10 Super Cool Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer

Summer is here and not all of us can take time off for a wonderful cool holiday at a snow-capped resort or lazy out at a stunning beachfront!

You are expected to go about life as normally as possible during the summer days your very own city or town. But, it need not be a gruel for you so long as you adopt some simple things into your daily routine.

Here are ten simple yet effective tips for your everyday life. These will help you cope with the summer beat smoothly without spending extra dollars or disrupting your normal schedule.

Now this is all that you need to do:

1.  Stay Hydrated Round-the-clock

There is no substitute to water when it comes to replenishing your body with the necessary fluid due to sweating. Drink water as often as you feel thirsty. It is a sign that your body is already dehydrated. So, the best thing to do is sip water as often as possible. Make sure that the total amount adds up to at least 8 to 10 glasses every day.

drink water
Drink lot of water

Water is clear fluid that does not contain any added calories. In case you want to add some flavor to your water, make a lemon and honey drink that is excellent in replenish lost fluid and also boosts energy.

2.    Exercise well regularly

Don’t stop exercising just because it’s hot and you will sweat more. Maintain a daily exercise routine during the summer days to give your metabolism the healthy boost it needs! Being sluggish is more likely to make you feel hot and uncomfortable when you step out in the heat.

Exercise daily
Exercise Regularly

Make maximum use of the early morning cool breeze. Exercise when it is still cool and if possible carry it into the warmer part of the day gradually. This will help your body to comfortably adapt with the gradual rise of temperature through the day.

A good option is to go in for more water sports workouts like swimming!

3.  Wear the Right Fabric

Pep up your fashionable side during the summer days and yet remain coolly comfortable! The best fabric for the hot days are cotton, crepe, linen, silk blends, viscose and seersucker. All of these are natural fibers that are totally breathable thus keeping the body cool.

cotton fabrics
Wear the right Fabric

You will never run out of fashion options in these materials as the stores are piled up with bright solid colors, pastels and also interesting floral prints. Set aside the rest of your wardrobe and play with colors even when the others are sweating it out and be as cool as ever…

4.     Stay away from Spicy Food

Studies have shown that eating spicy food stimulates blood circulation and thus your metabolism. This naturally will make you feel hot and sweat. For example, eating capsicum makes the body sweat without increasing body temperature!

Eat fruits
Eat seasonal Fruits and Salads

Include plenty of fresh salad and seasonal fruits in your diet. Nature has its own way of helping us cope with the change in temperature by giving us the right fruits and vegetables.

5.   Eat Smaller Meals

Filling up your stomach with large meals will increase body metabolism abnormally making you feel uneasy. Divide your portion into small and frequent meals that will keep you full and also regulate body metabolism.

Eat food in smaller quantities


Drink a glass of water half an hour before any large meal. It regulates body temperature and also controls appetite levels.

6.   Train Your Mind to think cool

Trick your mind and let the placebo effect/response take over to keep you cool in summer! Psychologists have proved how the mind can be tricked into perceive better conditions and also feeling better physically as a result of it. Make this happen with your mind and body.

Do Meditation daily
Do Meditation

Cooling the mind and is important as keeping the body cool. Set aside sometime during the day, preferably in the morning to cool your mind by meditating. Deep breathing exercises for ten minutes every day or a combination of meditation and breathing will go a long way in keeping your mind and thus body cool.

7.  Cool the Pulse Points

The major pulse points on the body are on the wrist, the nape of the neck and at the back of the neck. At any point in time during the day when you visit the washroom dab these points with a wet towel. Also, splash your face with water intermittently and see the difference that it makes as your cheek and temples cool off.

Wash your face
Splash your face with Water

When you cool these major points, heat is instantly taken away from the rest of the circulatory system. This naturally cools the rest of the body beating all the external heat!

8.  Make Essential Oils a part of your daily routine

Place a few drops of essential oils like peppermint or spearmint in your bathing water. Alternatively, take a jug of water and with the drop of essential oils in it and pour it over your body at the end of the bath. Both these oils have cooling properties that physically help the body to remain cool and also stimulate the olfactory nerves to have a cool refreshing feel.

Peppermint Leaves
Peppermint Leaves

It is an excellent way to beat all the heat either by starting the day with it or ending it for a cool relaxed evening and night.

9.  Make Aromatherapy a part of your summer days

Rose and lavender are known for their properties as coolants and stress busters. Place a diffuser containing these essential oils, light incense sticks or candles of the same aroma at home or in office if possible.


The best time to go about is in the evening or at night when you retire for the day. Relax and let the heat off to rest well and be prepared for another cool summer day ahead!

10. Use plenty of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known for its healing properties for burns and soothing the skin. Keep this gel handy and use it to clear off sunburns or just giving your skin a comfortable feel and rejuvenated look.

Aloe Vera gel
Aloe vera gel

Step out each day of summer looking cool and ravishing as ever!


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20 Super Easy Ways to Earn Quick Bucks as A Student (Shameless Self Promotion)

You have worked hard enough academically to reach high school or college but funds don’t come easy to students. Here are 20 super easy ways for you to earn those quick bucks. Make a pick of the ways that suit you best according to your personality and the situation in which you live. Earning about $100 a week should not be a problem and that too without sacrificing your study time.

Here you go:

Tutor students

Science, mathematics and language are some of the areas that children need help with most. These are also important in determining the future choice of studies that they make.

teaching tutions
Teaching Students

Helping them with their lessons during your convenient hour that matches with theirs is a great way of earning good money. If you are willing to sacrifice your free time, you can opt for tutoring a couple of such children. The financial gains will surely be high!

Give music lessons

Whether you are a good vocalist or have a knack with instruments, it is time that you make maximum use of it now.

teaching music
Giving music lessons

Give children or even eager adults music lessons. It is a way of enjoying your passion and also earning some quick and handsome bucks.

Take care of pets

Pets are part of the family for most. But a lot of people are unable to take them out for that walk that they so much need.

Taking care of pets

If you are a pet lover, it is a great way to both relax and earn. You can ask more than one pet owner if they are interested and take them all out together for a great evening and return with your pocket full!

Be a babysitter

For those of you that have spent time looking after your siblings or have the experience in spending time with children and have a love for it, babysitting is a great option.


Look for eager and busy parents in the neighborhood or ask your friends to refer you. You can charge as per the market rate when you have the experience in the job.

babysitter jobs

Rent out or sell your tangible yet unused goods

Over the years you are sure to have accumulated a number of items that you have not been using for long. You can either sell them or hire them out to make a regular earning out of them.

Unused items
image courtesy: Pixabay.com

Renting Street is one such online portal that allows you free listing of items and also skills on hire and sale. Transactions are made directly with the people that buy or hire and you get paid instantly.

Sell your photos or drawings

This is the time when your photography or painting skills can earn you money.

sell your paintings
Sell your paintings

There are several websites that sell photographs at a premium. You can sell yours to them and get your check. You can sit in the square and offer to draw people’s profiles or any other painting that you are good at. It is a way to pursue your passion and also use it to earn.

Sell your notes

Students are always looking for easier ways to study for exams to get good marks.

sell your notes
Sell your notes

If you have spent hours on making those valuable notes, sell them at the correct places where you can earn handsome returns. Don’t give them away to the first person that approaches you, there are joints in colleges where they are sold at the best rates.

Deliver food for restaurants

Be the local pizza boy or work part-time for the food delivery companies.

delivering food
Delivering food to restaurants

In most cases late night order fulfillment are a good option especially when you have already turned nocturnal due to studies. Get into an informal tie-up with these companies and keep your bike handy ready to pick and deliver the order.

Cook healthy meals for people

If you are a health freak yourself and have a passion for cooking too, you can ask similar minded people to taste the dishes you cook.

Cooking healthy meal for people

Set out the word or list free ads where more people come to learn about the healthy options that you have. A good way to do it is sell them to the people that go to the local gym.

Become a local gym instructor

As a health free you can opt to assist trainers in busy gyms.

gym instructor
Become a gym instructor

You will of course need some formal training and knowledge yourself to be able to do it. The best way to go about it is to ask the gym that you frequent if they or anyone else needs a personal trainer or assistant. It will keep you healthy and wealthy!

fitness trainer jobs

Be a freelance writer

There are plenty of freelance writing jobs available on the internet. Make a good search for such jobs and ask for the best rates before you start.

Freelance writing

If you are good at it, you are sure to get a constant flow of work coming in the form of blogs and other similar posts. You just sit back at home and let your ideas flow out and earn you quick money.

Become a graphic designer

You can take up the work of designing cards, covers or even stationery.

Graphic designer

All you need is the software with which you can work to bring out those stellar designs. You will find plenty of such jobs online or you can contact professional houses if they need freelance service.

Move furniture

Moving furnitures
Moving furniture

A lot of moving companies are continually looking for strong and young hands that can assist in their assignment of moving. Leave your number with the moving companies nearby and ask them to call you when they have a job. You get paid on spot.

Be a valet

Be a valet

Offer to park the car of people at a convenient location that you own or know of. People are increasingly finding it difficult to leave their cars at safe locations while dining or shopping. You can fill in the gap and earn too.

Put up holiday/occasion decorations

Birthday celebrations, Halloween, Christmas and the list goes on.

christmas decorations
Christmas decorations

Offer to put up decorations that are appropriate for the time and take them down later and get paid. You can get in touch with an event management company or tell your friends and family of your expertise too.

Do fall or spring cleaning for people

With everyone being busy all through the year, springtime cleaning is not an easy task.

cleaning garden
Spring cleaning for people

When people know that you are willing to help them with it, you are sure to get more than one assignment. Sure it is a bit of hard work, but with a few days apart, you can easily earn well in the season!

Help remove the snow

removing snow
Removing snow

Offer to clean up the doorway and the driveway for people to go to work and children to go to school. You will get paid for your work immediately and move on to a couple of homes more before you are too exhausted to earn more!

Help people with cleaning their homes

You need not work with a maid service providing company but still, you can clean peoples’ homes and earn.

cleaning home
Helping people in cleaning their homes

A lot of homeowners are looking for reliable and energetic hands that can clean their homes at convenient hours. Pass the word around or ask if people around need such services. Working for even two homes a week will keep your pocket well-stocked.

Run errands for elderly people or the sick

A lot of elderly people live alone and would love someone to run errands like buying groceries, taking them for a walk or even a short drive to the stores.

helping older ones
Helping elderly people

It is surely a pleasure to be with them and carry out their small tasks. Not only will they be delighted but you get paid for your good services.

Make handicraft items and sell them on Etsy

handicraft items
Handicraft itemsu

Put to use your skills in arts and crafts in your free time. Make innovative small items from the material that you already have or can buy cheaply. Sell them on Etsy, it is an excellent platform to showcase your products and earn directly from buyers.


So enjoy your life as a student with these easy way to keep your wallet full all the time!

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21 Books You Should Certainly Read Before Turning 30

The 20s are a dynamic age. It’s the time when you are having fun, exploring the world and trying to establish a place for yourself in the world.  It’s thought that the 20s are fun and exciting.  However, in the present times, a majority of adults approaching 30 report being highly stressed and suffering from quarter-life crisis. Studies show that the pressure faced by young adults has been gradually shooting up.

With the current scenario of our economy and the society at large, the present era makes a baffling time to step into adulthood. So, what can the 20-somethings do? Well, they can start by READING.

Of course, books aren’t a magic wand that solves all your problems. However, reading books is suggested by about every smart person out there as the best foundation to build a smart, successful, and prosperous living.


If you are turning 30 soon and feel as if your life is more towards a mess than a perfectly settled one, below are some books that can equip you with the wisdom and tools for a prosperous and happier future. These books include how-to guides for getting solutions to the practical adulthood problems, thought provoking examination of social issues, and impactful novels.

1. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

   Author: Robert Cialdini

Robert Cialdini, a psychologist, introduces the principles of influence in this book – consensus, liking, commitment, authority, scarcity, and reciprocation. Thinking why you need to learn these? Well, one can avoid a trap well if he knows how to set up one.

Influence-The Psychology of Persuasion

Image courtesy: www.goodreads.com

2.  Between the World and Me

   Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates

It’s acceptable to have obliviousness as an adolescent; however, it’s quite dangerous when one is old enough to shoulder the responsibilities of a boss, citizen, and voter.


As stated by NYPL librarians, this winner of the National Book Award would help you deal with realities related to racism in America. In case you avoided this topic when you were young, this book would push you to feel empathized with fellow Americans.

Between the world and me

Image courtesy: en.wikipedia.org

3. Tiny Beautiful Things

  Author: Cheryl Strayed

If you are looking for some solid knowledge on the basic yet essential life skills, you’ll find it packed inside this book, according to the NYPL librarians. However, you shouldn’t expect to get etiquette trivia in it like which fork should you use for what course.

According to the librarians, this book holds the most compassionate and best advice on becoming an empathic and fully realized human being in this world. The book reminds us that life is full of uncertainty. The condition of “quarter-life crises” may be the first among many opportunities to seek help.

Tiny Beautiful Things

Image courtesy: www.goodreads.com

4.  A Little Life

    Author: Hanya Yanagihara

Empathy is an often ignored, yet highly important trait to have in a human being. If you wish to expand this trait in yourself, “A Little Life” is the book to read.

The story is about four friends graduating college and staying in New York City. This seems a simple and innocent premise; nevertheless, the reality that lurks behind the surface is quite devastating. The book tries to expand readers’ ability of understanding depression and grief, pushing them to be more empathetic. The time of the 20s is better than any for honing the quality of empathy.

A little life

Image courtesy: www.goodreads.com

5.  Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life

   Author: John Townsend and Henry Cloud

Here is an impactful book addressing one of the most common issues – the struggle of saying no. Whether you seek help mentally, physically, or emotionally, this is the book you should read. In this book, you will find the blueprint to set clear boundaries in all facets of life.


Image courtesy: www.goodreads.com

6.  So Good They Can’t Ignore You

   Author: Cal Newport

In this book, the basic premise is “skills win over passion”. It says that it might not be best to follow your bliss, quit your job, and do work that you were destined to do. Newport has argued that instead of finding work you are passionate of, we should try developing valuable skills that result in “career capital” that will help us build dream careers and jobs.

They cant ignore you

Image courtesy: www.kevinespiritu.com

7.   Give and Take

    Author: Adam Grant

Our present culture tells that a person needs to be backstabbing and barbaric so as to attain professional growth. However, in this book, Adam Grant (Wharton organizational psychologist) states that how such an outlook is quite wrong. According to research, the more value people create for others, the more successful they will be in their fields.

give and take

Image courtesy: www.goodreads.com

8.   Flow

    Author: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

All around us we can hear about the pursuit of happiness. However, it’s quite weird that little research has been carried out to uncover the mechanics of happiness. “Flow” is the consolidation of long years of research of how happiness works actually. According to Csikszentmihalyi, when life is lived aligned to its frontiers, in which a person is exploring and expanding his/her sense of self constantly, happiness comes as a product.



Image courtesy: www.happybrainscience.com

9. How Will You Measure Your Life?

   Author: Clayton Christensen

This is a business book on the surface and a philosophical meditation beneath the surface.

The story has a mystery at its center – In 1979, when Christensen completed his graduation from the Harvard Business School, he as well as his classmates were highly successful. However, by their 25th year reunion, several of his friends were facing crisis, whether a private one or a public one.

This book examines why some extremely privileged people are ruined in life whereas others prosper.

Measure your life


Image courtesy: Amazon.com

10. Eat, Pray, Love

    Author: Elizabeth Gilbert

“Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert touched the whole world and made a difference in thousands of lives. The book inspired and empowered countless readers to go in a quest to find their best selves.

In Gilbert’s early 30s, she had almost everything any modern American woman would want – a successful career, country home, and husband. Yet rather than being fulfilled and happy, she faced utter confusion and panic. This book narrates the story of how Gilbert left all the outward marks of a successful life behind, and headed for exploring three of her nature’s aspects amidst three different cultures – a balance of divine transcendence and worldly enjoyment in Bali, devotion in India, and pleasure in Italy.

Eat, pray and love

Image courtesy: en.wikipedia.org

11.  War and Peace

   Author: Leo Tolstoy

Many of you may have read this book during school. However, young adults should take the time to read it. An unrivalled masterpiece, “War and Peace” features drama, history, and the lives of people intertwined in a significant time.

war and peace


Image courtesy: www.pinterest.com

12. David Copperfield

   Author: Charles Dickens

“David Copperfield” is a famous novel teaching readers of all ages how to exercise morality, emotion, and discipline to achieve success and goals

David copperfield

Image courtesy: http://www.loyalbooks.com

13.  The Miracle of Mindfulness

  Author: Thich Nhat Hanh

Research in cognitive science shows that mindfulness meditation, an ancient practice, has several benefits including boosted working memory, enhanced cognitive flexibility, and stress reduction. This book is perhaps the most effective introduction to this practice. You need a single afternoon only to complete reading the book.

The miracle of mindfullness.

Image courtesy: www.goodreads.com

14.  Pride and Prejudice

     Author: Jane Austen

This classic love story features Elizabeth Bennet along with her four sisters, with all being unmarried. Charles Bingley, a wealthy young gentleman, arrives in Netherfield Park. In a ball, the Bennet family meets Charles Bingley along with his friend, Mr. Darcy. The elder sister of Elizabeth, Jane, and Mr. Bingley make a friendship quite quickly. On the contrary, Mr. Darcy seems to be little interested in Elizabeth and he refuses to dance with her. Nevertheless, Mr. Darcy is increasingly attracted towards Elizabeth. With the progress of the story, the readers would wonder whether the two will find romance or not. Read the book and discover for yourself!

Pride and Prejudice

Image courtesy: dailynova.org

15. Confessions of a Terrible Husband: Lessons Learned From a Lumpy Couch

  Author: Nick Pavlidis

If you are someone ready to leave behind the relationship drama associated with your 20s and find out how to create an adult partnership that actually functions, this is the book for you. The book narrates the journey of Pavlidis from a self-absorbed person to one who makes a loving husband. Perhaps, you may take lessons from his mistakes!

Confessions of a Terrible Husband

Image courtesy: www.goodreads.com

16.  The Picture of Dorian Gray

    Author: Oscar Wilde

This is classic English literature with a dark, yet intriguing plot. The book is centered at Doran Gray, a young man, and how he is obsessed with his portrait. Subsequently, a forbidden deal is made by Dorian that grants him eternal youth accompanied by many hedonistic pleasures. However, with time, the tables start turning on Dorian.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Image courtesy: hannahchutzpah.com

17.  Anna Karenina

   Author: Leo Tolstoy

Although an excruciatingly long novel, this evocative story by Tolstoy keeps readers hooked to the intricate portrayal of the matters related to love and relationships. As you read it, you would experience a deep involvement in the minds and worlds of the tale’s complex characters. The success of this novel lies not only in the heartbreaking and flawless illustration of the protagonist by Tolstoy and her fate’s stark drama, but also in its exploration of how to get fulfillment in life.

Anna Karenina

Image courtesy: www.thoughtco.com

18.  One Hundred Years of Solitude

   Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

This amazing piece of literature narrates the story of Buendia family and its six generations, staying in the magical and fictional town of Macondo. The quirks, family secrets, ancient mysteries, and strange contradictions make this novel one of the best works of Marquez. Every page unfolds vivid imagery, making you realize that this novel is one of the finest pieces of magic realism.

One hundred years of soltitude

Image courtesy: barnes & noble.com

19.  To Kill A Mockingbird

    Author: Harper Lee

“To Kill A Mockingbird”, said to be ‘The American Novel’, shares a message about being brave enough to stand firmly by your convictions. The novel has been narrated by a child, and explores the significance of duty and integrity in the face of injustice and intolerance. With the core message of anti-racism, the author breaks stereotypes impeccably and teaches us to be respectful towards fellow human beings.

kill a mocking bird

Image courtesy: penguin.co.uk

20.  The Color Purple

   Author: Alice Walker

Winner of National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize, this is a perspective-shifting novel about a courageous and resilient woman. The protagonist, Celie, is a woman who grew up in rural Georgia under conditions of poverty. She has faced abuse from her own family and disdain from the society. She tries hard to save Nettie, her sister, from similar conditions.

As life seems too difficult to bear, Celie writes letters to God. These letters narrate her journey of empowerment and self-discovery with the guidance of some strong women.

the color purple

Image courtesy: en.wikipedia.org

21.  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

   Author: Maya Angelou

The first among the series of autobiographies by Maya Angelou, this book is the record of the life of a young, black woman who grew up in America around the 1930s. It’s a powerful and raw story set against the backdrop of violence against women, identity problems, and racism.

Why the cage bird sings

Image courtesy: en.wikipedia.org

The world of books has many more gems than the ones above that you can read before turning 30. The more you read the works of great authors of all times, the more wisdom you will gain that will help you build a good life. So, start reading today!

And if you know other books that will be helpful for the 20-somethings, please share them with our readers in the comments section below.



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How To Move Smoothly: Everything You Need To Know About Relocation

Moving out of your nest to another place is definitely emotionally telling and physically stressful.

But again, moving out is a part of life and it can happen at any point in time. Also, there are several times in life that you may have to face the proposition of moving homes, office and even cities!

Knowing what to expect, using the correct resources and making the right moves makes a big difference between total stress and peaceful moving.

Rent or buy a home

Listing your items is crucial

One of the first criteria for moving is the careful making of a list of items that you will be taking along with you. This will naturally vary according to your age and the stage of life that you are in.

  • As a student when you are moving out of home to a new city to study and ultimately move on with your career, the items you need will differ from those of a family moving towns.

  • Even as a student or a fresh graduate, you are going to need essentials that are easy to leave back. In the end you spend more time ruing not having brought them from home, looking for them in stores nearby and of course, incurring more expenses.

  • You list should include basics like bed, nightstand, a desk and a couple of chairs, mirror, a piece of kitchen utilities, laundry basket shower curtains, iron and the ironing board, a tool box and some bulbs. Depending on whether it is a dorm or an independent room that you are shifting to, your list may get longer.


  • When moving homes with families, it is normal to become sentimental and nostalgic about articles that you have collected over the time. Your new home either may not have space for them or they may not be apt for its décor.

  • This is where you need to use your rational discerning powers to list the things that you are going to carry with you. If there are heirlooms like grand pianos or crystal glassware, naturally you will want them to remain in the family.


  • In most cases, items that you remained unused for more than six months are not likely to be used by you. Think of putting up a yard sale, posting them on sale at online marketplaces or just donate them.

Not only will this save you money from transporting them unnecessarily but also cluttering your new home unnecessarily.

Rent a home

Secure your packs well for a better moving experience

Packing your stuff is the next most important phase when moving places.

Surely you will not want to arrive at your new destination with broken pots and pans or shattered glassware and electronic items.

For young college students and grads, the packing is going to be simpler with all items comfortably fitting into a couple of strong boxes. You will also need some strong tarp, ropes, binding tape and the like to secure them well.

In the case of homes and office shifting, you can surely make use of your expertise in case you know how to go about it. Else, you will have to take the help of movers in your locality that offer comprehensive package for the job.

Know your packers and movers well!

If you are using the services of a moving company, make sure that you pick:

  • A registered company that has a up-to-date registration
  • The company has insured its motor vehicle, liabilities and also the workers
  • The unique U.S Department of Transportation ID assigned to it to track reviews and inspections.

Once this is done, ask for the different packages that they have. Usually movers offer two basic services – packing, moving and unpacking or just transporting.

  • Again, in the first category, a company may give options of providing a range of packing boxes and other accessories or just send packers to do the job with you buying it all.
  • The option of unpacking is also available only with select movers as part of the package.
  • Moving large and heavy items up narrow stairs and multiple floors have to be worked out with the company well in advance.

In case you are packing all by yourself, make sure you have all the packing material ready before starting. Begin with one room at a time and place all delicate and fragile items separately. Number and label your boxes and make a legend so that you can monitor them when being loaded and unloaded.

For those that are moving offices, it is better to rely on the help of your staff that know how to take care of the equipment when packing or hire experts at the job. You surely do not want to end up with a tangle of wires at your new office!

Make your estimates and calculate the costs well

It is important that you make your budget for your next moving. Get different package quotes from the service providers. Then compare it to the cost that you would incur if you were to take care of the packing part all by yourself.

In fact, if you have limited items and start doing it early, you can definitely save a lot on your next moving!

Of course, there are other factors like time and your working hours that have to be considered. It is only wise that you calculate your hourly income and compare it with the amount that you have to spend on it.

As a young student or graduate that has just landed with a job in a new city, resources are surely going to be limited as the number of items to be relocated. While those that are already with jobs will have to decide on the best suited method.

Happy moving to the next phase of your life!!!




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13 Secret Tips To Keep Sofas Clean & New Looking – Always

You are sure proud of the great looking sofa that you have invested in and also enjoy its comfort! Guests are happy to make themselves comfortable in it and spend some happy times in your living room.

With the living room being the hub of activities in all homes, the family too is sure to descend on it! While the going only gets better in its soft comfort, there comes the vital issue of maintaining its initial pristine looks.

Continual use will naturally make it dirty with dirt, dust and of course the infamous stains. But here’s the kicker – the most amazing tips to clean your sofa and make it look as new as ever! Just read on to know how to clean fabric or leather sofas.

get a sofa


No more investing in any expensive cleaner or calling costly professional cleaning people. Now, you can easily remove any type of stain easily all by yourself. Only, the sofa cleaning methods will differ according to the type of material that it is made out of – fabric or leather.

Cleaning Fabric Sofas

Stains of any types are to be treated immediately with tissue and moisture. Soak up the liquid with the tissue and then use a clean moist cloth or tissue paper to remove as much of the remnant as possible.

Here are some tips on handling some specific stain types without the use of harsh chemicals or detergents. Now, you need not be worried about damaging the color or texture of your sofa fabric while getting it clean too!

  • Firstly, vacuum your fabric sofas regularly preferably once a week depending on the type of traffic an usage it undergoes. This will keep preventing the accumulation of loose dust in the corner or beneath the cushions. All of it will ensure that when treating stains you are not rubbing in more dirt into the fabric!

Cleaning sofa

  • Dark Chocolate, Juice & Wine stains can be removed effectively using a combination of baking soda and vinegar. This is especially good for delicate fabrics and you can leave the paste for 15-20 minutes.

Sell on Renting Street


  • For stronger fabric, you can use baking soda mixed with hand-wash liquid and leave it for the same time span or even more depending on the stain.

cleaning sofa

  • Milk tea and coffee stains can be removed best using hot steam, that is, cloth dipped in boiling water. Just rub the stain place with the cloth dabbed in hot water and see the stain disappear gradually.

coffee stains

  • Ink stains are best removed by rubbing alcohol or even pure spirit on the mark. Repeat the process for old and stubborn ink stain marks.

rubbing alcohol

  • Blood stains when fresh can be treated with cold water and warm water when they have dried up. In both cases, rubbing the place with a mild detergent will help remove totally the faint traces of the stain.

cleaning sofa with detergent

  • Oil stains are probably the most daunting of them all. These are best treated with baking soda paste made mixed with water that is left on the mark. You can repeat the process till there is no more trace of the stain left on the fabric.

sofa stains

  • Lipstick stains too are greasy and can be easily removed by applying new nail polish remover. In case you feel it is too strong, dilute it with water (1:1) and repeat application till the stain is gone.

lipstick stains

  • Other color stains can be treated using fresh lemon juice that is left over the stain for about 20-30 minutes. Alternately, you can use white vinegar and do the same leaving it for the same time length.

cleaning with lemon

Cleaning Leather Sofas

Leather sofas give a plush and rich look to the ambience of your living room and are expensive too. But with the passage of time, they too become dirty and need to be cleaned periodically.

Leather sofa cleaning poses a lesser challenge compared to fabric sofa cleaning and here is how you can maintain the initial sheen – always. However, you need to be careful about using any liquid when cleaning the surface.

  • Cleaning accumulated dirt on a leather surface is best done using dry microfiber cloth on a daily basis. This prevents the dust from turning into a layer of settled dirt on the surface.

Cleaning leather sofa

  • In case, the dirt has already settled on the surface, use a mild liquid soap and warm water mix to clean it. Make sure that you wipe away all traces of liquid once the dirt layer had disappeared. Leather is a sworn enemy of water or liquids of other types.


  • Mold and mildew from leather sofas can be removed using white vinegar on the patch. Not only will the patch disappear but it will also act as a disinfectant preventing it from reoccurring.

cleaning dust

  • Applying beeswax on leather sofa to maintain its sheen is always to be given precedence over other petroleum products.

stains on sofa

There are several professional cleaning products available in the market for fabric and leather sofas. However, using effective home remedies with care result in clean sofas that look bright and inviting as ever!

Even your old sofa can get its near original sheen back in no time with these cleaning hacks. This will surely get you a better price in case you wish to sell it or rent it out!!!

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10 Amazing Ways Of Giving Your Home A Makeover With Old Items

You have an amazing home where you have been living for years and things have just accumulated. There are also those pieces that you have valued so much but, have got old and worn out over the time. Some may have developed chips and cracks or just lost their sheen.

It is not always necessary to buy expensive articles and do costly makeovers to give you home a swanky new look. Have you ever thought how useful your old are to make your home look as great as ever?

You’ve probably never thought how those cracked pottery could become rare and attractive showpieces or those napkins turn into bright scallops!!!

Well, now here are some amazing ways of using these articles to get a chic looking home that you and your guests will love!!!

buy a sofa

Before you throw out that broken drawer, take a little time to reorganize it into a unique key-holder. An alternative is to fix them together to new and interesting shapes to create exciting patterns on the wall. It will give the room a completely new makeover!

Key hanger

2.   Keep your home clean while making it look swanky too! Place an old plastic serving tray filled with acrylic or polished pebbles/rocks in it and turn it into a shoe stand.

Shoe rack

3.   Make your kitchen fresh looking and colorful all through the change of seasons. Use you old napkin cloth and hang them as café curtains from a tension rod. You can make use of all the colors that you have changing them according to the seasons and placing similar hued flowers to make your kitchen a lively place to work in.


4.   Another way of brightening up your kitchen with multiple print napkins is to make a drape or scallop out of them. Stich them to form scallops and hang them from a string that you can attach to removable vacuum holders on either ends. Make an interesting mix of colors and prints to give the place a lively look helping you enjoy your time in the kitchen.


5.  Give that corner or end of the corridor an interesting look with an old table hand painted or polished for a solid look. You can place together large unused wooden trays painting them in contrasting colors for that raw and earthly look. The overall look is sure to give the place a chic look that is a fine combination of the old world charm with that of simple modernity.

old table

6.   If that nice looking vase has developed a crack near the neck but there is too much sentiment attached to it to be thrown out, there is a way to turn it into a centerpiece! Take an unused scarf and tie it around the neck with an interesting knot and place complementing color flowers in it. As a centerpiece, the table and the overall room will get a stunning makeover.

broken vase

7.    You have an old bed with a plain metal or wood headboard whose paint has chipped. While the old furniture is still comfortable, its look is making the entire room drab. Keep the same bed and give the room a refreshing look by placing a piece of proportionately wide textured cloth. Tie up the ends with ribbons to secure it in place. Color up a couple of old wooden trays and cut soothing pictures to paste them onto it and hang them over the headboard on the wall. Even the plainest of rooms will come alive with these old reused items.

old bed

8.  See how your living room can come alive with some coat of paints. Make a mix and match of colors to give the décor an interesting yet warm vibe. Paint that old storage drawer in a soothing green and another bench like storage in blue.

Take the old placement mats and give them a dash of color if needed. Or else place photos of interesting moments and fix them in the center to draw your guests’ gaze.


9.   Faded wall paint is one of the worst elements in a room that makes it look drab and unappealing. When you can’t afford a repaint, you can make use of your exiting placement mats to create a flawless curtain. Make a curtain by connecting each mat with strings or ball-link chains to form the needed width. It will refresh the look of the place altogether and make it inviting too!

old mats

10.  Give your old walls a splash of colors and an interesting twist to the overall look of the room. No expensive paints or costly wall-paper, all you need are the old porcelain plates, melamine trays and plated and flat wall clocks. Clean them and add s fresh dash of color to some of them if necessary. Place them on the floor and arrange them into an interesting pattern. Take double-sided adhesive tape and fix each of them on the wall covering any crack, faded or peeled paint. When finished, an old wall is sure to turn into an attractive wall art for your guests!

old plates

Here is happy home redoing without spending more than a couple of dollars using the same old stuff that you may be thinking of throwing out. Keep looking out for more blogs on beautiful homes from Renting Street!!!

Share your thoughts and ideas so that we can tell others too and keep the chain growing!

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7 Points To Ponder Before Appointing A Babysitter For The First Time

Bundle of joy is fast growing into a spirited entity that has recently got mobile too!!! Yes, we are talking about your hyperactive kid that demands a chunk of your time and energy too.

There are professional demands, work to do and obligations to fulfill outside the home too. It is only normal that you are going to need a helping hand to take care of your child.


Sooner or later, you are sure to need help to look after your kid. Hiring a babysitter is the most normal thing that you would do for this.

Babysitter jobs

But of course it is easier said than done!

Leaving your child with a babysitter involves several safety factors that you must consider before hiring one.

Now, these are some important factors to keep in mind when selecting the right babysitter:

1.References are deciding factors

i.  If you have listed an ad to hire a baby sitter, you are sure to hear from experienced or new-found people.


Never shy away from asking for references or calling people they whose details they have given you as references. It is not a matter of hurting any one’s sentiments but a matter of your child’s safety!

ii.  The other way to go about the process is to talk to a babysitter that someone has referred you. This way you will know that you are talking to a person who has already babysat with someone that you know.

2.   Schedule a time for a one-on-one talk 

Make sure you set up a meeting with the candidate when you do not have to run around after your child. Also, meet the person at a time when your mind is fresh and alert. This will ensure that you do not miss the small details in conversation or the person’s body language.

3.   Ask plenty of questions

Prepare a questionnaire beforehand and rehearse them so that you are nor fumbling for words when talking to your potential babysitter.

i.   Ask if the person has children of her own, had younger siblings whose care were entrusted to her. Experience of kids is extremely important.

ii.   It is important to get her philosophy on children and childcare. What age children is the person most comfortable with? Children of different ages have varying interests and the person should understand them well.

iii.  Make sure to understand how the babysitter’s priorities when she is with your child. Ask questions like the child has just choked on a piece of food or fallen down the stairs and the bell rings with the deliveryman shouting out. How will she react?

iv.    The potential babysitter should have basic first-aid knowledge and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is one of them. In case the person has no idea of such emergencies, ask if she is willing to learn.

4.   Ask for a kid test

A reliable babysitter will surely agree to spend some test time with your kid during any of her spare times. Make sure you are around, but of course without a conspicuous presence to see how the two get along.

A lot is sure to come in the open in this test time which of course should not be less than thirty to forty minutes.

Want to work as babysitter

5.   Trust Your Gut

The biggest asset you have as a mom is your gut feeling. When interviewing a potential babysitter, let your gut feeling give you the clear indications.

Despite all odds or everything going smooth, there is that one feeling that is nagging at the back of your mind – your gut feeling. Never ignore it!!!

The irreplaceable bonding between you and your child is sure to let out special wavelengths that will allow you to make the correct final decision.

6.     Find the current rates

Make a fact finding on the current rates of babysitters in your area. Even within a city, the rates are likely to differ depending on the experience of the person as well as the place where they are working.

Call your friends, ask your neighbors or look up the websites of agencies providing them to get the right idea. Of course, you have the choice of offering something more in case the person turns out to be exceptionally good for your child.

7.   Opt for a Trial Run

Make arrangements of a day, a couple of days or a week if necessary with the babysitter before going in for long-term commitments. It will give you enough time to see any adverse or positive reactions coming from your child.

If things work out fine, you can naturally continue with her. Else, just thank her after paying and say that the arrangement is not working for you.

Enjoy your motherhood and time with your baby to bring smile back on your lips reminiscing them after decades!!!


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How To Make Your Home Look Large & Spacious: 10 Smart Tips

If large and copious spaced where you can dance and waltz is not your to own, there is no reason to dismay. All that matters is that you have a pad of your own and turn it into a lovely living space that looks amazing and large too!!

These super tricks will help you beat the physical space limitations and make your home look large, airy and delightful. Go ahead and make your home that special nook that you will love to get back to and unwind!

Clean house

1   Play with colors carefully


The splash of the right colors not only brighten and enliven any room but also gives it the character that you want to define it with. Use light colors to paint the walls of your room to make them look roomier. Use light shades of yellow, green or pink with a combination of white for the walls. This will make the space interesting, inviting and of course look larger.

2   Choose your furniture with care

Buy straight-line light-colored comfortable sitting that will blend in with the walls and their light colors.

comfortable sitting

Also, avoid buying chairs or sofas with large protruding arms. Placing such furniture will result in attracting attention on their large visual appearance making them look out of place. They will also make the space look small and cluttered.


3     Upholstery fabric has a big say

Buy upholstery that have colors complementing those of the walls. This will help in extending the visual appeal of the colors, retain continuity and thus make the space look larger. In case of fabric, it is good to stick to a solid color. In case you are fond of prints, choose very small prints only.


Avoid placing chairs or sofas with cushions that have contrasting or dark colors that will make the room look cramped. Opt for cushions with trips in case you wish to want to give it an interesting look. Large and bold floral or geometric shapes are best left out.

get a sofa


4     Place long curtains that increase visual continuity

curtains for small rooms

Light colored small prints best complement the airy look of a small space. Buy lightweight fabric for your curtains that will blend in with the color scheme on the walls. Something that directly complements the upholstery is more likely to create a harmonious and continuous look. Avoid shiny and heavy curtain material or blinds that eats up the visual space.


5      Make clever use of your wall space

Instead of buying expensive painting and hanging them on the walls, use the space to fix small and open storage racks. If you are a DIY expert, you can fix planks of wood together to create some great designs.

designed shelves

Else, there are attractive options available in the market that you buy. Only make sure that the racks are parallel to each other horizontally to add to the visually spacious look.

You can place decorative items as well as keep planters or books to bring an interesting look to the wall and the overall décor.


6     Light up the corners well

Dingy room corners not only cut out on the spacious look but also make any room unappealing. Place small tables with storage options below. This way you will be making use if every inch of space.

light up your corners

Keep a subtle table lamp on it or if possible a down-lighter from the ceiling. This will not just illuminate the space but also reflect the light softly on other walls adding to the visual light look.

7   Cut out on that rug

Floor is the only continuous area of any room and it is important to maintain its continuous and smooth flowing look.

Carpets and area rugs are best reserved for moderate to large space. Placing them defines an area and unless you place them wall-to-wall in any room, they divide the floor space visually. This naturally makes the room look smaller.

When doing up the floors at the construction level, make sure you opt for long plank designs or patterns that are parallel to the longest wall of the room to make it look bigger. You can also play it safe with solid colors with light veins.

8   Let the mirror speak – everywhere

Mirrors reflect and it is the one of the best ways to increase the visual look of any space. But, it is important to select the mirrors carefully and also place them prudently.

mirror in rooms


Firstly, for small spaces, avoid mirrors with heavy or showy frames. What you need is a plain mirror that will blend in with the wall and reflect the space seamlessly.

Secondly, place the mirror where it will receive light to reflect it. Else, the whole purpose of using the mirror to make the space look larger will be defeated and the room will end up looking dull.


9   Use that large storage furniture well

If you have large chest-of-drawers or low storage furniture pieces, use them to turn them into side tables and sitting places.

large storage furnitures

Give them a fresh coat of paint or polish them to get the sheen back and spread out a linen piece on top of the chest-of-drawers. Keep comfortable cushions on the low storage pieces and see how versatile they become to you and your guests.

While your guests can sit on them and chat with you, you can also excuse yourself to take something out asking the guest , to get up. This will help you retrieve your item and also cut down on the chatter!


10   Stay clutter-free and get more physical and visual space

A periodic deep cleaning is a must. This is the time that you should do away with things that you have not used nor do you envision using. It is not necessary that you sell away everything right away.

clutter free rooms

You can rent them out and earn some extra dollars and retrieve them when need them. This way there will always be some freed space in your home to give it a large and spacious look.

Rent or sell your home


The way you arrange your living space, make clever use of colors and manipulate heights and lengths can make a world of difference to even a small room.

So here is happy home doing up!!!

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15 Creative Ways you can Repurpose Old Furniture

Planning to revamp your home interiors? Well, you don’t need to make it an expensive affair! If you have old furniture at your home (that you were thinking about tossing out), you can use them in several creative ways to lend a fresh feel to your home. All you need is some ideas on how to repurpose your unwanted old furniture into something useful and innovative!

Need a sofa

So, here we are listing down some creative ways to make something amazing out of unwanted junk.

1.   Interesting Children’s Dresser

Dressing table

If you find your old dresser to be boring, revive it with a vibrant color. You can paint it in bright-hued chalkboard paint like pinkish-red. This will give it a playful look, making it perfect for your kid’s room. Your kids can write or draw anything on it, saving your walls from unexpected drawings.

2.   Salvaged Home Office

home office

Imagine a home office made up of things from your junkyard! Yes, you can create a fully functional home office with your old furniture, like the one shown here. The legs of this desk are made by sawhorses, the desktop is formed by a wooden pallet, and the framework is made by an old ladder. A garage storage unit has been used here along with wood pallets to offer back support. They create a shelving unit with substantial storage space. Place vintage-style objects on the shelves to lend a rustic look to the space.

3.   Decoupaged Furniture

Decorating items

You don’t need to throw away damaged furniture. An interesting way to hide imperfections and damages on furniture is with decoupage. On this neglected dresser, the imperfections have been concealed with old sheets of music. This also lends a shabby yet chic look to this all-white bedroom. Other stuff you can use to decoupage damaged furniture are book pages, postcards, letters, and maps. This is a great way to hide missing veneer, water marks, gouges and other flaws. Moreover, it adds a unique style and dimension to the space.

4. Vibrant Focal Point

painted coffee table

A fresh coat of paint can sometimes work wonders on a weary piece of furniture. This coffee table, boring earlier, has been painted in an attention-grabbing royal blue color that has made it the focal point of an otherwise neutral living room.

5.  Outdated Turned to Stylish


With a bit of creativity, you can repurpose even the most outdated and unnecessary stuff.  Here, a worn out wood frame has been updated with decoupage with the help of antiquing glaze, polyurethane spray, and aluminum foil. The framed chalkboard gets a stylish look with the gold finish. It looks great when hung on a wall or placed on a dresser.

6.   Wallpaper Table

Dining table

Spruce up your old furniture with unexpected materials! Have some wallpaper and leftover paint? Use them to transform an old dining table into an artwork. The various colors and patterns add versatility to the table, making it suitable for any room.

7.    Wooden Soda Crates

wooden crates

Here is an out-of-the-box way to use old soda crates and an old table. A shadow box and combination coffee table has been made out of four old crates of soda.

Buy a sofa

The crates have been attached to the base of an old table and a tempered glass piece is laid over them.

8.   Retro Nightstand Makeover

old night lamp

Two-tiered nightstands and end tables were quite popular in the 50s. They have a practical design. All you need to transform this retro style furniture piece into a fully functional one is a fresh coat of paint.

9.   Paint Magic

Painted table

Have an old wooden table? Revive it with paint! You can paint the whole table in a single color, and then paint floral patterns on it as shown here. The earthy flowers and the crisp white palette create a serene effect.

10.   Outdoor Coffee Table

outdoor coffee table

Add some visual appeal to your front porch with an old coffee table. If you don’t have one, get it from the flea-market. Paint it in an exterior, high-gloss plaint that can withstand the outdoor weather conditions.

11.  Door to Table

table made of door

An old door can make an amazing coffee table. The rustic finish of the door shown here, fits well for family rooms. Put your feet over it, avoid using coaster, spill soda – it won’t damage the table. Rather, it would only boost the rich, natural patina.

12.   Weathered Wooden Table

Timbered table

With weathered timbers, you can create a solid table that matches various styles – eclectic, contemporary, old world, rustic and more. The table shown here has angle cuts on its legs that lend an Asian flair to it.

13.   Wooden Crate Shelf

shelf of crates

You can build a fully functional shelf with wooden crates. Here, two old wood crates have been stacked over an industrial cart to create a portable shelf. You can hide away clutter easily through the hinged openings.

14.    Stepladder Display Shelf

stepladder shelf

A small, bright-hued stepladder can serve as a delightful display shelf as shown here. The ladder’s weathered finish teamed with crisp white frames hanging on adjacent walls, lends a classic cottage feel to the room.

15.    Outdoor Bench


Old chairs

Thinking what to do with those old chairs? Create a comfortable and gorgeous outdoor bench out of them! Place your chairs adjacent to each other (two, three or more, based on how long you want the bench to be). Make a custom cushion tying the chairs together. Sand down the chairs to paint or re-stain, or simply leave them in their original condition to get a rustic look. Once done, you will have created a cozy and stylish outdoor seating arrangement.

So, aren’t these ideas interesting? Gear up to take your home décor to the next level with your old furniture and these creative ideas! Applying these ideas is fun and cost-effective. So, go ahead and start making interesting things out of your old furniture!

Images Courtesy: DiyNetwork, HGTV, DiyNCrafts


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What Is So Good About Good Friday?

Surely it would be scandalous to call a day on which a person is publicly prosecuted as GOOD!!!

But that is exactly what we are doing. Christianity pronounces the day on which Jesus Christ or the Jesus of Nazareth died as Good Friday.

In German, the entire week is termed as Karwoche or Sorrowful Week and the day of the death of Jesus as Karfreitag or Sorrowful Friday. This naturally sounds more rational and reasonable!


Then why is that same Sorrowful Friday called Good Friday in English???



There are different claims about how the term has come into existence. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the term is supposed to have come from Gottes Freitag in German that translates to God’s Friday.

The answer becomes clear if we try to understand a little Biblical Theology leaving aside the etymological roots.


Jesus a religious victim in Mark, Mathew & Luke

The four Gospels of the Bible speak about how Jesus Christ had sacrificed himself on the Cross. The Gospels according to Mark, Mathew & Luke are collectively known as the Synoptic Gospels. These three speak more about how Jesus was made a victim and crucified due to the difference in opinion he had with the official religious authorities.

bible book


Jesus in a different light in John

The Gospel according to John, however, takes up a different line of interpretation. Scripture scholars have studied the textual dating of all four Gospels and opine that this Gospel was written quite sometime after the other three. It was written for a better faith understanding of an established faith community that had broken off from the official religion with their own identity as Christians.

Jesus foot washing

Let us understand the theology embedded in this Gospel to appreciate why this day is called Good Friday.


Jesus the Son of God in John

John projects a Regal Jesus that took birth having come down from Heaven at the will of God the Creator (John 1,1; 1,26-27). His entire life, works and words are oriented to show how he has taken birth to fulfill the will of his Father, that is, God.

Jesus in cloud


A claim to put him to death by religious authorities

Jesus clearly proclaims to be God’s son making himself equivalent to God (John 5,17). This was a blasphemy for those the masses who were the faces of those in religious high places. The claim to be God’s Son was enough to stone him to death (5,18).


Jesus, the Son of God embraces it all voluntarily

King Jesus

The betrayal and arrest of Jesus is projected in different light in the Gospel according to John. Jesus is projected as a kingly figure that does makes the authorities affirm that He is the Son of God & King (John 18,33-37). Here, he gives himself up to the authorities voluntarily and embraces death regally – just as a King would do (John 13,1; 17,1; 18,4-9).


His suffering & death fulfill promises of the scripture

Even when on the Cross, Jesus is not shown to suffer the pain of Crucifixion, but voluntarily gives up his breath to the Father (John 19,11. He does all of it to fulfill the Torah (John 19,24,28; 19,36-37) and atones for all the sin of all humanity.


Jesus is the sacrificial lamb that takes away the sin of the world (John 1,29)

Jesus is the Good Person that takes the sins of the world on himself as the Paschal Lamb and relives humanity of all strained relationships with God. The blood of Jesus unifies humans with God much like that of the sacrificial blood in the Temple that freed the Jews of all sins on the Day of Atonement (Leviticus 16,1-34; 23,27-28).


It is this Good Gesture of this Good Man and his death for the Good Cause of freeing humans of all their sins that makes the day of his death Good Friday.


Present day significance

Immaterial of the name, it is a day when Christians of all denominations across the world spend solemnly reflecting on the sufferings that Jesus endured. All his life he taught humans how to live in harmonious relationship with each other, serving each other to be in good relationship with God.

It is only Good that believers spend a solemn day reflecting on all of this. Also fast and pray while attending Church services listening to the narrative from the Gospel according to Saint John on this Holy Day.


In anticipation of the Easter Resurrection

All of this in anticipation of Easter Sunday when Jesus Resurrected or rose from his tomb conquering death and sin to fulfill all that he had promised to his believers!


Happy Easter!!!


Information shared by:
Ruma Ray,
Licenza in Sacra Scritura,
Pontificio Instituto Biblico.


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