10 Interesting Ways to Decorate your Home with Broken & Old Items

We all have old items in our home lying unused in the store room or garage for years. Some of them may also be broken or damaged in some way. Well, instead of just throwing away such items, you can decorate your home innovatively using them. Sounds interesting? Here we have listed some amazing home decoration projects you can do with your broken and old household items. Most of these projects are simple, cost-effective, and consume less time.

1. Earring Holder from Broken Picture Frame

If you have an old, unused, or broken photo frame, don’t throw it away. Create a fully functional, gorgeous earring holder out of it. Use some wire for hanging your earrings on. This makes an amazing gift idea for women and girls. You can make several levels using the wire and hang many earrings. If you plan to hang larger earrings that dangle, the levels should be longer.

2. Recycling Center from Old Basket

If you have an old, large basket that you don’t use much, you can create a large recycling center out of it. You don’t need the basket to hold anything, and so, holes at the bottom are not much of an issue. Simply put some waste baskets in this wicker basket for recycling. Label the different sections to understand easily where everything goes. In this way, you can not only use the old basket, but also have an attractive place for storing your recyclables.

3. Lighting Fixtures from Old Baskets of Wire

If you have old wire baskets, they can serve as innovative light fixtures, even if they are worn out. Even if the wire baskets have holes at the bottom or the wires have come loose, they will look amazing when used as light fixtures in the kitchen. All you need to do is prepare the wire basket and connect it to the pendant light. You may paint the basket so that it goes with your kitchen décor before attaching it to your light or you may leave it just as it is.

4. Garden Markers Out of Broken Pots

Broken terra cotta pots don’t have to go to the trash. You can create interesting garden markers out of them. You can make garden markers even if you have only one broken pot. Simply take some pieces of the broken pot and write down the names of veggies, herbs, or flowers in your garden using a magic marker. You could also go a bit creative and paint different names on the pieces. In case you have multiple old pots that you don’t use for planting, label all the plants in your garden using them.

5. Cozy Bench Out of Old Dresser

This is a really interesting and useful furniture makeover project. If you have an old dresser, you can turn it into a cozy and comfortable bench. You can even buy an old dresser and carry out this makeover project, if you want an innovative bench for a low cost. The steps are simple; you can check them out here.

6. Pumpkins Out of Broken Terra Cotta

You can create beautiful pumpkins out of broken or old terra cotta planters. Well, this can be done with other ceramics too, like broken saucers or plates. Simply make small pieces, and then put them together over a foam ball to create a mosaic-like appearance.

7. Birdbath Out of Cracked Plates and Planters

Create a beautiful birdbath using cracked or broken plates and cracked planters of terra cotta, and place it in your garden. Planters of various sizes can be employed, so, if multiple planters are damaged, making a birdbath is an interesting way of repurposing them. Simply paint them to offer them an appealing look and then assemble them. You would love creating this birdbath and birds would love you for creating it.

8. Two Desks Out of Broken Table

In case you own a kitchen table you don’t need any more or one that’s damaged, broken or scratched, don’t discard it. Rather, create two appealing wall desks out of it that would certainly enhance the décor of your home. The very middle portion of the table is not needed for this, so this makes an amazing project for tables with damage in the middle. Cut the table’s end sections off, and stain or paint them. Next, attach them to your wall.

9. Tea Lights Out Of Bottle Caps

Instead of throwing away bottle caps, repurpose them to make attractive tea light candles. Such candles would be useful in occasions when lots of candles are needed, like wedding ceremonies or other large events. Simply clean the caps, put a wick in them, and pour some wax. Wax can be attained from melted crayons, and so, this job also lets you use broken, old crayons.

10. Ground Cover Out of Broken Plates

While broken plates won’t look that awesome in your yard, they can be employed in the place of mulch so as to give some color to certain areas. Instead of using pebbles or mulch to fill in the areas around trees, go for using broken terra cotta pots or plates. You may use items of a single color to make the area look elegant, or use items of different colors for a fun and exciting look. This would cost you much lower than the cost of pea gravel and mulch, but would give your garden areas a unique look.

Awesome ideas, isn’t it? These decoration projects don’t take much time, are easy, and let you turn your old and broken items, which you would otherwise throw away, into something useful. So, give a try to one or more of these projects!

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