How To Make Your Home Look Large & Spacious: 10 Smart Tips

If large and copious spaced where you can dance and waltz is not your to own, there is no reason to dismay. All that matters is that you have a pad of your own and turn it into a lovely living space that looks amazing and large too!!

These super tricks will help you beat the physical space limitations and make your home look large, airy and delightful. Go ahead and make your home that special nook that you will love to get back to and unwind!

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1   Play with colors carefully


The splash of the right colors not only brighten and enliven any room but also gives it the character that you want to define it with. Use light colors to paint the walls of your room to make them look roomier. Use light shades of yellow, green or pink with a combination of white for the walls. This will make the space interesting, inviting and of course look larger.

2   Choose your furniture with care

Buy straight-line light-colored comfortable sitting that will blend in with the walls and their light colors.

comfortable sitting

Also, avoid buying chairs or sofas with large protruding arms. Placing such furniture will result in attracting attention on their large visual appearance making them look out of place. They will also make the space look small and cluttered.


3     Upholstery fabric has a big say

Buy upholstery that have colors complementing those of the walls. This will help in extending the visual appeal of the colors, retain continuity and thus make the space look larger. In case of fabric, it is good to stick to a solid color. In case you are fond of prints, choose very small prints only.


Avoid placing chairs or sofas with cushions that have contrasting or dark colors that will make the room look cramped. Opt for cushions with trips in case you wish to want to give it an interesting look. Large and bold floral or geometric shapes are best left out.

get a sofa


4     Place long curtains that increase visual continuity

curtains for small rooms

Light colored small prints best complement the airy look of a small space. Buy lightweight fabric for your curtains that will blend in with the color scheme on the walls. Something that directly complements the upholstery is more likely to create a harmonious and continuous look. Avoid shiny and heavy curtain material or blinds that eats up the visual space.


5      Make clever use of your wall space

Instead of buying expensive painting and hanging them on the walls, use the space to fix small and open storage racks. If you are a DIY expert, you can fix planks of wood together to create some great designs.

designed shelves

Else, there are attractive options available in the market that you buy. Only make sure that the racks are parallel to each other horizontally to add to the visually spacious look.

You can place decorative items as well as keep planters or books to bring an interesting look to the wall and the overall décor.


6     Light up the corners well

Dingy room corners not only cut out on the spacious look but also make any room unappealing. Place small tables with storage options below. This way you will be making use if every inch of space.

light up your corners

Keep a subtle table lamp on it or if possible a down-lighter from the ceiling. This will not just illuminate the space but also reflect the light softly on other walls adding to the visual light look.

7   Cut out on that rug

Floor is the only continuous area of any room and it is important to maintain its continuous and smooth flowing look.

Carpets and area rugs are best reserved for moderate to large space. Placing them defines an area and unless you place them wall-to-wall in any room, they divide the floor space visually. This naturally makes the room look smaller.

When doing up the floors at the construction level, make sure you opt for long plank designs or patterns that are parallel to the longest wall of the room to make it look bigger. You can also play it safe with solid colors with light veins.

8   Let the mirror speak – everywhere

Mirrors reflect and it is the one of the best ways to increase the visual look of any space. But, it is important to select the mirrors carefully and also place them prudently.

mirror in rooms


Firstly, for small spaces, avoid mirrors with heavy or showy frames. What you need is a plain mirror that will blend in with the wall and reflect the space seamlessly.

Secondly, place the mirror where it will receive light to reflect it. Else, the whole purpose of using the mirror to make the space look larger will be defeated and the room will end up looking dull.


9   Use that large storage furniture well

If you have large chest-of-drawers or low storage furniture pieces, use them to turn them into side tables and sitting places.

large storage furnitures

Give them a fresh coat of paint or polish them to get the sheen back and spread out a linen piece on top of the chest-of-drawers. Keep comfortable cushions on the low storage pieces and see how versatile they become to you and your guests.

While your guests can sit on them and chat with you, you can also excuse yourself to take something out asking the guest , to get up. This will help you retrieve your item and also cut down on the chatter!


10   Stay clutter-free and get more physical and visual space

A periodic deep cleaning is a must. This is the time that you should do away with things that you have not used nor do you envision using. It is not necessary that you sell away everything right away.

clutter free rooms

You can rent them out and earn some extra dollars and retrieve them when need them. This way there will always be some freed space in your home to give it a large and spacious look.

Rent or sell your home


The way you arrange your living space, make clever use of colors and manipulate heights and lengths can make a world of difference to even a small room.

So here is happy home doing up!!!

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