellectual property lawyers earn about $120 per hour. If you have a lawyer’s certifications and training, legal work can turn out to be an attractive freelance job for you. You don’t need to practice law as your regular job to work as a freelance lawyer.

7. Internet Security

Freelance internet security professionals are quite in demand at present considering the breaches of big data that came to the limelight. In this career, you can earn more than $50 an hour. In case you already have adequate knowledge about this field, try doing some freelance works. If you don’t have any knowledge about this field, but have interest in it, you may consider learning about it, since this is a freelance field that’s not going to fade away anytime soon.

8. Photography

Photography is something that has drawn the interest of a major section of the population. If you find this field to be interesting, you’ve the skills needed, and you’re a good photographer, you should certainly consider a freelance photographer career. Professional wedding photographers earn about $2,000, based on the market. Freelance photographers can charge even greater once they become well-known. A bonus point is that, as a wedding photographer, you may get invitations to several exotic destination weddings.

9. Infographic Design

If you find design to be interesting, consider getting a specialization in infographics, and you can earn about $65 an hour. Recently, infographics have gained a huge popularity as people love seeing the information contained in them, especially the data and statistics, rather than merely reading text about it. When the information is complicated, it’s helpful to find new and interesting ways to represent it. Study some great infographics, try out a few, and then start working at jobs in which you will be able to apply your newly learned skills.

10. Writing

In today’s competitive era, everyone wants to say something, but most people are unable to say it because of lack of time. Here comes in the freelance writer. Freelance writers can focus on any one or more niches like blogging, advertising, financial writing or more. If you’re a good freelance writer, you can earn about $55 per hour, based on the assignment. However, beware that there are a large number of low paying companies out there that hire freelance writers. Hone your writing skills as well as do your research well to prevent yourself from making significantly lower than you should.

11. Search Engine Optimization

If you find search engine optimization to be interesting, consider becoming a freelance search engine optimization professional, even if you don’t have the necessary skill sets. Even as a beginner, you can earn up to $50 an hour. As you eventually grow your skills and become well-recognized, you can charge more. Start with carrying out some research about the field.

12. Social Game Development

As per a report from IBISWorld, in 2013, social gaming made the hottest field in the year 2013. According to the report, the niche of social gaming underwent an explosive growth of more than 180% from 2008 to 2013. The niche is likely to grow continuously as long as the social networks exist. This brings attractive jobs for game developers.


To work as a freelancer in this field, you need to learn or already have skills like game design and computer programming. These skills have a high demand, and you can find many resources to learn them. Online programming courses and developer boot camps are widely available.

Summing Up

With freelance jobs being more and more available these days, it has become easy to give a boost to your income. There are many professionals who have switched to full-time freelancing and are making their living quite well on what they earn. Whatever be your plan, now that you know the well-paying freelance jobs available out there, you can make your choice smartly and fulfill your goals.

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5 Best Ways to Make Money Online for Free

The rise of the internet has brought with it several non-conventional ways to earn money. The internet, nowadays, offers many avenues to make a living out of some online jobs or simply supplement your income coming from a conventional job.


If you are someone looking for opportunities to make some money online without any investment, you have arrived at the right place. Following are some ways you can earn money online for free:

1. Reading Ads

The advertisement makes one of the leading businesses in the globe. Millions of dollars are invested by companies in advertising based on their budget. Their objective is making their words reach the common people.

Some companies pay you if you watch their ads. Several websites are there to signup if you want to get paid for reading advertisements. After signing up, log in to the websites regularly and click on the links of ads provided in the dashboard of your account.

So, if you can invest 10-20 minutes regularly working on your PC, this is a great way for you to make money online.

2. Online Survey Job

Online surveys make another way of making money for free on the internet. In online surveys, companies request your views and opinion for their services or products, so as to boost their sales.

To do this job, you need to sign up with various companies providing this job. After joining online survey companies, you will receive the surveys from these companies in your email. Once you complete them, you will get paid.

3. Google Online Jobs

Google is a highly respected and trusted company on the web today. Google offers you amazing opportunities to work and make a fortune.

Google primarily offers you three online jobs, each of which can help you make a sound income. The first job relates to Google Ads, the second relates to YouTube, and the third job is related to smartphone.

You need to make absolutely no investment for these jobs. Anyone can work on these programs. You get paid by Google directly in your bank account on a monthly basis.

4. Captcha Solving Job

Captcha solving is a great data entry job you can do online. Several individuals and companies are there that create a huge number of accounts regularly on popular websites. They make use of software for creation of these accounts. However, the captcha images prevent them for creating automatic accounts.

fitness trainer

Your role is of a captcha solver. You need to enter the characters into the software correctly. Captcha entry workers have a huge demand nowadays.

5. Freelancing Jobs

Freelancing jobs involve providing your services to clients. In freelancing jobs, you are mostly working with clients on a temporary basis. You may leave them when you want.

Freelancing jobs allow you to work on your terms and earn a lot at the same time. Freelancing jobs are a great work from home job option for making a substantial amount of money. To work as a freelancer, all you will need is skills in a particular field.

Skills can be writing, coding, web design, singing, online promotion, creating videos, advising, image editing, photography and more.

You can find several freelancing websites where you need to sign up. After signing up, you can receive your freelance work. Renting Street is one of the leading freelance jobs finding websites where you can post your profile and start working.

Now that you know some great ways to earn money online sitting at the comfort of your home, pick up one or more options and start making money. You can find several resources on the internet to guide you on how to make a substantial income with any of these options. All the best!


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101 Ways To Make Money By Renting Out What You Own

Make money without any investment. Use all that you have to earn you steady returns the easy way. Just sit and think of all the things that you own and list out those that you have and are lying idle. There are still others that you may use sparingly but can well do without and yet others that you may have used once but do not need right now.

All of these can fetch you quick money in terms of rent amounts if you list them on a popular online marketplace that reaches out to thousands in an instant.

We list for you 101 items that can help you earn money the easy way without so much of an effort:

1.  Antiques


You may have antique showpieces or even furniture that are often needed by a host of people like cinema and theatre groups. You may also consider renting them out for temporary decoration of homes meant for luxury holiday living.

2. Coffee Maker

coffee maker

A very common item available with a lot people, these are much in demand when people are on vacation. No one would want to carry one with them when on a holiday and it only makes sense that one hires it from someone nearby.

3. Cooking Stove

cooking stove

Holidays are times when families on economical vacations would want to cook their own food using simple cooking stoves. Rent out your making adjustment when cooking your own food in the microwave or even the oven.

4. Microwave Oven

microwave oven

Much like cook stove, you can also adjust your personal food making style to rent out your microwave to earn you some quick bucks. Plenty of people would want one on hire especially when they are on a long vacation away from home.

5. Baking Oven

baking oven

Even if you bake occasionally, you could sacrifice the goodies in favor of earning some extra money by renting it out. Just list it on the online marketplace and someone that is looking for one temporarily will be delighted to use it and pay you too!

6. Ice-Cream Maker

ice cream maker
Image courtesy: www.wikimedia.org

Rent out your ice-cream maker this summer to those that are vacationing with family, kids and friends. Someone that is throwing a kids’ party may just be in need of it too. While it fulfills the need, you also get to earn some money.

7. Air Conditioner


You can well manage the summer taking a cool dip in the swimming pool or going out hiking with your friends. Rent out your air conditioner to a group of vacationers staying nearby or even a local family that may be looking for one.

8. Fan


You may have a fan that you do not use anymore. Just list and rent it out during the summer months and get back what you invested in it effortlessly.

9. Refrigerator


Small portable refrigerators are in great demand everywhere. If you have one, just don’t think twice if you are looking to earn some quick money – rent it out. You are sure to get immediate handsome returns as for it rent.

10. Room Heater

room heater

This is one item that many will be looking for to keep them warm when on vacation near the hills. People will happily pay for its temporary use.

11. Dishwasher

image courtesy: www.wikimedia.org

Holidays are times when vacationing families would be looking to get maximum free time away from washing and cleaning. Rent out your washing machine to a family nearby or those that have come to live for some time.

12. Washing Machine

washing machine

Rent out your older washing machine to someone that has just come into town and is looking for a cheap alternative. You will soon earn enough by way of rent to meet your extra income amount.

13. Toaster


People on vacation or even someone that has just shifted in with a new job may be looking for a simple toaster to make quick and simple breakfast. Help them by renting out yours and also make some money.

14. Juicer


A simple item but is much in demand on rent especially for those that would not want to buy one just for the time being. Rent out yours and make some quick money.

15. Utensils

Image courtesy: www.flickr.com

Summer is a time when people flock out of the cities to camps and summer sites apart from setting up temporary homes. Use of utensils becomes a must and you can always rent out all your extra pots and pans apart from the crockery and cutlery to earn some money right away.

16. Water Heater

water heater

Lend out the water heater that you do not need right now and quickly get money for it too.

17. Sewing Machine

sewing machine
Image Courtesy: http://www.atlaslevy.com


Someone may be wanting to sew during the holidays and give a near or dear one a surprise. Rent out yours and earn money while you also fulfill someone’s dream.

18. Bicycle


This is one thing that usually lies unused in the backyard or the garage with kids having outgrown them or moved towns. Rent them out and let someone else make use of it as you earn money too.

19. Trailers


Trailers often remain out of use with companies that may not have enough business now. Renting out the available trailers to other companies that need it is naturally a good way to make use of your investment.

20. Motorbike


Holidays are times when more people will be looking to explore their vacation land on motorbike. Rent out yours this season and pocket some quick bucks.

21. Van


Rent out your van to those going out on vacation and you will be richer at the end of the season by several thousands of dollars!

22. Passenger Car

passeners car

Smaller passenger cars will be in equal demand when it comes to holiday times. There will be a lot of people looking for car rentals and you might as well make money renting out yours.

23. Limousines

Image courtesy: www.wikimedia.org

The less used limousines will be in great demand for those that wish to attend parties and other social events in style. Make the most of it by renting out your limo and make quick thousands!

24. Recreational Vehicles

recreational vehicle
Image courtesy: www.philleo.com

An item in great demand during the holidays, it is a prospective revenue earner when you rent it out for the season.

25. Boats


If you are not using them the full season, make sure that they do not lie idle but be the source of your revenue while also entertaining others that cannot afford to buy it!

26. Camping Essentials

camping essentials

Image courtesy: www.wikimedia.org

Your kids’ may have enjoyed camping and still do but in another part of the country. Those camping essentials like sleeping bags and tents can fetch you some money instead of gathering moss.

27. Hiking & Mountain Climbing Equipment

hiking equipments
Image courtesy: www.wikimedia.org

You may have had the passion to hike and climb but without much time for it now. Rent out your equipment to those that are going for it this holiday season and collect the cash right away.

28. Sleeping Mats

sleeping mats
Image courtesy: www.wikimedia.org

Rent out that sleep mat you are not going to use this year to someone who is looking for one and bring the cash home!

29. Winter & Summer Sports Gears

sports gear

If you have sports gears lying idle, make use of them by renting out to those that want it just for a few days. You should only be happy to collect the cash in return!

30. Hunting & Fishing Gears

fishing gear
Image courtesy: www.geograph.ie

Not everyone has hunting or fishing gears. There are people that want to enjoy the summer engaging in some of these activities. Rent out yours and let the cash fill your wallet.

31. Car Accessories

car accessories

As a DIY expert you must be having a host of car accessories that you do not use much. Rent them out to someone that is stuck out there and get back some of the money that you invested.

32. Novels


Bestselling novels are rarely read twice by even the most ardent booklover. Lend out yours to those that cannot afford to buy them and earn some handsome cash too!

33. Kids Story Books

The lovely collection of kids’ story books that are lying locked up can well become a source of income for you. Rent them out to parents that would love to read them out their kids but can’t find them in stores and see how those kids enjoy themselves. You earn your cash too.

34. School Books

school books
Image courtesy: www.flickr.com

School books remain the same for several years and you can best use of them by renting them out to those that cannot afford to buy them or may have lost them mid-term.

35. Arts & Crafts Items

art and craft
Image courtesy: www.flickr.com

If you have those rarely used scissors and other crafts making tools, rent them out and people will happily pay to use them.

36. Religious Books

religious books

Those with religious piety will love to read those interesting saint biographies or other philosophical discourses at an affordable cost. Rent out those that you have and give them that privilege while you earn your bucks.

37. Medical Books

medical books
Image courtesy: www.wikimedia.org

Share your resources with others by renting out the essential medical books that people would want to refer to get the basic knowledge. Gather the rent amount in person too.

38. Engineering Books

engg books
Image courtesy: www.wikimedia.org

Principles of engineering are going to be the same and you may just have the most well-explained expensive books. Rent them out to those that cannot afford to buy them and collect your cash while others learn too,

39. Business Books

business books

As an established business person you may not need all those important business books that you own. Instead of locking them up just rent them to budding management students that are always looking for economic study resources.

40. Men’s Wear

mens wear

Fashionable men’s wear is not used all the time. You can make best use of them by renting out to people that need them just for an event or an occasion and collect the quick cash.

41. Women’s Wear

womens wear

The same holds true for women’s wear too. Ladies, just rent out your lovely dresses to someone looking for just the piece this season and make some money too.

42. Formals

formal wear

During the holiday season a lot of people look to rent formals that they can wear for a single evening or maybe for a few days of an event. Rent out yours to someone close by and collect your cash.

43. Costumes


Costumes are always in demand. From kids’ parties to themed events and Halloween parties, you always have the chance to earn money by renting out pretty or interesting costumes you own.

44. Party Accessories

party accessories

Event managers are always looking for innovative ways to make their work more attractive and alluring. Put up your party accessories on rent when not using them and let the cash pour in!

45. Kids’ Toys


Most kids’ toys end up in the backyard junk box. Let some kid that is vacationing in your town or even lives there and can’t afford enjoy playing with it. Rent them out.

46. Tables

office tables

Vacationers are those that are looking to set up temporary office for an event look for tables on rent. Put up yours and earn some quick cash this season!

47. Coffee Table

coffee tables

Decorative coffee tables or even those that come with straight-line designs can be rent out to companies or even individuals that have temporary need of them.

48. Chairs


Someone that has just shifted to your neighborhood temporarily or students may want to rent a couple of chairs. Use yours to earn money regularly.

49. Office Furniture

off furnitures

Those extra office furniture are always a source of potential income. List and rent them out and make up for your lack of income.

50. Bed


People are on the move all the time and need beds to sleep on. Rent out you extra beds to those that have relocated temporarily and make some cash.

51. Sofa


Not everyone wants to own a sofa especially when they are in town on a vacation or a short sojourn. While others can use yours, you also get to earn the extra money.

Buy a sofa

52. Cupboard


Not everyone wants to own a sofa especially when they are in town on a vacation or a short sojourn. While others can use yours, you also get to earn the extra money.

53. Carpet


Image courtesy : www.dhresource.com

You may want to rent out your carpet to an agency or an event management company that needs one in your area. You sure can earn some good cash against it by renting it out.

54. Kids’ Furniture

Kids Furniture

This is the one item that you are not going to need for every. Make them a good and steady source of income by renting them out regularly.

55. Single Family Homes

Single family house

One of the best ways to earn money on your investment is of course to rent out property. Single family homes are always in great demand everywhere – rent out yours.

Rent or sell your home

56. Cabins/Mobile Homes


Image courtesy: www.inhabitat.com

Holiday seasons are times when these are in biggest demands. There are also those that have a love for mobile homes and want to take it on rent. This is a good source of income when done with care.

57. Vacation Rentals

vacation rentals

Even family homes in cities are becoming hot favorite with travelers that are looking for affordable yet comfortable accommodation. Organize your condo or home and rent out a part or even fully as vacation rental.

58. Bed and Bath

bed and bath
Image courtesy: www.vulcan-lodge.com

Holiday season is the best time when travelers are looking for economical bed and bath options. You can use your spare rooms for the purpose and earn quick money.

59. Shared Rooms

Sharing your room with another person is one of the best ways to save on your expense and also get the cash that you need. Get ready to do it.

60. Space on Rent

space for rent
image courtesy: www.finlace.com

Any space that is lying idle is an ideal source of income when given out on rent. Make use us of every inch of commercial or residential space to earn those precious dollars.

61. Apartments

image courtesy: www.in.pinterest.com

An obvious source of a lifetime income is renting out your apartment. List in as many marketplaces as possible and laugh all the way to the bank!

Rent a home

62. Rooms-Private

Private Room

Rentals are always a secured source of earning money all through the year. Rent out a private room in your home and see the coffer fill up soon.

63. Rooms-Shared

room shared
image courtesy: www.wikimedia.org

Shared rooms on rent are becoming increasingly popular not just with students but also with people that have new jobs. Sharing the amount, they should be able to hand you a good rent amount.

64. Guest Houses

guest houses

Large homes and even apartments can be rented out as guest houses to companies and even individuals. These earn handsome rent amounts.

65. Condos/Townhome

image courtesy: www.flickr.com

Plush or simple, rent out your condo/townhome to earn a good and continual amount from those that need a place to stay during the holidays or even on a regular basis.

66. Villas


If you are not living in the villa that you own, then rent it out. It will become a source of good income especially during the holiday season when travellers are looking for summer homes.

67. Parking Space

parking space

If you can manage with your vehicle in a cheaper place, rent out your parking space in the premier lot. It will surely get you very good rent with space becoming so scarce.

68. Storage Space

storage space
image courtesy: www.wikimedia.org

Any closed space that is also secure can be rented out for storage purposes. Rent for such spaces are quite high and will be a good source of income for you.

69. Banquet Hall

banquet hall

Banquet hall owners should get rent all year round. List them on the rental portals and online marketplaces to get the right mileage and rent.

70. Music Systems

music system

If you are not in the mood to party hard in the near future, rent out your music system to holiday makers in your town and get some good money in hand.

71. Printer/Scanner/Fax Machine


Rent out your office equipment like printer, scanner and fax machine to students or even those that have just set up temporary offices and retrieve investment made.

72. Party Rentals

Party rentals

image courtesy: www.wikimedia.org

Anything that event organizers find useful like decorations, utensils, flowers, furniture and others are good source of rent earning.

73. Guns & Gun ranges


A lot of people are looking to practice shooting and are in need of guns and gun ranges on rent. Put up yours and end up being richer by a few hundred dollars.

74. GPS/Fish Finder

fish finder
image courtesy: www.vimeo.com

You may not have the scope of fishing right now. So rent out your fish finder with GPS and let someone else fish while you earn.

75. Video/film maker

video maker

Rent out your premier video maker to those that may be wanting to shoot during the holidays or to make a special film on any subject.

76. Gaming Console

gaming console
image courtesy: www.wikimedia.org

Not everyone owns a premier gaming console. Rent out yours to those that wish to enjoy games but cannot afford to buy it. You will be happy to get the money in hand.

77. CDs/DVDs


CDs and DVDs are rented out everywhere on rent. Now that you have watched them all, might as well earn by renting them out.

78. Computer Games

computer games

In demand computer games earn a good rental and you can earn well by listing them or even simply renting them out to your friends.

79. Speakers


Small and sleek speakers are in the market everywhere and are a great addition to parties and also vacation times. Rent out yours and make a handsome earning.

80. Lighting

party lightening

The special lighting system that you own can become a great source of income all through the year. Those hosting summer parties will need it and again with Christmas and New Year, they remain on again!

81. Digital Scale

digital scale
image courtesy: www.wikimedia.org

While your digital scale is lying unused, it may well be used by someone that is trying to lose weight and needs one. Rent it out and get some money for it.

82. Computer/laptop


Rent out your extra desktop or even laptop to students or entrepreneurs that do not have the fund to buy one but can afford to pay for the rent.

83. Smartphones

smart phones

With each person having more than a couple of smartphones, you can well consider earning by renting out one popular model.

84. Walkie Talkie

walkie talkie

Rent out a set if you have one lying idle. Security and event management companies are always in need of them.

85. Power & Climate Control Equipment

power tools

You may have a couple of such equipment from your warehouse or factory, rent them and earn from them.

86. Gardening Tools

gardening tools

You may have plenty of gardening tools that are not useful anymore having moved to a condo. Just rent them out and let them be useful to you by earning money and also someone that needs it now.

87. Measurement & Detection Tools

measurement and detection tools

These are professional tools that not everyone would want to buy but take on hire. So just rent them out and earn your money.

88. Welding Equipment

welding equipments

You have this professional equipment lying idle, rent them out to those that have just set up shop and earn your returns.

89. Plumbing Accessories

plumbing equipments

Whether you have stopped practicing your trade or have some extra tools with you, you can rent out those that you have and earn some quick money.

90. Power Tools

power tools

Yet another set of professional tools are always in demand and renting them out is sure to earn you quick and steady returns all through the year.

91. Cutting Tools

cutting tools

You may have just the tool configuration that someone is looking to hire temporarily instead of investing in it. Make the best use of it by renting them out and make quick money.

92. Drilling Machine

drilling machine

A lot of people look for drilling machines when remodeling homes or setting putting up something new. These are among the most commonly rented items and make use of yours and earn money.

93. Sander


Not in use all the time, you can make best use of it by renting it out when you do not use it regularly and earn good money.

94. Cleaning & Pumping

cleaning and pumping

A lot of small time cleaning and plumbing companies look to hire equipment that they can use to carry out their professional task. Rent out the ones that you own and earn those extra bucks fast.

95. Medical Equipment

medical equipments

Renting out professional medical equipment that you own is a good way of earning money and also helping someone that needs it for the time being.

96. Construction Tools

construction tools

There are several that you may own over the time or from your profession. It is time that you rent them out now and earn from them.

97. Painting & Remodeling Tools

painting tools

The tools that you have used for your profession are still good to earn you money when in good condition. Just rent them out and let the dollars come in.

98. Cranes


Most projects and organizations prefer to rent heavy equipment like cranes instead of investing in them. Rent out the one that you have for a good sum and let the cash flow in.

99. Lifting Tools

lifting tools

Yet another heavy-duty equipment, these are hired instead of bought by companies. Owning them is sure to bring you the returns that you are looking for smoothly.

100. Lathe

image courtesy: www.wikimedia.org

A professional machine that is expensive as well, can become your potential earning source just by renting out to a new entrepreneur that can use it to the full.

101. Grinders


You may have bought one for a DIY stint at home that is lying used now. Rent it out to someone else that has a need for it and let the cash fill your wallet.

In fact, almost anything and everything from the smallest kitchen piece to large professional tools and real estate is potential earning points. Just rent them out and see what a difference they make to your life by fulfilling your cash needs!










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