Everything You Wanted To Know About Zumba Fitness Dance

Zumba is not just exercise; it is a fun way to do exercise. The moves are heavy on the hips and count of steps. But the best part of Zumba is that it inspires people that usually stay away from exercise to get into the fray!

Little wonder that Zumba has fast become the fitness dance that everybody enjoys. So here is calling ‘everybody’ to get into the Zumba way!

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Knowing the Zumba rightly

To begin with, Zumba involves plenty of hip swinging and also stomach gyrating that helps strengthen the core and also give the body a better balance. With the physical benefits come the mental health benefits in terms of increased confidence and self-esteem. Life becomes more meaningful and full of vigor.

zumba dance

The dance-cum-fitness steps are also helping people rid them of any social skittishness. Dancing with and around a group of people helps shed all inhibitions and become less conscious about your body.

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Different levels of Zumba for different people

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The first aim of any good Zumba instructor is to take the laborious work out of the workout and make it more of an enjoyable dance party. Depending on the target group that wishes to take part in this fitness dance program, there can be different levels of exercises incorporated in the dance steps.

The cardio way

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These super fun sessions are also super effective to make the body fit with the fine mix of aerobics on the dance floor. It helps in getting a total workout that is a mix of cardio and muscle conditioning. The overall effect is boosted energy and better body flexibility and balance. Of course, with increased cardiac activities comes the loss of calories in the right proportion.

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Zumba using the Toning Stick

There is yet another way of practicing Zumba exercise – using Toning Sticks that is good for bringing about better body coordination and rhythm. The pars like arms and lower body parts are especially benefitted when using them.

zumba dance
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This form of Zumba Fitness exercise is best suited for those that intend to get some serious workout that aims at the entire body.

Prop intense Zumba Workout

zumba dance
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In case you are looking for some fun resistant training, innovative Zumba steps can be combined with using a heavy prop such as a chair. In this case, the prop itself acts as your Zumba partner offering a high-intensity workout that aims at the muscles and cardiovascular system. The result is a major burning off calories with a rejuvenated feel.

Aqua variant for resistance training

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Aqua Zumba is an exciting variant for all of you that love to splash around in the water. It is a high-energy aquatic dance cum exercise that trains the body with water resistance. If you love to party, you just cannot afford to miss the Aqua Zumba! You have the added benefit of resistance training giving your body better flexibility.

Calling all you older adults

This is not to say that all the Zumba fun is reserved exclusively for the young crowd. Older adults are very much invited to part take of all the fun and frolic! The steps, in this case, are recreated to suit the pace and body movement of the participants.

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The choreography comes exercise sessions include a range of movements at a slower pace with coordination of the hands and legs. The focus is to bring about body balance and encourage calorie loss through sweat and emerge feeling strong and empowered. Once the initial phase is over, more intense steps can be introduced depending on the abilities of the older students for higher results.

Kids are invited too!

What better way for kids to have fun and get fitter than going the Zumba way? Kids from the age of 7 onwards are usually given the Zumba fitness classes where they shake a leg and workout too! Instead of being monotonous routine dance classes, a lot of instructors prefer giving kids a mix of steps, activities with cultural exploration.

zumba dance
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Kids’ physical development get the much-needed impetus with fitness becoming a part of their lives. They learn to respect elders and peers while working in teams. Along with the physical boost, their minds are sharpened to helping them with increased memories and better results.

Fitness is essential that no one at any age should avoid. Zumba Fitness Dance sessions pave the perfect way to retain it all through the years. Make your pick and join the nearest Zumba training classes or hire an instructor today!


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