How To Move Smoothly: Everything You Need To Know About Relocation

Moving out of your nest to another place is definitely emotionally telling and physically stressful.

But again, moving out is a part of life and it can happen at any point in time. Also, there are several times in life that you may have to face the proposition of moving homes, office and even cities!

Knowing what to expect, using the correct resources and making the right moves makes a big difference between total stress and peaceful moving.

Rent or buy a home

Listing your items is crucial

One of the first criteria for moving is the careful making of a list of items that you will be taking along with you. This will naturally vary according to your age and the stage of life that you are in.

  • As a student when you are moving out of home to a new city to study and ultimately move on with your career, the items you need will differ from those of a family moving towns.

  • Even as a student or a fresh graduate, you are going to need essentials that are easy to leave back. In the end you spend more time ruing not having brought them from home, looking for them in stores nearby and of course, incurring more expenses.

  • You list should include basics like bed, nightstand, a desk and a couple of chairs, mirror, a piece of kitchen utilities, laundry basket shower curtains, iron and the ironing board, a tool box and some bulbs. Depending on whether it is a dorm or an independent room that you are shifting to, your list may get longer.


  • When moving homes with families, it is normal to become sentimental and nostalgic about articles that you have collected over the time. Your new home either may not have space for them or they may not be apt for its décor.

  • This is where you need to use your rational discerning powers to list the things that you are going to carry with you. If there are heirlooms like grand pianos or crystal glassware, naturally you will want them to remain in the family.


  • In most cases, items that you remained unused for more than six months are not likely to be used by you. Think of putting up a yard sale, posting them on sale at online marketplaces or just donate them.

Not only will this save you money from transporting them unnecessarily but also cluttering your new home unnecessarily.

Rent a home

Secure your packs well for a better moving experience

Packing your stuff is the next most important phase when moving places.

Surely you will not want to arrive at your new destination with broken pots and pans or shattered glassware and electronic items.

For young college students and grads, the packing is going to be simpler with all items comfortably fitting into a couple of strong boxes. You will also need some strong tarp, ropes, binding tape and the like to secure them well.

In the case of homes and office shifting, you can surely make use of your expertise in case you know how to go about it. Else, you will have to take the help of movers in your locality that offer comprehensive package for the job.

Know your packers and movers well!

If you are using the services of a moving company, make sure that you pick:

  • A registered company that has a up-to-date registration
  • The company has insured its motor vehicle, liabilities and also the workers
  • The unique U.S Department of Transportation ID assigned to it to track reviews and inspections.

Once this is done, ask for the different packages that they have. Usually movers offer two basic services – packing, moving and unpacking or just transporting.

  • Again, in the first category, a company may give options of providing a range of packing boxes and other accessories or just send packers to do the job with you buying it all.
  • The option of unpacking is also available only with select movers as part of the package.
  • Moving large and heavy items up narrow stairs and multiple floors have to be worked out with the company well in advance.

In case you are packing all by yourself, make sure you have all the packing material ready before starting. Begin with one room at a time and place all delicate and fragile items separately. Number and label your boxes and make a legend so that you can monitor them when being loaded and unloaded.

For those that are moving offices, it is better to rely on the help of your staff that know how to take care of the equipment when packing or hire experts at the job. You surely do not want to end up with a tangle of wires at your new office!

Make your estimates and calculate the costs well

It is important that you make your budget for your next moving. Get different package quotes from the service providers. Then compare it to the cost that you would incur if you were to take care of the packing part all by yourself.

In fact, if you have limited items and start doing it early, you can definitely save a lot on your next moving!

Of course, there are other factors like time and your working hours that have to be considered. It is only wise that you calculate your hourly income and compare it with the amount that you have to spend on it.

As a young student or graduate that has just landed with a job in a new city, resources are surely going to be limited as the number of items to be relocated. While those that are already with jobs will have to decide on the best suited method.

Happy moving to the next phase of your life!!!




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