How To Save On Your Monthly Electricity Bill

High energy bills every month are annoying. Most people like you will agree that you could do something better to reduce your energy bills every month. After all, energy costs are always on the rise and the demands of modern life makes the use of devices and gadgets necessary. It is possible for you to make some good saving without making a lifestyle sacrifice.

Here are the top 10 tips to lower your utility bills the easy way:

Monitoring the heating cooling device pays:

Run a check on your HVAC system and see if all the vents are open. This will ensure that the room is evenly cooled or heated. Very often we are ill-advised to close vents with the idea to save on electricity. On the contrary, when cool or warm air flows in evenly through all the vents, there is less consumption of energy. Change the filters to keep the airflow clean and also at an ideal rate.

For those of you that live in larger homes, make sure that the zones not is use do not waste energy and the systems are turned off when not in use there.

Adjust and readjust the thermostat:

It does not make sense to maintain the same temperature in your fridge all year round! Increase the temperature by two degrees in winter and lower it by two notches in summer. Using your refrigerator with care, opening it less often is a great way of lowering your electricity bill. In fact, in most homes, heating systems and refrigerators account for maximum energy waste and inflated bills.

Switch to energy-efficient LED:

Changing the lighting system of your home to LED each time you need a bulb replacement will ensure that you are making long-term savings. Not only will you make savings on your energy consumption but also will not have to worry about changing the bulb for at least 10 years.

Bank on solar options:

If you have the means, go solar. Some states have special schemes help citizens install solar panels. Even if you cannot change the entire household energy system to solar power, you can at least install a solar-powered water heater. Water heaters are also among the highest consumers of energy and switching to solar will bring your investment back in 2 years’ time.

The laundry load saves:

Run your washing machine to full capacity with clothes loaded in it. Each time that you run your machine, it consumes a good amount of electricity despite the newer models being energy-efficient. Avoid running it everyday only with a couple of clothes or lingerie in it. Stack clothes for the week or run it bi-weekly depending on the number of members living in your home.

Load the dishwasher efficiently:

Running dishwashers is similar to that of running the washing machine. Not only packing it to capacity saves on energy, but also the way that you place the dishes matter. Reserve the bottom rack for plates facing inward toward the center. All utensils with handles can be placed at the bottom of the racks. While cups should have their faces down, bowls should be placed at an angle that is slanted downward. Other items can be placed in their designated slots with the cups and glasses placed on the top.

Switch off appliances, gadgets and entertainment units:

Most modern appliances and gadgets are energy start rated. This ensures that they do not consume too much of electricity. Televisions, gaming consoles, desktop computers and electric kettles are some items that tend to remain on all day long and consume endless amount of energy that you are actually not using. Switch them off and see the difference that you can make to your monthly power bills.

Clothe the water heater:

You can prevent your heaters from losing out on heat by giving them a good wrapping during the cold weather. Though they are built with insulation, this small extra padding can help prevent heat loss to a large extent. This will automatically bring down the power bills.

Cash in on natural energy:

Keep your rooms cool and shaded during the warm days by pulling the blinds and curtains behind closed windows. Your air-conditioner will have less load to deal with when keeping the room cool. Conversely, if there is sufficient sunlight during the day in the cold days, let in some sunshine for warm interiors!

Turn off lights and use dimmers:

Unnecessarily burning lights in the portico all night long, or in the corridors are big eaters of energy. Timing them and switching them off will ensure a small bill. Also, make it a habit to switch off everything when moving out of the room – the habit will pay you in the long run!!!



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