10 Stunning Rental Kitchen DIY Designing Ideas

You’ve moved on to a property as a renter and have to make yourself comfortable in all that the landlord provides you including the super-active workstation named kitchen!!!

In fact, for the time that you are living in a space there is every reason to make it your own by designing it in a way that vibrates your personality. A lot of us are familiar with kitchen spaces that range from artificially lit and dingy to a mixture of cumbersome and not-so-pleasant walls, tiles, floors or appliances.


Here are some awesome DIY hacks that will help you transform your everyday cooking area into a pleasure spot that you will love to return to. These are easy to carry out and will not cause you to breach your lease terms or lose any money when you move out.

Do up the dull fridge and cabinets colorfully:

Awful looking fridges that renters have been using for years are common. Change the face of the appliance by applying some attractive removal wallpaper.

kitchen cabinets

You can do the same with the cabinets in case you wish to set up a uniform pattern look. Match them or contrast them with the color of the wall and see how the entire space comes alive bright and vibrate to your pulse.

Give the transparent glass cabinets a magical makeover:

Glass-front cabinets have the advantage and disadvantage of showing it all to the beholder.


Moreover, they can add to the dull and lifeless look of the kitchen if there isn’t enough color and life in it with the right lighting. Cover the glass using attractive wallpaper or even wrapping paper sealing the sides with sealing tapes.

The colorful cover will set the tone of your personality while giving your belongings the privacy that they need! When moving out, just peel them off and restore the original plain glass doors.

Bring alive those lifeless walls in style:

Coloring the walls is a time-consuming process, gets cumbersome and also will cost you though most landlords permit tenants to paint the walls.

colorful kitchen

A good way of making your rental kitchen space more attractive is by placing your personal art pieces and framed photos. You can consider placing them in such a way that they become the focal point in the kitchen drawing the eyes away from all other dull distractions.

Add real-life greenery to complement and enlarge natural artworks:

Adding green to any part of your home does an instant makeover bringing in a breath of fresh air. Place a large planter with a natural plant close to the art pieces on the wall and expand the visual effect manifold.

kitchen designs

The entire space will come alive wanting you to return to your kitchen space more often.

Remove a couple of cabinet doors to make a bold display:

Taking away a couple of those conventional cupboard doors will help you display some of your interesting and colorful crockery.

Bold display in kitchen

Choose to display bold colors and not fineries that are likely to make the space look clumsy. Just replace the doors before you leave to not affect your lease deposit amount.

Add some removable storage racks to make a bold statement:

Another way of adding a statement to the unattractive walls, it to fix the removal vacuum-aided storage racks.


These are helpful in placing your essentials as well as attractive decor pieces that make the kitchen space more striking.

Reinvent the back splash in an amazing way:

The back splash is often the focal point of most kitchens. Add to its character by placing removal and oil-resistant back splash stickers.


These come in several colorful geometric patterns that draw immediate attention to it. Choose one with a color-scheme and design that stands out from any point.

Make the counter tops more colorful:

You have the choice of making the counter tops more interesting by covering them with colorful vinyl sheets that are easily removable. Another option is to place large wooden chopping boards on the counter top that will be both functional and cover any ugly spot. Large wooden piece can also act as the base of placing of vase with flowers that add to the natural tone of your kitchen.

Hang a trendy decorative center lighting piece:

Lighting fixtures have the ability to break the monotony of a space.


Placing a large and decorative fixture in the center of the kitchen will naturally make it an attraction that will make the space more appealing.

Give the insipid floors character and transform the aura:

Dark, ugly and spotted floors are common characteristics of rental kitchens. Make a complete makeover by covering the area with a natural fiber rug like those of jute.

kitchen floors

You may also opt for colorful and designed pieces that you can contrast with the light wall colors.

These amazing design hacks will surely help you get a kitchen space makeover that will help you live your life the way you want making it your true home for as long as you are there.

Happy kitchen re-designing!!!

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