10 Easy Jobs For Retired People To Make Money Today

Retiring from your regular job does not mean that it is the end of your way to earning more money. In fact, now is the time when you can actually begin to earn while also enjoying yourself.

There are things that you have always wanted to do all your life but your regular job has always kept you away from it. Use those fine skills that you have to earn some handsome returns at the end of your main career.

Fitness trainer

Make the best use of your experience, skills, and assets and make some quick money while you enjoy your life too.

Here are 10 top easy jobs that you can consider trying your hands at while also making some quick and easy money post-retirement.

1.  Sell Your Photographic Skills

You have passionately clicked on some of the best views of places that you have visited so far, while on your trip to other cities when on the job. Those photographs are truly invaluable and you can continue to make use of your photographic skills now to the fullest extent.

photographic skills

Even everyday life photographs when clicked from an interesting angle and the right hue can become an exclusive piece on the frames. Sell your photographs through professional online sites and maintain a steady earning all year round.

2. Earn by Copywriting

If you always had the knack to write the appropriate witty lines that grabbed the attention of anyone the read them, take it up as a profession now!


Get in touch with the authorities at the several online copywriting sites and see how you can spin your words to earn money for you. Begin as a freelancer and move on to regular contributions through advertisement houses or other establishments that need such texts.

3. Begin Freelance Online Tutoring

Make use of the expert knowledge that you have always had by tutoring students online.

want to become a babysitter


There are several online teaching portals that you can join where they will love to get an expert on the subject. The virtual sessions are spread out and are also interesting while they also pay well!

4. Try Out Pet-Sitting

Pets are parts of many families but the present-day work pressure often forces owners to leave them alone for at least a part of the day. As an animal lover, you can fill in the gap by pet sitting and taking them out for a walk in the evening and enjoy yourself too.

pet setting

More than a job it can turn out to be some of the most enjoyable time that you would be spending after retiring from your regular job. At the same time, you get to earn some handsome returns too.

5. Opt To Be A Movie/Small Screen Extra

It’s time for you to shine brightly as a star! There are plenty of opportunities to work as extras for movies as well as on small screens with so many popular shows on the air. There is always the need for people that will do the small roles and fill in the gap as the extras.

It is your opportunity to watch the big stars before you, work with them and also give vent to the artistic skills that you have always had. To top it all, you return home each day richer by some more dollars. Check out the websites for casting calls and start earning your bucks right away!

6. Become A Freelance Teacher

Kids in your area need the help of a knowledgeable and patient person like you. You can make that difference in their life by giving out coaching on different areas of life and not just bookish knowledge. Time management, environmental stewardship, philanthropy or any other related areas of life are just perfect to help them mold them as good humans and citizens.

freelance teacher

Offer paid classes on such catchy areas that will have them coming in droves. Help the kids benefit as you earn too!

7.  Join An Enterprise Board

If you have been the part of the corporate world all your life in positions of responsibilities, it is time that you make use of your expertise by giving advice.

enterprise board

There are plenty of entrepreneurs that are looking for professional advice and guidance to forward their endeavors with success. You choose to be a part of one such board that will help grow a new brand and business. At the same time, you get to earn well for the part-time engagement!

8. Offer Life Skill Coaching

You are richer by the wealth of experience that you have accumulated over the years. Share it with adults and children alike. Offer classes on life skills like relationship management, stress and anger management or any other area that you have personally developed yourself.

Not just certified coaches can earn by sharing their knowledge, but you too can and earn too. Look out for any such opportunities locally or browse to find them in abundance online.

9. Turn Into A You-Tube Star

V-blogging is the new way to spread your words online. Those that have You-Tube fan following are making thousands of dollars every month. People with expertise in their niche are in this category.

Pick yours, make a video and post it on You-Tube and let it go viral. There is a big gap in the area of the senior citizens making their You-Tube posts. You can become a part of this phenomenon and start earning good money!

10.  Drive People To Work Or School

Set up a pool car drive of your own and offer to drive people in your area to work. Most are worried stiff about the traffic and parking while also having to share the burden of daily work.  You can set up fixed days of the week when you’ll be dropping them. You can also opt for giving out school carpool services talking children instead of taking adults to office in case you’ve had enough already!

While making the best use of your large vehicle and helping others save trouble, you get paid while also making good money!

Make your pick and start earning those extra bucks during your relaxed retired days. Not only will the experience be fulfilling monetarily but you will end up helping a lot of people and children. Live your life to the fullest by enjoying your retirement days and also being comfortable financially.








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