What Is Yoga All About? Exercises, religion or what?

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit language from the root ‘yug’ that means ‘to join’ or ‘to yoke together’. It is not any form of religion, nor is a form of exercise as it is commonly misunderstood today!

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What Yoga is


Yoga is the joining of the mind and the body in complete harmony that brings about a sense of peace and complete well-being.

Understanding Yoga with an easy example

You can understand the true concept of Yoga well when you consider this: when you have different emotions swaying you strongly, you are likely to have different body postures for each of them. When angry, you are likely to stand or pace wildly throwing your hands at random.

example of yoga

Even if you are sitting still, each muscle of your body is sure to be tense and taut such that there is increased blood flow all through the body. In such cases, your mind will be agitated and likely to lose its ability to think rationally!

On the contrary, when you are happy, it is more than your facial expression that will reveal it all. You are most likely seated in a relaxed position, think and work rationally knowing what is happening around you. Blood circulates evenly all through the body where your mind is calm and in coordination with your body.

Yoga helps achieve perfect union

Yoga is all about achieving the perfect coordination between your mind and body that is also balanced with the surrounding atmosphere. It involves getting into several postures that help in achieving this balanced union between mind, body and surrounding for a harmonious existence. This is the ‘yug’ or the yoking that takes place as a result of making Yoga practice a part of life.

Achieving perfect union

The Yoga or ‘joining’ is achieved by using the body and the energy embodied in it driving it in the desired direction of harmony.

Yoga is much more than just a few minutes of breathing exercises or physical stretching exercises in the morning or evening. Yoga is the becoming of a way – the way that you walk, talk, eat, interact, in fact, your entire existence.

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How Yoga helps the body & mind

Yoga postures can be looked upon as tools and means to regain the lost balance of your body by realigning them. The exercises or ‘asanas’ can be looked upon as therapeutic measures that help fine-tuning your body and mind as well. You become less prone to injuries or illnesses. The yogic postures help strengthen muscles and internal organs that in turn boosts immunity system.

yoga helps body and mind

At the same time, the mind also learns to remain calm and resonates with the health of the body. You gradually learn to remain calm even in difficult situations and are less stressed and can avoid anxiety.

Opening to a new life

Beginning yoga is the start of a beautiful journey where you begin to uncover and understand the rhythm of your existence and enjoy it. It helps opening doors that enable you to leave behind all mental pressures and sense of un-fulfillment to enjoy a holistic living.


Yoga ‘asanas’ are what help in achieving that state of mind that has enabled people to spend a lifetime meditating and enjoying pure bliss. A true practitioner of Yoga is able to live a life of happiness despite all odds around her or him.

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