10 Fabulous Businesses Ideas That Will Trend In 2019

While some businesses are here to remain through the decades and centuries, they continue to evolve in the way they are carried out!

With newer technologies come newer trends in living and lifestyle that demand varying services and facilities. Businesses are in fact endeavors to fulfil the demands of such lifestyle. This 2019 throws up immense possibilities of engaging in your own business. Whether you are looking to set up one as the primary source of income or a business as a secondary income source, here are 10 fantastic business ideas that are set to trend in 2019!!!

1. Vacation Rental Business

People are travelling today for leisure more than ever exploring new lands and culture. Living in local homes, enjoying the taste of indigenous food and enjoying warm hospitality is the preferred way of vacationing.

If you own properties that are situated in cities or tourist destinations, you can easily turn them fully or at least partially into vacation rentals.

For those of you that do not own properties but are resourceful people, you can consider turning homes of other into such rentals. Not everyone is willing to take the headache of making and maintaining inventories, cleaning, storing and guest entertainment. You can run your rental agency for a fee against the rent and share the advertisement costs of placing the property details on leading portals.

2. Gadget Repairing Outlet

The number of gadgets people are using are continually on the rise and so are their damages. Phone, tabs and laptop repair demands top the charts and the business trend is set to go strong in 2019. The investment for setting up such business is very low and the flow of customers will surely continue to be high.

With passing of time you can also add the repair of other similar items like televisions and LCDs expanding to a host of other electronic gadgets. The potential inflow is enormous.

3. Online coaching classes

People are dependent on the internet for almost everything including learning newer subjects and topics of interest. Whatever be your expertise, you can launch online classes on them.

Subject teaching, exercise sessions, cooking or language sessions, the net throws up immense business possibilities. You can start these online classes as a secondary or supporting source of income in the initial stages. With time, they are sure to bloom into full-fledged online portals offering expert classes.

4. Fulfilment outlet and sales

Online shopping will replace yet another chunk of everyday physical shopping for different items. E-commerce sites like Amazon are overflowing with orders and need place to store items.

Fulfilment by Amazon is big business for those that can provide the space, organize and maintain the inventory and deliver the goods on behalf of the portal. You can get in touch with the e-commerce giant directly or even opt to carry out the fulfilment service for other such portals. This business is sure to see a big jump this year and also set to stay in the coming decades.

5. Meal kit sales

With lesser and lesser time in hand after a hard day’s work more people are likely to opt for meal kit services. There is also increased consciousness about healthy eating and people want balanced meals to be delivered at their doorsteps.

You can make things easier for consumers by providing the supply for the whole week so that people can devote only a few minutes for fresh cooking. This helps in reducing waste too as the meals are sufficient for a single person and can be ordered accordingly.

Once you organize yourself in taking the orders in time, the delivery process gets streamlined and your business is set to grow. This is a popular business trend predicted for this year!

6. Self-Storage unit industry

Self-storage unit is already a huge industry especially in North America. There are professionals, offices and stores that are looking for more space around to store their goods.

Providing self-storage means that there should be proper lighting, appropriate temperature and firm security. Once you have the basics in place, the returns are high and are going to increase steadily with rent spiraling upwards. Sure a recommended business for 2019.

7. Bike and vacation rental sales and service

When you are living in cities that have colleges, or in vacation spots where there is ample scope for riding, bicycle rentals can be a trendy business to own. What had once started as giving out personal bicycles on hire has now become a trendy business. There is also the need for repairing and servicing them all of which make up a good business.

Students want to remain handsfree hiring bicycles for a nominal amount and so do vacationers. As part of the hospitality business, this business is set to remain in trend in 2019.

8. Senior Care Giving Service

With more seniors in the society, there is the need to give them a helping hand to live with dignity. With one-forth of the nation having senior citizens, there is a huge demand of people that can give them proper care.

Start your care giving business by yourself or hire competent people that can complement your services. This business is all set to see a big boom in 2019.

9. Pet service business

Pets are accompanying their masters everywhere and they need a host of facilities to live according to the demands of the time. There are schools for training them, taking care of them when masters are away for work and of course grooming facility outlets.

Not only is pet service business going to be a trendy one in 2019 but it is also a big time business that brings in high returns.

10. Yoga school

More people are looking for holistic exercise sessions that can help them physically, mentally and also spiritually. Yoga is trendy, healthy and uplifting in all sense of the word. Starting your own Yoga studio is going to make healthy and rich while owning one of the trendiest businesses of 2019!!!


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