10 Stunning Rental Kitchen DIY Designing Ideas

You’ve moved on to a property as a renter and have to make yourself comfortable in all that the landlord provides you including the super-active workstation named kitchen!!!

In fact, for the time that you are living in a space there is every reason to make it your own by designing it in a way that vibrates your personality. A lot of us are familiar with kitchen spaces that range from artificially lit and dingy to a mixture of cumbersome and not-so-pleasant walls, tiles, floors or appliances.


Here are some awesome DIY hacks that will help you transform your everyday cooking area into a pleasure spot that you will love to return to. These are easy to carry out and will not cause you to breach your lease terms or lose any money when you move out.

Do up the dull fridge and cabinets colorfully:

Awful looking fridges that renters have been using for years are common. Change the face of the appliance by applying some attractive removal wallpaper.

kitchen cabinets

You can do the same with the cabinets in case you wish to set up a uniform pattern look. Match them or contrast them with the color of the wall and see how the entire space comes alive bright and vibrate to your pulse.

Give the transparent glass cabinets a magical makeover:

Glass-front cabinets have the advantage and disadvantage of showing it all to the beholder.


Moreover, they can add to the dull and lifeless look of the kitchen if there isn’t enough color and life in it with the right lighting. Cover the glass using attractive wallpaper or even wrapping paper sealing the sides with sealing tapes.

The colorful cover will set the tone of your personality while giving your belongings the privacy that they need! When moving out, just peel them off and restore the original plain glass doors.

Bring alive those lifeless walls in style:

Coloring the walls is a time-consuming process, gets cumbersome and also will cost you though most landlords permit tenants to paint the walls.

colorful kitchen

A good way of making your rental kitchen space more attractive is by placing your personal art pieces and framed photos. You can consider placing them in such a way that they become the focal point in the kitchen drawing the eyes away from all other dull distractions.

Add real-life greenery to complement and enlarge natural artworks:

Adding green to any part of your home does an instant makeover bringing in a breath of fresh air. Place a large planter with a natural plant close to the art pieces on the wall and expand the visual effect manifold.

kitchen designs

The entire space will come alive wanting you to return to your kitchen space more often.

Remove a couple of cabinet doors to make a bold display:

Taking away a couple of those conventional cupboard doors will help you display some of your interesting and colorful crockery.

Bold display in kitchen

Choose to display bold colors and not fineries that are likely to make the space look clumsy. Just replace the doors before you leave to not affect your lease deposit amount.

Add some removable storage racks to make a bold statement:

Another way of adding a statement to the unattractive walls, it to fix the removal vacuum-aided storage racks.


These are helpful in placing your essentials as well as attractive decor pieces that make the kitchen space more striking.

Reinvent the back splash in an amazing way:

The back splash is often the focal point of most kitchens. Add to its character by placing removal and oil-resistant back splash stickers.


These come in several colorful geometric patterns that draw immediate attention to it. Choose one with a color-scheme and design that stands out from any point.

Make the counter tops more colorful:

You have the choice of making the counter tops more interesting by covering them with colorful vinyl sheets that are easily removable. Another option is to place large wooden chopping boards on the counter top that will be both functional and cover any ugly spot. Large wooden piece can also act as the base of placing of vase with flowers that add to the natural tone of your kitchen.

Hang a trendy decorative center lighting piece:

Lighting fixtures have the ability to break the monotony of a space.


Placing a large and decorative fixture in the center of the kitchen will naturally make it an attraction that will make the space more appealing.

Give the insipid floors character and transform the aura:

Dark, ugly and spotted floors are common characteristics of rental kitchens. Make a complete makeover by covering the area with a natural fiber rug like those of jute.

kitchen floors

You may also opt for colorful and designed pieces that you can contrast with the light wall colors.

These amazing design hacks will surely help you get a kitchen space makeover that will help you live your life the way you want making it your true home for as long as you are there.

Happy kitchen re-designing!!!

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Renting V/S Buying: Which Is Better And Why?

Owning a lovely house is a dream that most people cherish by the time they are in their late teens. In fact, going to school, college and then work is usually followed by buying of a home that you can call a place of your own!

The traditional way

Seeing our elders own their property has more often than not turned to be an inspiration for the younger generation to own their own property. But the scenario has changed largely in the past couple of decades and is still on the go. This means that more and more people are left debating with themselves whether to own a property or to opt for renting one.

Home buying pros and cons

There are two sides to the issue much like both sides of a coin. Both buying and renting have their pros and cons that depend on your life situation, the type of work that you are in and of course the place that you are planning to live in.

buy a sofa

  • Buying a home entails the same mortgage rate anywhere and a fixed portion of your monthly income will be dedicated to it.
  • The price of a property is sure to go up over the years giving you better options for the future.
  • You can sell the property to buy a bigger home as per the needs of your family and move on.
  • There is also the option of renting out the property that you own and accommodate yourself in comfortably near the city that you work.

But there are also several flip side to owning a home and a lot of millennials and the younger generation are opting out to live in rented place than own a home.

  • Maintenance costs of owning a home is always something that you will have to live with.
  • Owning a property ties you down to a place that leaves you with very little flexibility of changing jobs and moving out to another state.
  • Children grow up fast. Their education and jobs take them to other places leaving you alone in a large home that you may find difficult to manage by yourself

Renting pros and cons

When it comes to renting, there are pros and cons too but that too will depend on how you choose to live and where.


  • Living on rent gives you the freedom to ask for the amenities and their installations made to your landlord without you having to bother about them.
  • You get to live a more flexible and carefree life while living on a rented property choosing to terminate the contract as life situations change.
  • Especially for unmarried couples, renting a property is a much better option than buying a home especially if the deed is in the name of only one person.
  • There are no legal complications in case of unwed couples splitting up when living on a rented property as in owning a home.
  • Career options are changing fast in today’s world and can take you to places far away from where you live. Moving out of a rented property is far easier than from the home that you own.
  • It is easier to adjust the lease contract for rent than to find a buyer for your home and sell it over a few months.

The other side of the coin is also true:

  • Renting is often thought to be more expensive than owning a house in the long run. The truth is however somewhere in between.
  • Rents in certain cities are rising faster than income and it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to live with it.

Keeping pondering on them all and see which suits you and your lifestyle best before you take the final call on whether to buy or rent a home!

Happy Thinking!!!


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How To Make Your Old Car Look Like A New One

Can’t afford a new car? Too attached to the old friend that you have been driving around? You need burn a big hole in your pocket or do away with the old model. Just some simple tweaks will do the job. Remain faithful to it without compromising on looks and style, give it a fresh new look with these useful tips.

Even if you continue with the regular maintenance, at times, some of the brush ups go unattended. You need to take a hard look at your car and you will know the place that need to be touched upon. However, here are the top 10 tips that will make your old car look brand new!

Give it a thorough wash

We are not talking about the regular wash that you are used to give your car. It needs a power wash and get it done at a professional place where every element of dirt will get flushed out leaving it squeaking clean. This is only the first step to get the glitter and glamour of the vehicle back.

Clean the windows

Car windows are a different genre of glass and it is important to have them totally clean for that typical new look. Stickers and other attachments on the windshield over the years leave back the glue marks that make the glass including the windshield.

Make use of non-toxic and harmless vinegar and water mix to give them a good cleaning. In case the windshield has developed any crack or had a repair done, replace it with a new one.

Replace windshield wipers

Rubber wipers with good grip look smart and also keep the windshield clean. It is important to take care of these small items of the vehicle as they are responsible for the overall look and also maximizing efficiency.

Touchup scratches and dents

There is a DYI solution to all car problems and that includes doing up the dents and the scratches. Hot glue and suction methods are recommended for such makeover jobs. Carrying it out on your old car also prevents the body from developing any rusting. There are touchup pens available in the market that are somewhat useful for superficial covering.

Do up the dashboard

The steering wheels will do well with a brand-new cover. Changing the dashboard cover helps in giving it the smart and swanky interiors of modern cars. Check the meters and their lights and replace them with aftermarket solutions in case you fail to get the originals.

Get new floor mats

Used floor mats that have the tale-tell signs of being worn out naturally tell the age of your car. Replace them with some swanky new mats that complement the rest of the interior and see the difference that it makes. Once installed, make sure to keep them in good condition not allowing mold growth for that perfect new look.

Give the seats new cover

Seat covers are the next in line. Depending on your budget and the model of your car you can opt for fabric or synthetic leather upholstery. Unobtrusive colors add to the vibrancy of the car interiors.

Electronics & air-conditioning

Change those old sound systems and add the latest iPod and other systems that allow for seamless pairing and playing. Add the systems that will allow you to synchronize and play on the latest way.

The same holds true for the air-conditioning system. If the old one is still in good condition get it cleaned of all old grime and dirt accumulation. Get fresh clean air to circulate through the ducts and clean the filters for the fresh air circulation. Keep the car-freshner smelling the interiors fantastic and drive on!

Add some trendy upgrades

Depending on what model you own, you may think of giving it upgrades like roof-top lights or other off-road gears. Adding wheel covers can give it a sporty young look of expensive cars that you have always admired.

Give it a new car wrap

Painting a car again is an expensive affair. Opting for car body wrap is an inexpensive alternative that opens up several possibilities. A trendy way of giving a new look to your car is adding car wraps on the body. This will give you the options of adding bright splash to the body that paints will find difficult to achieve.

Here is to happy upgrading your old car to making it look and feel new in the easiest and most inexpensive way possible!!!

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10 Tips to Consider while Renting an Office Space

Office is the place that you and your team are going to spend the major part of the week. It is a place where you will be working together to be as productive as possible to attain maximum success.

Renting an office space is making an investment that you will have to recur in future as well. It is important to carefully consider several factors before taking an office space on lease. These are sure to have a direct impact on your operations, employees’ efficiency, the visitors’ impression and the overall success of the endeavor.


Moreover, the rising generation that is likely to be your member of your team is the millennials. These people have a different set of ideas and aspirations about work culture, work space and the amenities with which they will work.

Offices are no longer four walled cubicles with basic amenities around them. They are often extensions of living spaces to account for the extended working hours and the reciprocal comfort needed for best productivity. Even for a small-scale operation, you cannot ignore some essentials that will invariably affect your productivity and also have a financial bearing.

Here are the Top 10 Tips To Consider While Renting An Office Space:

1. Consider the size of the space that you need

The size of the space will largely depend on the type of operation that you carry out, the number of people that are working and the work culture that you tend to project. For those of you that are planning to launch a start-up business with a basic setup, you will naturally look for a small room with a desk, proper electrical connections for the computer, internet and printer as necessary.

Existing operations that may want to increase operations will definitely have different requirements. From increase in seat capacity to large and spacious layout with several amenities is all for you to choose from. It all depends on how much you are willing to invest in your setup and continue with it every month.

2. Look for a layout that suits your operations

Very often office space layout is responsible for enhancing or hindering communication and workflow of the team. In case you feel that an open floor plan is best suited for your homogenous operations, nothing like it. In most cases however, it is a mixture of open plan and enclosures that are most beneficial for company operations.

Look out for a space layout that will perfectly complement your work culture and the philosophy that you want your employees to imbue. Of course, your budget will have a big role to play in the final choice of the layout that you choose.

3. The types of amenities that you need v/s you get

Modern office spaces are expected not just to be furnished from within but also provide a host of amenities outside. Car parking is among the first considerations that most of you will have when looking for an office space. This apart, there are internal amenities like independent or commonly used washroom facilities, lift, pantry and of course security that are crucial.


Make a careful list of the exact amenities that are absolutely indispensable and the amenities that the office space brings with it. It is only natural that you will have to pay more for the increasing number of amenities that come along as a package. Keep in mind the number of people that will be using them and how they are likely to affect productivity before making your final take.

4. Is the setup affordable?

Whether you are a start-up or have an ongoing operation, you will have to allocate a budget for your office space. Make a careful calculation of the different expenses that you will incur for each of the extra amenities that you use.

In most cases, the rent is charged on every covered or super-built square foot. Additional facilities are charged extra. You have to set aside the money from your income at the end of each month to continue operations smoothly. While calculating, add a buffer amount so avoid any problem whatsoever. Also, property costs are always on the rise and there will be incremental addition to the expenses. It is after calculating all such amounts that the sum should be affordable to you.

5. What kind of location best suits your needs?

Every one has to commute back and forth from the office every day. Location just does not mean a fancy business area but the type of place where your team can get to work easily. You will not have a very productive operation if your team ends up tired and exhausted in the morning each day. Expenses in travelling and reaching the office will matter for all.

Keep in mind the visitors and the business partners that will come to meet you from time to time. A far flung and difficult to reach place will deter potential customers as well as efficient employees from working for you!

Security of the place and the locale will also have a huge bearing on the morale of your team members. Make sure to make more than a couple of rounds to the place independently before finalizing on the office space.

6. Co-tenants and immediate surroundings matter

You are sure to share the building and maybe even the floor space with other people. Check out on the type of companies and the operations that they carry out around the space that you propose to hire. In case you are looking to run an IT company, your team will be in need of a serene ambience around. In such cases, having an office next to a fashion garment whole-sell business will be most counterproductive!

Since people are increasingly spending more time in office, they look for amenities like a coffee shop, restaurants or gyms nearby. Look for a location that provides such stimulating ambience so that your team members find the right ambience both during and after working hours.

7.  Keep future operations and growth possibilities in mind

If you are moving offices to accommodate your expanded operations, you know by experience that you would have been wiser had you considered this earlier. After all, moving office is an expensive affair and you certainly have to set aside a sum to pay for it all. Notwithstanding the expenses that are involved, make sure that you keep provision for immediate growth accommodation. This will take away the extra pressure of moving to a new office and incurring higher rent and rising expenses for some time.

In case it is absolutely necessary to hire office space for your ever-increasing operations, make sure that you opt for a one that will take care of it with further growth in mind. Remember to opt for places that have at least equal or preferably higher demand as your operations grow. After all, you are now becoming a name to reckon with and that should reflect in your new office and its ambience.

8. What are the long-term recurring costs?

Cost is always one of the first factors that will determine your search for a new office space. There are very minute details like lease term and the associated payments that are involved. If you already have an understanding of these fine details, you should be making use of it to understand the contract. Else, take the help of a legal expert to understand the fine clauses that are in between the lines.

In most cases there are increasing costs involved in with each passing year on the fixed costs. Make a fine analysis of them and find out how much financial burden it adds to your existing costs.

9.  Look and feel of the property matters

Even if you are looking to rent an office in on old building in a prominent location, you may find it in better condition than a relatively new building. Sometimes, newer buildings end up with leaking side walls and other defects despite being situated in designated business zones.

Check out on the building condition in inclement weather when the rain water is likely to seep in and the snow accumulate on the terrace making it dangerous. Check out on the feel both inside and outside before you decide to take it on rent. You surely will not want to enter the office wading in water, make your employees and visitors do the same and affect your operations!

10. What are the conditions for an early exit?

Always keep in mind the worst possible scenario even when you are in the hay days of your business. Check out on sudden exit clauses if you have to stop operations suddenly and vacate.

You may also want to change offices in the middle of your lease tenure in case you feel that there is a need to move out to a smaller or even bigger office. Get a clear agreement for all such eventualities and a good understanding of what you stand to lose or gain.

Cheers to your happy office hunting!!!

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10 Interesting Ways to Decorate your Home with Broken & Old Items

We all have old items in our home lying unused in the store room or garage for years. Some of them may also be broken or damaged in some way. Well, instead of just throwing away such items, you can decorate your home innovatively using them. Sounds interesting? Here we have listed some amazing home decoration projects you can do with your broken and old household items. Most of these projects are simple, cost-effective, and consume less time.

1. Earring Holder from Broken Picture Frame

If you have an old, unused, or broken photo frame, don’t throw it away. Create a fully functional, gorgeous earring holder out of it. Use some wire for hanging your earrings on. This makes an amazing gift idea for women and girls. You can make several levels using the wire and hang many earrings. If you plan to hang larger earrings that dangle, the levels should be longer.

2. Recycling Center from Old Basket

If you have an old, large basket that you don’t use much, you can create a large recycling center out of it. You don’t need the basket to hold anything, and so, holes at the bottom are not much of an issue. Simply put some waste baskets in this wicker basket for recycling. Label the different sections to understand easily where everything goes. In this way, you can not only use the old basket, but also have an attractive place for storing your recyclables.

3. Lighting Fixtures from Old Baskets of Wire

If you have old wire baskets, they can serve as innovative light fixtures, even if they are worn out. Even if the wire baskets have holes at the bottom or the wires have come loose, they will look amazing when used as light fixtures in the kitchen. All you need to do is prepare the wire basket and connect it to the pendant light. You may paint the basket so that it goes with your kitchen décor before attaching it to your light or you may leave it just as it is.

4. Garden Markers Out of Broken Pots

Broken terra cotta pots don’t have to go to the trash. You can create interesting garden markers out of them. You can make garden markers even if you have only one broken pot. Simply take some pieces of the broken pot and write down the names of veggies, herbs, or flowers in your garden using a magic marker. You could also go a bit creative and paint different names on the pieces. In case you have multiple old pots that you don’t use for planting, label all the plants in your garden using them.

5. Cozy Bench Out of Old Dresser

This is a really interesting and useful furniture makeover project. If you have an old dresser, you can turn it into a cozy and comfortable bench. You can even buy an old dresser and carry out this makeover project, if you want an innovative bench for a low cost. The steps are simple; you can check them out here.

6. Pumpkins Out of Broken Terra Cotta

You can create beautiful pumpkins out of broken or old terra cotta planters. Well, this can be done with other ceramics too, like broken saucers or plates. Simply make small pieces, and then put them together over a foam ball to create a mosaic-like appearance.

7. Birdbath Out of Cracked Plates and Planters

Create a beautiful birdbath using cracked or broken plates and cracked planters of terra cotta, and place it in your garden. Planters of various sizes can be employed, so, if multiple planters are damaged, making a birdbath is an interesting way of repurposing them. Simply paint them to offer them an appealing look and then assemble them. You would love creating this birdbath and birds would love you for creating it.

8. Two Desks Out of Broken Table

In case you own a kitchen table you don’t need any more or one that’s damaged, broken or scratched, don’t discard it. Rather, create two appealing wall desks out of it that would certainly enhance the décor of your home. The very middle portion of the table is not needed for this, so this makes an amazing project for tables with damage in the middle. Cut the table’s end sections off, and stain or paint them. Next, attach them to your wall.

9. Tea Lights Out Of Bottle Caps

Instead of throwing away bottle caps, repurpose them to make attractive tea light candles. Such candles would be useful in occasions when lots of candles are needed, like wedding ceremonies or other large events. Simply clean the caps, put a wick in them, and pour some wax. Wax can be attained from melted crayons, and so, this job also lets you use broken, old crayons.

10. Ground Cover Out of Broken Plates

While broken plates won’t look that awesome in your yard, they can be employed in the place of mulch so as to give some color to certain areas. Instead of using pebbles or mulch to fill in the areas around trees, go for using broken terra cotta pots or plates. You may use items of a single color to make the area look elegant, or use items of different colors for a fun and exciting look. This would cost you much lower than the cost of pea gravel and mulch, but would give your garden areas a unique look.

Awesome ideas, isn’t it? These decoration projects don’t take much time, are easy, and let you turn your old and broken items, which you would otherwise throw away, into something useful. So, give a try to one or more of these projects!

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10 Tips to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle on a Budget

Leading a healthy lifestyle is often associated with high expenses in today’s modern times. However, that doesn’t have to be the case always.

Yes, it’s possible to eat nutrient-rich, fresh food, and use non-toxic, green personal care and cleaning products even when your budget is tight. All you need is some careful planning and a bit smart shopping.

Here we’ve come up with some great tips to help you live healthy and eat healthy on a budget. Read on…

1. Walk

Walking some extra steps today may help you start a lifelong journey of good health. Walk more by incorporating walking in day-to-day situations.


For example, go to a back parking spot during lunch by walking. Reach the mall by walking in bad weather or walk to the beach during a vacation. Quite easy, this may set the tone of your health routine if you have just started one.

2. Drink Tea

Tea has incredible health benefits and its cost is far lower than latte.

drink tea

This makes it not only health friendly but budget friendly too. Tea is loaded with antioxidants, helps with sleep, enhances the immune system, and has several other health benefits too.

3. Eat at Home

At restaurants, you consume more calories and more food than when eating at home.

eat at home

Make eating at your home convenient and easy by planning weekly menus, and allow yourself ‘cheat’ meals about 2-3 times every month. This will not only save you money, but also help your waistline.

4. Eat Beans

Ground beef, the unhealthiest yet the cheapest choice among the meat family, comes at an average of $3 p/lb. The average cost of chicken is about $3.41 p/lb. Lentils and dried beans come at around $1 per pound. Considering that the protein you get in one cup of beans is the same as that you get in a ½ burger, beans provide you lots of protein at a way lower price, and they are way healthier too.

5. Eat Whole Grains

Taking whole grains with meals helps you stay fuller for longer. Replace your food items of refined white flour with healthy and economical whole grains such as whole wheat pasta, oats, and brown rice.

6. Buy from Ethnic Markets

Indian and Mexican use lots of ingredients that come at a low-cost, in their cuisine. Apart from native offerings, in ethnic markets you can find several items at cheaper costs.

7. Plan Ahead

If you want to eat healthy on a budget, you need to do some planning before visiting the grocery store. Here are some organizational tips that can help you have a budget-conscious and healthy lifestyle.

  • Plan meals in advance in order to avoid wasting money and time by visiting the grocery store at the last minute.
  • Create a list of items to buy from the grocery store before going there. Avoid looking at things not on your grocery list. Try sticking to the area of the store that has meats, fresh produce, and items that expire. Fresh items are good. Ignore the items that are processed and packaged.
  • Make sure you eat prior to visiting the grocery shop. Don’t go there hungry.

8Purchase produce in season

Purchasing produce in season turns out to be way more cost-effective than the alternative. So, consider making your purchase of produce in season.

9. Do Workout Outdoors

You can do an amazing workout outdoors and get some Vitamin D simultaneously. You can choose various outdoor locations for this like parks, trails, lakes, and oceans. Go for swimming, biking, walking, or running, and stay in shape inexpensively.

10. Remove the Extras

List down all the luxury items you consume or use – four-dollar coffees, fancy ingredients, bottled water and so on, and stop buying them. Simply forgoing that Starbucks Venti Mocha everyday would make a difference.

Observe your food expenditure and determine if there are any splurges that are increasing your expenses. Cut out the non-essentials altogether. Alternatively, you can find ways to prepare them at home. Get a reusable water bottle or mug of good quality and fill water in it before leaving home in the morning. Consider eating real foods instead of expensive supplements and protein powders. Avoid wasting money on things that are not essential for you.

These simple tips, if applied well, will help you lead a healthy lifestyle on budget. So, start incorporating them in your daily life and see the difference in your savings.

If you know of any other ideas to living a healthy lifestyle on a budget, share them with us in the comments!



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10 Money Saving Tips 2018

You may be earning pots of money but unless you are making at least a handful of savings, you are less likely to live in peace. There is no end to how much a person may want to spend as there is no limit to expenses.

True you are earning to have a good life, educate your kids and travel. But what about the future, unforeseen medical emergencies or post retirement times? Savings money is a must and you can do that without any drastic changes to the way that you are living.

Making small efforts in a smart way can help you save a lot of money each month that will ultimately add up to large sums annually. We have for you the top 10 money saving tip 2018 that are big hacks to gain substantial saving for you.

Read on:

Track your expenses

Begin with taking a hard look at what you spend for each day and per week that totals up to your total expenses at the end of the month. Go through it in details and you are sure to come across those cents or the odd dollar that you are spending each day that you do not need.

Apart from the large monthly budget that you have set aside, you should try also chalk out an action plan that will help you hold back any extra expenditure amount that you may have set aside. It is not to say that you start being austere, but just keep tick off that unnecessary expenditure that you made last week of picking up some stuff at the sale.

Carry your lunch

Independent studies made in the country shows that on an average an American spends about $3000 annually for buying lunch when at work.

Those few dollars spent for that savory lunch each day surely cuts a heavy dent in your pocket depriving you of your savings. Take some time off and make your own lunch that is sure to healthier than what you eat outside. In fact, eating homemade food is less likely to make you obese and sick. This way you will also eliminate the possibilities of falling ill and saving on unnecessary medical bills!

Plan your weekly meals

Groceries are surely among the largest expenditure that any family or even an individual incurs in the month. The best way to deal with the expense part is to plan your meal for the whole week. This will help you buy your provisions so that you have them in the right measure all through the week. This will also help you make use of any leftover on any given day and reuse it for the next meal. You will eliminate the possibility of any food wastage and also remain on budget making a good saving each week

Cut down on subscriptions

Take a hard look at the expenditure that you make on your entertainment subscriptions. Cut out those Netflix and other allied television cable subscriptions that usually come to about $200 per month.

With your internet providing you so much already, there is barely the need for this extra entertainment given that you are at work the whole day. Install a digital antenna instead and get access to the local channels for free allowing you to see that you want to. Else, choose a plan that allows you access to only a few selected channel at low costs.

Spend less on shopping

Digital marketing stresses a lot on initiating impulsive buying. You are probably being bombarded every day with mails, texts, messages and tweets about the biggest sale in town from every company that is in business! Understand that the marketers are creating a need within you for things that you really do not need.

Go shopping in moderation only when there is a real need to buy something. Once you stop spending those small amounts on that extra tie or that ‘oh so lovely’ nail-polish you will end up saving a couple of hundred dollars each month!

Maintain no-banking fee transactions

Watch out for the amount that is being deducted by your banks. Switch over to smaller fee-free bank services that have lower minimum balance fee or no fee at all. Also, check out for the number of free ATM transactions that you are allowed and limit withdrawals accordingly.

Try out online banking services from a host of banking names that offer free online accounting services. Most importantly, even if you have account with a large names, do not pay to know your credit score, you get them free either twice or thrice a year. Ask them for it!

Spend less at theatres

Limit your spending by going to the theatres. Movies will come on your favorite channel sooner or later. Theatre tickets don’t come cheap and you are most likely to add to the expenses by buying those overpriced snacks before entering.

Do away with all such splurging and you will see what a big difference it makes at the end of the month to the total amount debited from your account. Simple living never hurts but only enhances your peace of mind while being soft on your pockets too!

Travel light

When travelling make sure to carry around only what is essential. Whether travelling on business or pleasure, make sure that you never pay those outrageous charges for the extra luggage. It will go a long way in making good savings that you can spend for other purposes.

Save energy

Energy consumes a large part of your earning irrespective of the weather conditions. Make maximum use of alternative sources like natural heat and light during winter and in summer try natural cooling processes to reduce stress on the HAVAC. You will be surprised at how much you can bring down your energy bills by using the resources prudently. Switching off lights when not in use is another big way that you can contribute to your money saving.

Arrange a backyard/online marketplace sale

Clear your stuff regularly and arrange for a backyard sale and see how much space opens ups while you get some good money in hand too. Accumulations of things and items that you own and not using them is always counterproductive. While cluttering your living space they also block your resources.

If a backyard sale is not possible, look up one of the online marketplaces like Craigslist or Renting Street and sell them without any commission. This way too you can be assured of making good saving all through the year.

Go ahead, hold your purses tight and add more to them with these easy money saving tips of 2018.

Do let us know of your opinion and put in your suggestions that we can add in our next issue!

Good Luck!!!


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10 Things to Avoid While Renting Your Stuff

It is a great feeling to own plenty of stuff. But it is most likely that you do not use all things that you own all the time. The result – a lot of items remain unused or sparingly used over the months and often years.

While your investment remains locked up in them, the items are also likely to gather dust and get rusted from not being used. The best way to make use of them is of course by renting them out to those that need them for some time.

But renting out though sounds simple has some back tricks to it. These will help you get back your items in proper condition while also earning the rent amount regularly.

Here is all that you need to do and avoid when renting out your stuff to others:

Avoid over pricing

People will want to pay you the rent for an item so long as it is economical to them and will not cost them more than the amount of item.

Travelling items

Make sure not to set rents that are too high or impractical such that people are deterred from hiring your item. Compare the rates that others are charging for the same items at the different online marketplaces. Set affordable rates that will also earn you a decent sum as rent amount for the stipulated period of time.

Avoid renting out faulty items

How would you rate your experience of going for a summer break and renting a barbeque that does not heat up properly? You wouldn’t want to ruin your holidays running around looking for an alternative or sulking having to shelve your plans!

Make sure that you check your items so that it is in perfect working condition before you list it for renting out. This way not only will you be sure of earning enough for yourself this year but are likely to get return customers again.

Avoid extending rent period

If you have agreed on renting out your item for a stipulated period of some weeks or months, make sure that you stick to the agreement.

buy a sofa

Take care never to extend rent period without renewal of rent contract and adjustment of deposit amount if any.

Avoid any verbal commitment

Renting out of small items like bicycles, cooking appliances and more are usually done on faith. It is best that you draft out a small written agreement and get the person you are renting out to sign it. This way, you will have a deposit amount in hand in case anything goes wrong. Also, make sure that you renew the renting period only against a written contract.

Avoid legal hassles

In case you have differences of opinion with your renter, try to settle the issue amicably instead of getting into legal complications. You do not want to get into a $2500 lawsuit for a rent of $250 dollars and an item that is worth $850. Take care to follow the above measures and keep legal problems at bay.

Avoid trusting blindly

A lot of people rent out their items on good faith to people that they have never met before. Neighbors and friends are more secure options than someone that has come from another town. The best way to secure the renting process is to charge a refundable deposit that should make up for the price of the item in case anything goes wrong.

Avoid people with bad records

It may sound a bit rude but if you wish to get your item back in proper condition, make sure that you avoid known troublemakers. Unless you are into philanthropy and do not mind someone ruining your items, exercise caution when renting out your items.

Avoid undocumented deposits

Deposits should be documented as the amount can be disputed in case it is done only on good faith. Leave no room for anyone to claim more nor should you hold back anyone’s money without reason.

Avoid middlemen dealings

When you post your rented item online, make sure that you are talking to the person that is taking it on rent directly. Most problems and misunderstandings take place because of the lack of communication between the owner and the renter.

Avoid unknown sites

Make sure that you are posting your ads only on reliable online marketplace that have proper recognition. There is no dearth of fake websites and people that may well disappear with your items.

Best of luck and happing renting!!!

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5 Tips to Make Money Selling Vintage Items at your Home

Do you have a vintage item at your home that might be valuable? Perhaps you found it while cleaning your attic or maybe you inherited it. If you don’t intend to keep it with yourself, selling it may turn out to be a good way of making some money. However, to sell it at a good deal, you need to find out the item’s worth.

Here are a few ways you can know the value of an antique item and possibly get it sold:

1. Get the Antique Item Valued

If you want to sell vintage or antique gems, get some advice on the item’s value before selling by visiting antiques fairs and local auction houses.

Most of the auction houses consist of on-site specialists that can offer you advice on various collectibles. They usually offer verbal valuations for free, but may seek charges for written valuations. Another good source for advice is independent specialist valuers, and they can provide you valuable advice on vintage and antique goods.


Reputed valuers are usually accredited by famous organizations like National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers, Society of Fine Art Auctioneers, and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. You may need to pay for their services, but that can help you sell a vintage item at the best possible price.

In case you aren’t able to visit the auction houses, simply click some images of the antique item and send them to the auction house experts. You may find them getting back to you immediately.

2. Consider Selling at an Auction

Once you know the approximate value of your vintage item, you may consider taking it to your preferred auction house, if they show interest in your vintage item. Almost every major city or town has auction houses. Select one or two auction houses that are near your home and check out what they offer you.

If your vintage item has a good value, the auction house would place it at a specialist sale. They will provide you a customer number and contract with reserve price and more. After the sale, you will be emailed by the auction house to confirm whether your antique item was successful or not. They would send you a cheque within around four weeks, with deductions for commission costs, vat, advertising, and insurance. In case the item is not sold, you still have to pay a charge. You may choose to re-enter the item for the auction sale to occur next.

3. Don’t Settle for the First Offer

Shop around the way you do when buying any items. Don’t give in to anyone’s pressure on making a sale. Try remaining careful and level headed. The right price for your vintage item is worth any hassles.

You may get tempted to send the item for postal evaluation. The hassle involved may entice you to accept the first offer coming your way, rather than claim back your item.


Always try keeping your vintage items with you till the time you are ready for making a sale. Wherever possible, try sending a photograph first. Most of the auction houses accept this, especially the big ones.

4. Selling Antique Jewelry

When it’s about small antique items, the sale of vintage jewelry is quite popular. To find out whether the jewelry piece you have is of any significant value, follow the tips given below:

Check for Hallmarks

If you have a piece made of precious metal of 22ct, 18ct, 14ct, or 9ct, the piece instantly has a value. It’s always good to check the inside of bracelets and rings, and necklace clasps for hallmarks.

Check the Settings

Victorian jewelry may not always have a hallmark, so check out whether the metal with which it is made is tarnished or not. If the piece shows discoloration, then perhaps it’s plated jewelry. But if it doesn’t show any discoloration, the piece may be made of gold.

Check the Stones

Quite often, items set with glass or paste can be spotted easily since there is a lack of the “depth” of diamonds and other gemstones. Use this tip to evaluate the stones in your jewelry piece.

Avoid Peeling Pearls

Pearls that are peeling are imitation. Jewelry with such pearls would not fetch any price.

Don’t Underrate Costume Jewelry

It’s surprising to note that how collectable some pieces of costume jewelry are, although they are made with synthetic materials. Check out for any signatures. For instance, Chanel and Dior jewelry pieces would fetch high prices at Christies or Kerry Taylor auctions and the vintage shops across London.

5. Sell on an Appropriate Website

If the valuation of your antique item is a low amount, it’s a good idea to sell it on eBay or any other auction site. You may also offer the item for sale or rent on Renting Street.

See the similar items offered for sale on the site and note the price asked for them. Once you get an idea of the price you could get, considering the item’s valuation, offer it on the site, asking a fixed price. Put the item on the site for a minimum of 30 days.

In case your vintage item is delicate and large, consider offering it only for collection as sending the item may be troublesome.

While posting your antique item for sale on a site, upload high-quality pictures and provide the maximum possible description, including hallmark photographs or images of other marks showing the maker/manufacturer.

Summing Up

Vintage items are often a great source of money. However, selling a vintage item at the best possible price requires you to be smart. Apply the tips above to sell your item quickly and at the price you want!

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How to Set a Price to your Old Items for Quick Selling

Now that you have decided to declutter your home and sell away all those unused stuff at an online marketplace, you are faced with the important task of pricing them!

Underpricing them will end up in you losing the deal, over pricing will make you lose out to competitors online. We have here for you the simple points to keep in mind when pricing your items for a quick sell.

Keep prices flexible

Theories about pricing abound with the most common being those about the wholesale and the retail rates. Large enterprises have brought about the concept of fixed pricing that was always something that was negotiable some time back. Some parts of the world still run on this principle.


When it comes to pricing of selling used items, you can never have any fixed standard to go by. The amount to be paid for a vintage for example will far exceed its new replica available in the market. Someone that treasures old items is likely to pay you a fortune for that century-old chest-of-drawers that you possess. At the same time you cannot expect a sum large than what you paid for items that are commonly available with most people or households.

In short, the market theories of pricing policies usually do not apply to the pricing of your old items that you wish to sell now.

Market watch is crucial

Keep a tab on the pricing of products on different online marketplace to get a fair idea of how you can price your items. Of course, brand names are more likely to fetch you better prices than their lesser known variants.

Check out the most popular online selling portals like Craigslist or Renting Street looking up the relevant categories and sub-categories. If you were to sell a leather jacket, you would be looking up the prices of similar items on the portal. Depending on the condition of your item you can set up a reasonable price.

What you need to keep in mind is that you want to sell the items and retrieve money from it. The price that you put up is your sale price and you must be open to a negotiable sell price. The market for a particular product is most likely going to fluctuate and you must be open to it. The amount for which you found a product listed is only a marker and not necessarily the actual price for which it may sell.

The condition of your item will determine its pricing to a large extent. You can also mention in your listing that your item is as good as new without a scratch or flaw having been left unused or sparsely used.

Using price trackers is helpful

Track what has been sold earlier using the price trackers on the different online marketplace. eBay for example gives you the complete list of all items that have been sold and those that are still remaining. This list is extremely helpful for you to ascertain how much you may ask for an item of the same category. The list gives the prices that people have paid the sellers. It will go a long way in determining your pricing even if you wish to leave a margin for bargaining.


The price tracker helps you to keep a tab of the difference of rates that you may have when pricing your items. It is good for you to check out other ecommerce sites and see how much products are being sold for when new and when used. This way you will not have to be biased and dependent only on one site for your used item pricing.

Calculate the shipping charges

Remember that you are going to list your items online for selling. People living outside your city and state are sure to see the listing. Someone that likes the item may want it to be delivered at her or his location. Keep in mind the shipping costs in such cases when pricing your items.

A lot of people may want to come over to your place to collect the item than pay a couple of dollars more for shipping. It gives them the sense of striking a good deal.

In case you are selling a large furniture piece, it is only natural that the item will call for a special transportation. You can choose to deliver or opt not to and your pricing will also vary accordingly.

Customer psychology however shows that people prefer picking up their own item taking them back in their transport. This way you can quote less when selling getting the returns quickly and also give the customer the sense of a satisfactory deal. In fact adding huge delivery costs makes the pricing unrealistic turning away customers!

It is time that you get cracking taking photographs of all the old items that you want to sell and post them with the right pricing. Earn some quick cash without hassles and clear up your space too!

Good Luck!!!

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