10 Effective Tips to Rent with Pets

For animal lovers, pets are family! However, finding a place to rent that’s pet-friendly is not that easy. If you want to rent with your pet, your options are less, and you need more persuading skills, organization, and time.

However, by following certain tips, you can find a decent place to rent that allows your pets. Here are those tips:

1. Stick to Places that are Pet-Friendly

Sticking to places that are pet-friendly is the best way of moving with your pets. Look for apartments in your region that are pet-friendly. Your best and least stressful option would be being around like-minded people who are animal lovers.

2. Seek the help of Humane Societies

Animal control, vets, and humane societies make great sources to find out the places in your region that are pet-friendly.

Although the ideal situation is to find a pet-friendly renting place, it may not be available always. The remaining tips focus on what you should do in other situations.

3. Avoid Large Rental Communities

Persuading the owner of a condo or home to allow pets is easier than persuading a large corporate community.

4. Ask in Advance

If you are planning to adopt an animal in the near future or have a significant other or friend with a pet intending to move in the rental place with you soon, ensure that you ask the home owner about pet rules clearly. This will help you know whether you have options available in the future.

5. Be Honest

Be honest to the landlord about what pet you have and how many pets you have right away, since the landlord is likely to find it out over time. Being honest will save you from encountering any legal ramifications, bad referral, or eviction notice.

6. Collect References

Provide written references for your pet(s) from your previous neighbors and landlords. Additionally, provide a letter from the vet that shows your pet’s shots to be up to date. In case you enrolled your dog to a training class, show that documentation too. If one of your previous landlords says that your pet did not damage any property and was well-behaved with the neighbors, there are high chances that you would be allowed to move in with your pet.

7. Create your Pet’s Resume

Consider creating your pet’s resume. In the resume, include age, height, weight, breed, whether the pet is neutered or spayed, training background, behavioral traits, personal hygiene, personal references, and the veterinarian’s phone number and name. Provide the resume to the prospective landlords.

8. Introduce your Pet

Not all pets are well-behaved always, with some pets requiring some courting time before they can show their true colors. Nevertheless, if your pet is adorable and adequately well-behaved, and is able to win the landlord’s heart, your chances of moving in with your pet increase.

9. Propose Trial Period

If you find the landlord to be in a dilemma about allowing you with your pet, consider suggesting a short trial period. During this time, the landlord can observe how your pet behaves. After the trial period is over, your contract can be re-negotiated.

10. Get In Writing

You may have to pay some extra money and also make a payment for pet security deposit while signing the lease. Before signing, ensure that each and every term that has been discussed as well as agreed upon regarding your pet is written clearly.

These tips would help you find a good rental place for yourself, your family as well as your lovable pet.

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Amazing Cat Lovers’ Special – Cat Astrology; Know your Cat According to its Zodiac Sign

Know your cat better with this easy characteristic and behavior interpretation guide according to its date of birth. The two of you are sure to bond better now!!!

Aquarius Jan 20 – Feb 18: Outspoken by nature, they are lovers of all animals large and small and gather a great fan-following everywhere.

cat and dog

Pisces Feb 19 – March 20: Innovativeness thy name is Cat! Your Pisces cat will turn everything it can set its sight on as a toy. She/he adores philosophizing and forming new worldviews loving it to stare out of the window at the wide world outside.

Cat Staring

Aries March 21 – April 19: Lovers to chase the mice than being held and cuddled, your cat is sure to be an energetic one.

cat attack

Taurus April 20 – May 20: This pleasure-seeking lovable creature loves everything in overdoses – from the extra cookie to the petting and cuddles.

Cat with food bowl

Gemini May 21 – June 20: Like true Gemini twins, these fur puddles are constantly meow-chatting and freaking it out as curious as a cat can be – full of mischievousness.

cats chatting

Cancer June 21 – July 22: Next time you don’t find your cat in the kitchen, look for it under the sheets of your bed and you are sure to find her/him there.

Leo July 23 – Aug 22: Kings or queens as you may wish to address them, your Leo feline pet demands attention 24×7 wanting to be pampered with love and toys.


Virgo Aug 23 – Sept 22: Your snobbish Virgo kitty expects nothing but the best in life! Good food, clean homes and litter box to avoid their fits of hysteric outbursts.

Cat on chair

Libra Sep 23 – Oct 22: As pretty as she could be, the Venus-influenced cat is full of love and beauty cherishing every bit of love, attention and care.


Scorpio Oct 23 – Nov 21: Your Scorpio cat is jealously personified lovingly meowing one minute and hissing the next one. Quick tempered and easily irritable, the cat loathes it when you are paying attention to another cat!

JEalous Cat

Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 21: If you have a lovable bundle of furry kitten that loves making mess all the time, it is sure to be a Sagi. You may not find it for days when it has left its nest to roar and explore the world and get the kick out of the world.

Kittens with Mother Cat

Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 19: Next time you meet a bossy cat, it is none other than born under this sun-sign. Serious and shy, the cat will be devoted to you and will expect nothing less than that from you.

Cat shy

Next time you wonder what wrong with your loving cat, just check out on their zodiac for the right answer.

If you have more to share on cat zodiac influences, share it with us and we will keeping adding them to their respective characteristic lists.

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9 Reasons Why Adorable Dogs Make The Best Babysitters

Both Dogs and Babies are cute. Individually, you will love to hold them, cuddle them and watch them try out their antics. In fact, having them before your eyes is pure bliss and unadulterated entertainment as nature can bring forth.

But have you ever considered these loveable babies and adorable dogs together? They are an unbeatable combination especially if you have to entrust the task of babysitting to dogs. Not that you can safely leave kids with dogs alone at home, but surely, if you are around to supervise, dogs are the best babysitters that you can ever find.

babysitter jobs

Here is proof why dogs are by far the most amazing and number one babysitters you can ever have:

  • You will never have to worry about your babysitter being vigilant and careful not to fall off to sleep as both can share the same bed or even cuddle on each other to fall off to sleep on the comfort of each other’s body.

  • When you appoint your beloved pet to babysit your precious kid, you will never have to worry if the babysitter is being too harsh on her or him.

want to become a babysitter

  • Your dog will maintain a vigilant eye on your kid without ever trying to discipline him. While your kid can have the time of his life, your dog can just sit back and relax watching the proceedings!!!

  • No babysitter would fit so fine on the same chair as your kid and your dog.

In fact, two is company, and what better company than your best friend, philosopher guide and you sit and watch the sun set down and planning your retirement days!!!

  • No more tantrums about finishing the food that your kid is supposed to eat. The vigilant babysitter is there to discipline with all rigor sans the harshness…

  • Your babysitter will never complain of having run out of energy when looking after your kid. The two are perfect mates for the hide-n-seek game. There is always plenty of games to come up with when the two are together!!!

She copy every moves 😂 . . . #dogsofinstagram #beaggle #dogandbaby

A post shared by Maddison 'MADDIE' Picard (@maddisonpicard) on

  • If your toddler is yet to walk and still on his fours to move around, he has just the company around. Could you have ever imagined any other babysitter to crawl around the house with your kid giving perfect company???

  • No babysitter could teach your kid better to share all that she has. Sharing, caring and babysitting. You sure couldn’t find a better combination, could you???

  • No babysitter will probably as vigilant as this, watching your baby take each breath while sleeping peacefully… a human babysitter would busy herself with the smartphone or the TV!!!

  • What about having some fun together without mommy being able to say a word to me or to you – my appointed babysitter!!! The party has only begun…

Next time don’t lose sleep over getting the right babysitter, just appoint your beloved dog as the official babysitter…

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7 More Amazing Verbal & Non-Verbal Cat Communication Meanings

Cats are fast climbing the popularity charts and are here to retain their upward swing. They are going viral on the social media giving ample proof of their vibrant social life!!! This of course is not without reason, after all, there is so much that they have in common with humans from language to stress busting. Here are some cat calls that any pet lover will love to take:

Non-verbal catty callings

If you thought only your Body Language was readable to people around you to help them make decisions about how to access you or interact with you, you are wrong. Cats have amazing body language that you must know how to interpret to go great guns with them.

Here’s to some happy Catty Body Language


This is what it means when I rub you, poke you, lick or bite you:


Cat Body Language
Via: BrightSide.me

Here’s what I mean when I glare at you!!!


How Cat Talks
Via: TheyCanTalk.com

My eyes are more expressive than yours!!! I’ll beat you at your game with them…


Cat's Body Language
Via: BrightSide.me

If you thought that only you could make those nasty faces, you couldn’t be more mistaken!!! I can obviously beat you at your game…


Cat's body language
Via: BrightSide.me

You may have lost your tail during evolution and they don’t speak a word, but mine have plenty to tell you. Learn how to read the catty swags of my tail you moron…


cat body language
Via: BrightSide.me

It’s not funny when I roll over. I’m cute and I may or may not like it with you!!! See what I mean…


cat's body postures
Via: @DogRescueTweets

Verbal Cat Calls

Cats have an eloquent verbal communication that most pet lovers learn to read and communicate accordingly with time. Much like you and me, they raise their voice, utter short or long sounds to speak out their mind. Just learn my language you stupid…

My meows mean a lot and you better know how to differentiate between my anger, disgust with you and my requests!!!


Understand your cat's language
Via: BrightSide.me

If you have learnt how to read or write your language, now there is no excuse why you should not know how to read my exclusive language too!!!

Share your cat’s pic with

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