What Is Your Dorm-Mate Hiding? Color Preferences Will Reveal Them All!!!

Your best friend’s behavior during high school or college may look unnatural and even contrary to what you have believed her/him to be. Find out if they are trying to hide their deep-seated personality traits by closely observing their color preferences and dislikes!!

Studying color choices is a distinct branch of psychology and more and more are relying on it to understand behavioral trends and patterns. Here’s all that you need to know about others around you:

Red Personalities

Red personalities are those that are a combination of strong will power, ambition, and energy.

Dislike for Red indicates stress and trouble coping with high energy, passion, and excitement. Your mate is probably ill or too tired and in need of a calm and relaxed environment reeling under the effects of defeat or rejection.

Blue Personalities

Blue personalities live life according to a fixed set of ideas and principles and are peaceful people. Despite a brave front at the punk-party, your friend is the conventional type sticking to traditions, dislikes extravagance.

Blue Dislike is indicative of the person looking for more excitement in life and want to be a free spirit being tired of playing the ‘responsible person around.’

Green Personalities

Green Personalities continually strive for safety and security wanting to be loved. Social approval and success are important to them. If you have a friend with green preference, count yourself blessed enjoying the company of a sincere person.

A Dislike for Green suggests that the person is a loner and prefers her or his company.

Yellow Personalities

Yellow personalities are the perfectionists with big plans and high expectations daydreaming about the best outcome. Sophisticated with a great sense of humor, they are great to have around and are often the lifeline of gatherings. These are the tech-savvy people and put on brave fronts in times of adversities.

If your friend Dislikes Yellow, she or he is likely to have their feet firmly planted on the ground, studying pros and cons carefully before taking any new step.

Brown Personalities

Brown personalities tend to be honest and down-to-earth that are steady and reliable. Your mate is among the most approachable people that takes on every responsibility and obligation very seriously. A note of caution – they are highly sensitive to criticism and are not likely to take them kindly.

Dislike for Brown means your buddy loves to be spontaneous seeking fresh and new ideas with a pinch of wit and generosity.

Black Personalities

Black personalities are among those that are fiercely independent and strong-willed and live for prestige and power. Their color choices make them authoritative to the extent of being intimidating to those around!

Those that Dislike Black are light-hearted, easy-going and less formal, looking upon black as depressive. It is most likely that your buddy has a hidden past when she or he was dominated upon or developed a fear of darkness during childhood.

White Personalities

White personalities look for simplicity in life with openness and purity in mind. It reflects the self-confidence of the person that is continually striving towards perfection. A temporary love for white may be due to a transitional period in life that is about to lead to a new chapter.

Dislike for White may indicate that your friend is looking for more excitement in life and has scant respect for perfection.

So, now you will be more aware of your’s and your roommate’s personality. What color is your favorite? Share in comments below.

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