9 Hush-Hush Life Hacks For Cash-Strapped College Students To Enjoy Life

College life is a combination of fun, frolic, stress and exorbitant expenses! But these are also the years that you would cherish for the rest of your life. Making the best of these times depends on how well you can manage your available resources and make maximum use of what is at hand. Some of these tricks cross the boundaries of age and are just right as life hacks for high school students.

Here are 9 Cheers to college life as you read on these secretive student life hacks:

Get a pair of jeans with the completely new look without buying them!!!

Jeans Life Hack
Courtesy: wikihow.com

Run a razor carefully over your favorite pair of old jeans. The effect is amazing – you will have a fresh & new look pair of jeans for your next event.

Save on your electricity bill by making use of this trick!

two bowls in a microwave
Courtesy: thedailymeal.com

Your small microwave is incapable of heating two bowls together. You can easily avoid using the machine twice by placing one bowl on the floor of the oven and the other on a tall mug to rise it over the first bowl.

No money to invest on new perfumes? Not a problem, make yours!

Perfume in Body Lotion
Courtesy: blog.freepeople.com

Pour the last few drops of your perfume into the bottle of your body lotion and smell good – always.

Can’t afford a resounding music system? No worries, make one!!!

smartphone music inside plastic bottle
Courtesy: bestoutofwastes.blogspot.in

Make one with your smartphone and a plastic bottle. Cut a 1litre or larger bottle near the middle about half of its diameter and an inch in height. Place the phone in it and rock the party with loud sound and clear bass.

No access to a microwave or can’t invest in repairing the old one? Enjoy a hot meal!!!

Pizza over iron
Courtesy: ericfm.wordpress.com

Continue to enjoy a warm pizza or fresh warm bread by placing them on the flat side of the iron and run the hair dryer over it at full heat. Make a pack of instant noodles heating water on the same iron plate and stirring the pack for 2 minutes!

Study hard but party harder during your college days without letting your teachers even get a hint of it!!!!!!

electrolyte before drinking alcohol
Courtesy: mommypotamus.com

Arrive at the lecture in the morning without a trace of a hangover after a late night party with this simple trick. Drink a glass of electrolyte water before leaving for the night out – you will wake up as fresh as ever in the morning.

Save on your snacks by eating only half the packet & preserve the rest…

preserve your snacks
Courtsey: freegreatpicture.com

Preserve the other half in fresh and crisp condition. Make use of the can tabs to seal them instead of spending on a packet of zippers. Alternately use a pen clip over the plastic folds in case you don’t have can tabs.

Small and budget spaces should not be a constraint so long as you can collect some can tabs from your friends!

Hangers on Can Tabs
Courtesy: pinterest.com/pin/247275835762799796/

Slide them through the hooks of a hanger and cascade other hangers down it to neatly hang shirts, tops, pants or skirts.

Go economical with a pair of shoes 365×7!

shoe odor smell
Courtesy: thrivemarket.com

Place used tea bags, lemon peel or sprinkle baking soda inside shoes to absorb odor that is created by bacteria when you have them on for long hours. You will never feel embarrassed or out of place anywhere!

Try using these hacks and let me know which one is your best. Share your views in comments below.

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