How to Make Money Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is very close to babysitting, the only difference being that here it involves looking after pets instead of babies!!!

There is always the need for reliable pet sitters that are also good at the job. While a whole lot of automated industries have reached their saturation points, the pet sitting industry is far from it.

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With people continuing to juggle their time between work and home, the demand for people to look after pets is ever on the rise. This is leading more and more people to opt to work as part-time pet sitters.

Truly, pet sitting is among the hottest options for anyone with love for animals to earn money the easy and quick way!

Different opportunities available

Pet owners too have varying needs like any other service seeker. Some may look for animal loving people to take care of their pets at home when they are away at work.

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There are still others that would like to leave their pets with someone that can stay back at their home when they are out on vacation. After all, pets are most comfortable where they live – at home.

What you need to have

It goes without saying that to be a pet sitter you have to have love for animals.

  • Pet sitting dogs or cats entails that you have some experience in handling them directly either at home or at somewhere else. Animals recognize the non-verbal gestures and pick up the cues from those that are congenial towards them almost instantly
  • Pet sitting dogs or cats entails that you have some experience in handling them directly either at home or at somewhere else. Animals recognize the non-verbal gestures and pick up the cues from those that are congenial towards them almost instantly

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  • Pets are very similar to kids and you must enjoy yourself being with them for the time that you are spending for their company. You must have the willingness to give the pets all the love and care that they want just like any kid would.
  • Pets are like family members and when pet sitting you need to keep in mind that you are actually spending time with a family member and earning for it too!!!
  • Patience and empathy are the two things that you must pack with you in abundance when going out pet sitting for any family’s per member.
  • Like babies, animals too poop and pee and so you have to deal with it while petting sitting. It is important that when taking them for a walk you keep in mind the local regulations concerning leaving pet poop in public.

Back at home, of course, you have the services at hand but it is your responsibility to ensure that the house remains clean as does the pet member.

Not so complicated job

Pet sitting is perhaps a tad bit simpler than babysitting in that you need to be organized and you have the pets toeing in your line. Any regular pet sitting involves taking her or him to the restroom or letting them out in the backyard, walking them, feeding them and refilling the water dishes and taking care of the medication if any.

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If you are on the job for a full day or more, just remember to give them the exact number of feeds on time. So long you are open to walk a few extra steps with the pet, you will surely enjoy your time while pet sitting and earning too!

Punctuality matters to all

When someone is hiring you to pet sit, they are naturally leaving for a purpose and it is only decent that you reach on time so as not to delay their schedule. Moreover, it will also speak about your reliability as people will feel that their pets are going to be safe with you like their babies.

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Be open to everything

Much like babies and children, pets too can get cuts or gashes and you will have to deal with it gently. It is absolutely necessary that you inform the owners about it so that they can schedule a meet with the vet if necessary at all.

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In case you come across an introverted pet, don’t force your way on it. Once she or he senses that you are all goodwill, they will come around and enjoy being with you. Giving them time is the best way that you can bond with them.

Get started NOW!!!

There are quite a few people around that are already engaged in pet sitting especially in larger towns and cities. They are known to change depending on the experience that they have and the time that they spend with the pets.

To start off with, you could charge only a basic rate and let your neighbors know that you are getting into this new-found profession. Surely, there is someone or the other in the apartment complex that may need help with pet sitting.

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Go online to advertise yourself on the social media platforms. Join online pet owners’ forums and other relevant groups that will keep you continually posted on the latest requirements.

Not only will you get latest updates about requirements but also the current rates and trends in pet care and more.

Go for the basic rates initially

Most first-time pet sitters flag off with $10 an hour that can go up to $25 per hour with experience. The second is almost an ultimate stage. Also, those that have certifications in vet care and related work experience in the field will naturally go higher.

There are also renowned bodies that give out certification. But these tend to be pricey and should justify your earning as a part-time job. It is best to start off small with your own experience with personal pets.

Use your personal finesse

Pet sitting is a great way to get those bucks in hand straight away so long you have the ability to use your presence of mind. While pet sitting you can carry along your laptop or books and continue with your small time activities when the pet is resting or taking a nap.

It is surely one of the most fulfilling and relaxed part-time jobs that you can opt for while also getting paid well all through the week.

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