6 Ways to Earn Money from Anywhere as a Virtual Assistant

If you want to help out small companies, bloggers, and busy entrepreneurs, while being able to work from anywhere and at any time, the job of a virtual assistant may sound appealing to you. As a virtual assistant, you can have a multitude of job opportunities and a good paycheck too! All you need are a computer and an internet connection.

Although there are a huge number of ways you can make money by working as a virtual assistant, here I’ve discussed 6 job roles that can offer you sound earning opportunities:

1. Social Media Virtual Assistant

All entrepreneurs and bloggers are well-aware of the powerful impact of social media in business growth. However, they face time constraints when leveraging social media for the growth of their business. Moreover, not all of them have expertise in using social media. Here comes the role of social media virtual assistants who manage social media accounts.

2. Blog Management Virtual Assistant

You might think that there are tons of ‘how to blog’ articles out there that can help someone start a blog. Nevertheless, over time one would realize that only starting a blog is easy. Blogging involves content planning, list building, email marketing, social media promotion, guest posting, networking and so on. Blogging is indeed a challenging job.

As a blog management virtual assistant, you can assist in assigning content to writers, moderating comments, and content planning.

3. Email Marketing Virtual Assistant

Similar to social media, email marketing is an important element of operating an online business. By helping with or managing email marketing, you can lighten the burden of responsibilities on the shoulders of online business owners.

4. Customer Service/Community Moderator Virtual Assistant

Online businesses usually create online communities and Facebook groups that need a moderator for ensuring that nothing inappropriate happens in them. Customers also seek assistance in these groups if they face any problems. The virtual assistant in this role needs to offer solutions to customer queries.

5. Technical Virtual Assistant

If you are technically gifted and have expertise in any particular technology, you can become a technical virtual assistant. You have to offer solutions and answers to people’s problems and questions related to that technology.

6. Creating Content Upgrades

Bloggers often leverage content upgrades for drawing readers to subscribe to email newsletters they offer.  However, after developing content, bloggers often face time constraints to develop the content upgrades. As a virtual assistant, you can do the job of creating the content upgrades so as to get more and more readers to subscribe to the email list.

Working as Virtual Assistant

Before becoming a virtual assistant for full-time, it’s wise to start working as one as side hustle. Prior to getting started side hustling, it’s good to be mentally prepared that you will be undertaking additional work, which may be exhausting. It’s helpful to have a goal with your side hustle.

In addition, remember that the money you earn through the side hustle is taxable. Don’t skip paying taxes, to avoid getting into any trouble.

Summing Up

Being a virtual assistant can help you be in a role you love and work according to your own convenience. If you are someone who yearns for adventure and freedom, the job of a virtual assistant is highly suitable for you. Knowledge about the job roles you can choose in this field, can help you find work you love and make a sound income at the same time!


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