10 Effective Tips to Rent with Pets

For animal lovers, pets are family! However, finding a place to rent that’s pet-friendly is not that easy. If you want to rent with your pet, your options are less, and you need more persuading skills, organization, and time.

However, by following certain tips, you can find a decent place to rent that allows your pets. Here are those tips:

1. Stick to Places that are Pet-Friendly

Sticking to places that are pet-friendly is the best way of moving with your pets. Look for apartments in your region that are pet-friendly. Your best and least stressful option would be being around like-minded people who are animal lovers.

2. Seek the help of Humane Societies

Animal control, vets, and humane societies make great sources to find out the places in your region that are pet-friendly.

Although the ideal situation is to find a pet-friendly renting place, it may not be available always. The remaining tips focus on what you should do in other situations.

3. Avoid Large Rental Communities

Persuading the owner of a condo or home to allow pets is easier than persuading a large corporate community.

4. Ask in Advance

If you are planning to adopt an animal in the near future or have a significant other or friend with a pet intending to move in the rental place with you soon, ensure that you ask the home owner about pet rules clearly. This will help you know whether you have options available in the future.

5. Be Honest

Be honest to the landlord about what pet you have and how many pets you have right away, since the landlord is likely to find it out over time. Being honest will save you from encountering any legal ramifications, bad referral, or eviction notice.

6. Collect References

Provide written references for your pet(s) from your previous neighbors and landlords. Additionally, provide a letter from the vet that shows your pet’s shots to be up to date. In case you enrolled your dog to a training class, show that documentation too. If one of your previous landlords says that your pet did not damage any property and was well-behaved with the neighbors, there are high chances that you would be allowed to move in with your pet.

7. Create your Pet’s Resume

Consider creating your pet’s resume. In the resume, include age, height, weight, breed, whether the pet is neutered or spayed, training background, behavioral traits, personal hygiene, personal references, and the veterinarian’s phone number and name. Provide the resume to the prospective landlords.

8. Introduce your Pet

Not all pets are well-behaved always, with some pets requiring some courting time before they can show their true colors. Nevertheless, if your pet is adorable and adequately well-behaved, and is able to win the landlord’s heart, your chances of moving in with your pet increase.

9. Propose Trial Period

If you find the landlord to be in a dilemma about allowing you with your pet, consider suggesting a short trial period. During this time, the landlord can observe how your pet behaves. After the trial period is over, your contract can be re-negotiated.

10. Get In Writing

You may have to pay some extra money and also make a payment for pet security deposit while signing the lease. Before signing, ensure that each and every term that has been discussed as well as agreed upon regarding your pet is written clearly.

These tips would help you find a good rental place for yourself, your family as well as your lovable pet.

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