Must Have Cool Fabrics To Beat The Summer Heat

It is a time that you have been looking forward to being with your family and friends, give yourself a much-deserved break. Make the experience fascinating with these super cool fabric clothes.

1. Linen

linen fibre

Among the most ancient fabrics in the world, Egyptian mummies were draped in it. This natural fabric is made from flax plant stalk. It retains its shape well and also stays away from the body when you wear it. Lightweight and breathable, air passes through it easily keeping you cool and comfortable everywhere. There are plenty of leisure and leisure-work-wear available in the wonderful linen.

2. Cotton

cotton fabric

Cotton is much more than a conventional fabric. Coming from the cottonseed, the white mass is cleaned and spun into cotton yarns that are woven to make the fabric. It has an amazing ability to absorb moisture taking away the wet and uncomfortable feeling from your skin. 100% cotton fabric is great for formal and informal wear at all times in summer.

3. Muslin

Pure muslin is a plain-woven cotton fabric of different weights. The best muslin is almost weightless and can be folded into very small folds fitting into your palm. The quality of the cotton and the way of weaving the fabric makes it different from plain cotton fabric. Specific soil conditions and temperature are necessary for the growth of muslin-grade cotton.

muslin fabric
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The unique fabric was reserved for the royalty in different parts of the world where they were made. It is now available across the world for a premium though. Soft and breathable, it is one of the best fabric choices of summer.

4. Crepe

crepe dress
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Crepe is a modified version of the straight cotton fabric. It is cotton with a crinkled texture that stays away from the body. This makes it perfect for the summer days when your skin needs that extra breathing space. Moreover, the crimpled look adds a special twist to your fashion statement. It is best suited for casual and party-wear giving your look the perfect summer twist!

5. Silk

Silk is a natural animal protein fabric made from silkworm and it’s a great breathable summer fabric. Raw silk has a rough look and feels about it. When polished, takes on a soft shine. In case you are not game for the shine, you can opt for silk blends that are a combination of cotton giving a smooth and comfortable feel to the skin. It is just right for the semi-formal look for work or play.

silk dresses

Both men and women are sure to have enough choices in any of these fabrics and it is good to build a good summer wardrobe with a combination of these fabrics. Here’s to a fun and frolic loaded summer 2018!


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