12 Interesting Freelance Jobs that can help you make Money Easily

‘Freelancing’ is the new buzzword of this digital age. If you want to make some extra money easily, freelancing is a great way to do so. Whether you’re thinking about becoming a full-time freelancer or want to supplement your regular income through it, choosing your field of work is important. You would want to choose a field in which you are equipped with some training or experience. You would also want to make sure that the job helps you make enough money such that it’s worth your time.

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Among many people, it’s a common notion that freelancers don’t earn much money. Well, as a matter of fact, around half of all the freelancers earned somewhere between $25,000 and $75,000 in the year 2015. A person can make a living on that money, and can even support their family with the upper limit. If you’re planning to add your freelance earning to your regular earning, your income will get a significant boost.

Nevertheless, if you seriously want to make a sound income through freelancing, you need to act smartly. To help you choose a great field for your freelance work, we’ve created a list of some freelance careers that pay most impressively. Read on…

1. Marketing

Have experience in marketing? Working as a freelance marketer can help you make a per hour income of an amount within $46 and $52. Work responsibilities of a freelance marketer usually involve creating strategies for brands, leveraging social media and other media forms, and working on customer relationships. Look for a company that values your skills and work, and you may be able to acquire a long-term, flexible job.

2. Voice Acting

Is acting one of your interests? Do you often get complements from people that your voice is wonderful? If yes, voiceover work would be a great freelance job for you! This job can let you make a per hour earning of $72. Several companies nowadays are using more and more videos in advertising, since the masses respond better to videos than print. Hence, this industry is steadily growing.

3. Recruiting

Is choosing new talents one of your skills? If yes, consider working as a freelance recruiter. Several companies are realizing that hiring a freelance team or freelancer to hire new employees is more cost-effective as compared to doing the job in-house. As a freelance recruiter, you can earn $46 per hour on an average.

4. Programmer

The work of a computer programmer can be done from anywhere; all you need is an internet connection and a computer. If you have experience in programming, that’s great! However, even if you are a beginner, you can learn computer programming from several resources on the internet. Once you learn programming and gain some ground in it, your hourly income as a freelance computer programmer would be about $60.

5. Translation

If you happen to have the knowledge of two or more languages, a freelance translator would make a great job for you. Jobs in this field that pay well are Korean-English translation and Spanish-English translation. However, you can find opportunities for other language combinations too. Based on the task, the languages involved, and your skill level, you can earn somewhere between $25 and $40 per hour.

6. Legal Work

If you have the training of a lawyer, the job of a freelance lawyer can help you make an impressive income. Usual legal consulting would let you make about $70 per hour, patent lawyers make $112 an hour, and intellectual property lawyers earn about $120 per hour. If you have a lawyer’s certifications and training, legal work can turn out to be an attractive freelance job for you. You don’t need to practice law as your regular job to work as a freelance lawyer.

7. Internet Security

Freelance internet security professionals are quite in demand at present considering the breaches of big data that came to the limelight. In this career, you can earn more than $50 an hour. In case you already have adequate knowledge about this field, try doing some freelance works. If you don’t have any knowledge about this field, but have interest in it, you may consider learning about it, since this is a freelance field that’s not going to fade away anytime soon.

8. Photography

Photography is something that has drawn the interest of a major section of the population. If you find this field to be interesting, you’ve the skills needed, and you’re a good photographer, you should certainly consider a freelance photographer career. Professional wedding photographers earn about $2,000, based on the market. Freelance photographers can charge even greater once they become well-known. A bonus point is that, as a wedding photographer, you may get invitations to several exotic destination weddings.

9. Infographic Design

If you find design to be interesting, consider getting a specialization in infographics, and you can earn about $65 an hour. Recently, infographics have gained a huge popularity as people love seeing the information contained in them, especially the data and statistics, rather than merely reading text about it. When the information is complicated, it’s helpful to find new and interesting ways to represent it. Study some great infographics, try out a few, and then start working at jobs in which you will be able to apply your newly learned skills.

10. Writing

In today’s competitive era, everyone wants to say something, but most people are unable to say it because of lack of time. Here comes in the freelance writer. Freelance writers can focus on any one or more niches like blogging, advertising, financial writing or more. If you’re a good freelance writer, you can earn about $55 per hour, based on the assignment. However, beware that there are a large number of low paying companies out there that hire freelance writers. Hone your writing skills as well as do your research well to prevent yourself from making significantly lower than you should.

11. Search Engine Optimization

If you find search engine optimization to be interesting, consider becoming a freelance search engine optimization professional, even if you don’t have the necessary skill sets. Even as a beginner, you can earn up to $50 an hour. As you eventually grow your skills and become well-recognized, you can charge more. Start with carrying out some research about the field.

12. Social Game Development

As per a report from IBISWorld, in 2013, social gaming made the hottest field in the year 2013. According to the report, the niche of social gaming underwent an explosive growth of more than 180% from 2008 to 2013. The niche is likely to grow continuously as long as the social networks exist. This brings attractive jobs for game developers.


To work as a freelancer in this field, you need to learn or already have skills like game design and computer programming. These skills have a high demand, and you can find many resources to learn them. Online programming courses and developer boot camps are widely available.

Summing Up

With freelance jobs being more and more available these days, it has become easy to give a boost to your income. There are many professionals who have switched to full-time freelancing and are making their living quite well on what they earn. Whatever be your plan, now that you know the well-paying freelance jobs available out there, you can make your choice smartly and fulfill your goals.

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