10 Rental Features to Attract Tenants

Home is where you make your dwelling place a pleasant one with your family and near ones. This is true of whether you own a property or are looking to live as a tenant. Naturally, as a landlord you have to make the necessary additions and deletions to your property that will attract more tenants to it.

In the age of competitive market, no amount of marketing can do you good unless you have the necessary features and amenities that tenants look for. Here are the top 10 rental features that will attract more tenants to your property.

1. Safety ranks first:

Your tenant would want a peaceful living condition where they can return to a safe home and have a peaceful night’s sleep.

cameras in house

Having the protective cover around the property and the necessary safety alarms installed will help induce more confidence in them. Adding an extra level of security will help make your property more unique to prospective tenants.

2.  Ready to move-in properties:

No one likes their lives to be disrupted when living on a property with workers carrying remodeling or modifications.


Whatever changes, repair or modification you wish to carry out should be complete before your tenants move in. Moreover, the first impression of your prospective clients is the lasting and final impression. Having your property totally ready is more likely to get you good tenants even amidst competition.

3. Spacious look with ample storage facilities:

If you wouldn’t want to live in a cramped home with a dingy look, neither will your tenants. Make the necessary modifications to open up floor space and add overhead storage, beneath the counters and underneath the bed in the rooms for comfortable living.

spacious house

In kitchens too, make sure that there is enough immovable storage that facilitate an easy working condition even within limited space.

4. Modern decor in neutral shades:

Try doing away with too many frills and old-fashioned decor to leave as much as modern straight-line approach as possible.

decorative house

Also, paint the walls in neutral shades like white, pink, off-white and light shades of yellow that will blend in with all types of tastes and personal preferences. Painting rooms in dark blue or a deep shade of green may not be appreciated by your tenants that would not want to invest in re-painting.

5. Fitted with a range of modern appliances:

People usually prefer living on rented properties because they do not want to get into the hassle of buying new and heavy appliances. Most do not wish to carry them around at the end of the rental term.

home appliances

At the same time everyone wishes to enjoy the facilities that the latest and the best of these appliances offer to make life easier. Having them in your rental property will only increase its value.

6.  Modern bathrooms: 

Bathrooms offer a private space to a person like no other part of the home.


Fresh and clean bathrooms that are tastefully done up is a natural draw to any tenant. Having a well maintained and modern bathroom with the best possible amenities will help you attract more tenants in less time.

7. Internet and television connections: 

Internet is a necessity for all today. Your tenants will appreciate having both the internet and the cable connection provided at no extra cost. You can always adjust the amount with the rental in a tactful way such that they will be happy to pay you more without grudging it.

8. Provision to personalize: 

Keep ample of power points and connection options indoors. The movable furniture is better left in their light and durable variants.


All of this gives your tenants the opportunity to arrange or rearrange everything jus the way that suits them and their lifestyle. After all, they will be making the property their home for as long as they are staying there and they better be comfortable in their own way!

9. Parking facilities:

Whether a covered parking space or an open one, your tenants would want to have a decent parking space within the property. No one will want to walk back home tired after having parked their vehicle several hundred meters away!

10. Outdoor living space: 

Even a small verandah space offers the view of an open sky.

living space in house

if you are letting out a condo in the city, make sure that you have the space well laid out. In case you are letting out a house without a garden, clear a space where the children can come out and the adults can sit to enjoy fresh air.

Happy renting out and earning from the lovely property that you own!!!

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