All That You Need To Know About Psychic Power

Have you ever felt something strongly, sensed that something is about to happen or thinking about someone and the person contacts you? All of this is concerned with paranormal activities that are always taking place around us.

After all, it is undeniable that every day common people like you and me are continually experiencing or hearing other people go through things that deny all rational explanation! All of it is related to the Psychic abilities that are mostly innate in us.

Here is all that you have ever wanted to know about Psychic powers and their abilities.

What it is


psychic power

Psychic Power is the ability to know, understand, feel, hear or see things that have no logical conclusion to the process. These can be voices speaking to us from nowhere, dreams or images that come up before your eyes or vibrations that you receive on touching anything. For long people have been calling them extra-sensory perceptions or ESP.

How it happens

In most cases, it has been seen that all that we see, hear or perceive, in short, the premonitions that we have about events and people turn out to be true. All this happens when the inner spirit that is inside each one of us gets aligned to the larger cosmic energy. The vibrations from the cosmos enter us and we are able to know beforehand how that energy is going to be directed.

coming from cosmos


We are all a part of the cosmos as a whole. The presence of negative energy in and around us is responsible for breaking the harmony between us and the cosmos. When we become united with the vibes of the cosmos as a part of the total big picture, we are able to receive these vibes in different forms.

How it affects us

effects of psychic power

Receiving these vibes helps us being more informed and make the right choices in life helping us to be more united with the universe as a whole. All our thoughts and actions have direct effects on the universe that in turn affect us. When we are in unison with the universe the vibrations within and outside become the same helping us be healthy and happy.

You are empowered

This is the reason that Psychic Powers help feels empowered. Giving attention to small details like our feelings during our waking hours and dreams while sleeping can be helpful to us in more than one ways. These will gradually become stronger and help you function better.

Types of Psychic Power

Depending on the sensory organ through which these vibes enter you, Psychic Powers are categorized as Clairvoyance (sight), Clairaudience (sound) and Clairsentience (feel).



It involves the ‘sixth’ sense or the faculty of intuitive knowing where you can see beyond the normal images to the archetypal images and colors like aura. Such people can see the aura around the person in front and detect the problems in it. Also, you will be able to see images associated with the person that has a definitive meaning and relevance in his or her life. Once you have achieved the highest level of Psychic Power, you should be able to interpret all that you see and specify how it is affecting your life or that of the person before you, the future consequences and how to change things for the best outcome.


Clairaudience invokes the faculty of hearing where you can hear voices speak to you. In a small way, this is always happening to all of us all the time! We all hear our inner voices speak to us and tell something or the other a lot of times.


At a higher level, this ability can help you hear from voices of those that have crossed over from this world to help and guide you or even others. In most cases, the messages received this way are meant to help people walk the better path in life. This in turn then harmonizes you with the universe and its energies further helping you to receive more messages from it.

You can rid yourself of any negativity that is surrounding you with their help and align your physical, mental and spiritual self positively attracting more positive energy.


The feeling that we all have sometime or the other and we refer to as ‘gut feeling’ is what can be defined as Clairsentience. Some may experience a combination of senses of touch, taste, and smell along with the involvement of the emotion. Others may have one or the other involved in it.


Keep a tab on the strong gut feeling that you have next time and see how much better you can resolve issues in your life or stay away from an impending disaster. This is the best form of Psychic Power to help you make an informed decision in your life on a daily basis.

Next time on you see, hear or feel something that is different and not a part of any logical event in your life, you know that the Psychic Power is knocking at your door. Be open to it and let this immense power of the universe help you live a better and happier life!


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