5 Super Cool Ways To Make Pots Of Money From Real Estate

Real Estate has been one of the most lucrative ways of earning money through the ages and of course not without reason!

You see those rich people driving around in expensive cars and going to plush restaurants? A whole lot of them belong to the real estate industry. Oh sure, today, it is a multi-billion industry across the globe!

Big or small, round or square, rectangular or oval, people will always need a place to stay. Also, businesses need a physical address and a proper place to operate from. And this brings in the real estate business again.

Now then, lets see how you can get into the business of earning from this highly paying business of real estate.

1. If you own a property good. Even if you don’t, you can jolly well start earning from it. The easiest way to begin is by subscribing to the different real estate agencies portals and becoming a broker. Use your smooth-talking skills to help companies strike the right deal with the potential clients. You can help both sides benefit from the deal and emerge with a handsome commission for yourself.

2. Once you can get an escrow, invest in a property that is in a good location but needs some repairs. This way you can get away with a low investment and refurbish it for the market. Once ready for the listing, you are sure to get the prevalent price recovering your investment along with a good profit margin. Only, you need to keep an eye on the market, the present inflation level and list in on the market at the right time when the prices are high.

3. When you own a property, things naturally get easier. You can think of using it in several ways to earn out of it, no matter how small or big. Of course, renting out a part of it is the first option. If you have a large house, renting out a part of it to a small family or single people is easy. Even if you have only a room to spare, there are plenty of takers in the market. Scores of people are looking for a decent place to live in at low costs.

4. Depending on the location of your property, you can lease it out for commercial purposes. The rent for commercial property is known to be higher than those of residential ones – at least in some locations. Moreover, being a commercial establishment, you can always be sure that they will take care of the property as projecting the right image before clients is essential.

5. For those of you that love to have people around, renting out part of your own house as a homestay option is not just in but also highly paying.

All you need to do is keep accommodation ready for a couple of people that are looking to enjoy a local homestay experience during their vacation. Of course, providing food and the essential supplies while staying with you will be a part of the deal. But it is worth enrolling with Air BNB is highly paying when you have satisfied guests moving out of your home.

Choose the way that you would like to start earning from real estate and see how life changes for you!!!

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4 Awesome Ways of Making More Money through Rental Properties

If renting out properties is one of your sources of money, you might be looking for ways to boost your cash inflow through this way. If you think acquiring more and more properties for rent is the only effective way of increasing your income, we would suggest you focus on the rental properties you currently have instead. There are ways you can make more money through your current rental properties. Let’s look at some of these ways.

1. Reduce Vacancy

To reduce vacancies, it’s best to look for long-term tenants so as not to deal with turnovers. However, in case a tenant must move, you can minimize the vacancy by ensuring that turnaround time is minimum. So, the moment you know of the move, post ads about your vacancy. If your property is in a high-demand area, you will receive immediate interests and get a new tenant the moment your old tenant leaves.

If your property is located in a low-demand area, know that the demand of almost all properties in all areas is good at a price. In case your vacancies are high consistently, you may need to give a thought to your price point.

2.  Minimize Turnover

There are several ways turnovers can be expensive for you. There are costs of advertising, replacing the flooring and painting and patching walls, and of course, there is a vacancy. Although a bit counterintuitive, in this context, a relatively lower rent might tend to increase your revenues.

Aim to get quality tenants that pay the rents consistently and keep your property in a good condition. When you get such tenants, do your best to keep them.

3. Increase the Rent Strategically

After discussing how lower rents can drive higher revenues, I’ll suggest that you increase the rents for the tenants of the longer-term. For this, you need to have knowledge of the value of your property relative to that of your competition.

As discussed before, tenants tend to be more loyal when they cannot find properties with lower rents elsewhere. However, this does not imply that rent should never be increased even if there are good reasons to do so.

Tenants have to spend money for moving too. If your property’s value is substantially higher than a new rental property’s value plus the moving costs, your tenants are likely to prefer your property.

Have a good idea of the rents in your property’s area by researching sites like Craigslist, Rentometer, Zillow, and MLS. You may find that it’s possible to heighten your revenue by small amounts (1% – 3%) every year while still remaining competitive.

4. Act Diligently on Late Fees

When it’s about late fees and rent collection, showing respect and kindness to tenants does not imply being a pushover. Although collections are not that pleasant for landlords but are quite important to keep your business running profitably. Ensure that your tenants know that it’s a business; a contract has been signed by them, and completing this transaction is part of your job while following the contract along with all applicable laws.

In case you let tenants get away with late payments that don’t include the appropriate fees, your money is being lost. Additionally, the tenants might try getting away with making the payments late several more times, leading to extra stress and work for you.

In case a tenant makes a payment late without adding the fees, explain politely that you cannot consider the rent until all the fees are paid. Hold firm so that they understand that they cannot take any advantage of you. It’s most likely that they will comply then.

Apply these tips to increase your money inflow from your current rental properties. You will be surprised to find the remarkable raise your revenues get with proper employment of these ways.

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Super Quick Money-Making Car Detailing Business

When was the last time that you wanted to enjoy a good life with good and easy money in hand?

Well, where there’s a will there’s surely a way, right?

Car Detailing business is a great way of earning money quickly and on a regular basis too! More cars are on the road than ever and people also love to keep their cars. And at the same time everyone also wants their cars to look clean and sparkling as though new even after years of use.

Gone are the days of simple car wash that would merely take away the superfluous grime and dirt. Car Detailing is big time business now with people opting for such services to keep their cars good-looking for years while also going around impressing others with it.

How much do you get to earn?

Depending on how hard you can work, you can go up to earning a fortune every week, every month, year after year. Even calculating on the downside, a mere vacuum and hand wash will earn you 25-45 dollars, an engine detailing 40-60 dollars and a full detailing 100-150 dollars.

You can also add the repertoire of add-on services that are chargeable per unit basis. These include paint touch-up, carpet dyeing, dent repair, windshield repair, trim restoration that range anything between 50 to 150 dollars depending on the size of the work.

Getting it right

If you have some exposure to the business of car detailing then great! You can go ahead and make a modest investment to start the business right away. There are options of going mobile, having a fixed setup and also working for a dealer. The last option is really not for those that are starting out new as dealers demand a high fee against the earning that you make.

Going mobile is the best option especially is you are living in the south. If you have a van, nothing like it. All you need is a trailer that can house the equipment for your servicing. After all, you will have to drive all of it on site to your clients’ home or their place of work to get the detailing done perfectly!

You will also need the entire office setup in the van including the accounts for your car detailing business to run smoothly.

If you are located up in the north, mobile option detailing service options will be severely restricted during the cold months. In that case, it is best to opt for a temporary location with the mobile option open for the months when the weather permits.

Offer flexible services

People are willing to spend money on car detailing because they don’t have the time in hand. You will have to reach out to them and deliver the level of detailing that they are looking for!
If and when needed you may have to drive to the client, bring the vehicle leaving yours there, carry out the detailing work meticulously and drive the vehicle back.

Whichever part of the country you are working in, make sure that you know the local laws about car detailing. Like in California, there is the more than 2-gallon of wash water that is mandatory for this specific job.

Of course, for the less tough stains you will be using the waterless spray cleaners that do the job of cleaning adequately. Not just the exterior, you will have to deal with the inner parts well too. At the end of the detailing job, the car should emerge such that it is fit to stand in the showroom again!

With your personal hard work, and 3 jobs a day, you can earn anything up to 90,000 dollars a year!!!

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Odd Jobs You Can Do To Make Money Today

Earning money part-time is not difficult if you are willing to make use of your inherent or learnt skills. More and more people are using their time to earn the extra bucks from a host of part-time jobs that also help better live qualities in more than one way.

Here are the top 10 odd jobs that you can do to earn money today and every day!!!

1. Work as a part-time accountant

Virtual bookkeepers are fast taking up assignments for businesses of all sizes. It is a job that requires your knowledge of accounts and the concerning laws of the land. A lot of individuals as well as businesses look for professionals that are capable of filing tax returns. These jobs are highly paying and you can work any time of the day with only a computer and internet connection at your disposal.

2. Participate in clinical trials

A lot of medical researches are underway almost at every scientific center worth its name. There are plenty of requirement for people with specific medical conditions to volunteer for research for better care and treatment. Healthy people are also called in to see the results of test conditions. Becoming a participant in one such project will only need a few hours but will give you a handsome package in return.

3. Walk dogs or go pet sitting

For those of you that are animal lovers, you can pass the word around that you are willing to pet-sit for your friends and neighbors when they need it. There are also websites that will give you access to membership registration for such jobs. There are plenty of people that would love to leave their pets in safe hands that will take them for a walk or play with them when they are busy. For you, it can well turn into a handsome part-time job.

4. Become a translator

It is time that you make use of your linguistic skills! More and more people are recruited as professional translators with businesses going global. Also, a lot of students need help with translation and languages that you can help out with part-time and earn well too.

5. Be a tutor

You have mastered it all and now it is time that you help the struggling lot at least part-time and end your day earning some good money. You can opt to tutor school students that often need a lot of help out of school. In case you specialize in a subject, you can also guide college and university goers and of course for higher fee!

6. Be a part-time friend

Have you ever considered working for someone else and benefitting for yourself? You are growing old and getting lonelier by the day. There are plenty of others around you feeling just the same. A lot of people are literally working by hiring out their companionship to like-mined spending a few hours every day chatting, watching movies or just going for a walk. Of course, you have to set the limits so as not to allow it to cross boundaries beyond professional ties that earns you dollars.

7. Run errands for the elderly or the rich

There are more lonely people than you can ever imagine! Elders living alone need help with their grocery shopping and other small errands that they are not capable of carrying out themselves. Running errands for them a couple of times a week or giving them company is a sure way of earning good pocket money.

8. Work as a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are soon going to replace the in-person assistants for bosses. All you need is good organizational skills, a phone and a computer to do it all and all in a few hours. The work usually includes setting up appointments, answering or composing emails and responding to other social media posts. It is a job that can be done beyond the official working hours giving you the perfect opportunity to earn handsomely part-time.

9. Be a part-time photographer

If photography is your passion, then practice it and also earn part-time. You can opt to become a professional photographer for special events among friends and neighbors. As word of mouth reference spread, it could well become your extra part-time income that will do you a lot of good.

10. Take up part-time cleaning job

Students will love to pocket the extra money to fund their living expenses and what better option than working as a part-time cleaner with a couple of families. Traditional homes still prefer to employ individuals that will do the house cleaning at mutually convenient hours and pay them instead of paying out to companies. Ask those around or post a few lines at free ad listing marketplaces like www.rentingstreet.com and get hired to earn money.


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6 Ways to Earn Money from Anywhere as a Virtual Assistant

If you want to help out small companies, bloggers, and busy entrepreneurs, while being able to work from anywhere and at any time, the job of a virtual assistant may sound appealing to you. As a virtual assistant, you can have a multitude of job opportunities and a good paycheck too! All you need are a computer and an internet connection.

Although there are a huge number of ways you can make money by working as a virtual assistant, here I’ve discussed 6 job roles that can offer you sound earning opportunities:

1. Social Media Virtual Assistant

All entrepreneurs and bloggers are well-aware of the powerful impact of social media in business growth. However, they face time constraints when leveraging social media for the growth of their business. Moreover, not all of them have expertise in using social media. Here comes the role of social media virtual assistants who manage social media accounts.

2. Blog Management Virtual Assistant

You might think that there are tons of ‘how to blog’ articles out there that can help someone start a blog. Nevertheless, over time one would realize that only starting a blog is easy. Blogging involves content planning, list building, email marketing, social media promotion, guest posting, networking and so on. Blogging is indeed a challenging job.

As a blog management virtual assistant, you can assist in assigning content to writers, moderating comments, and content planning.

3. Email Marketing Virtual Assistant

Similar to social media, email marketing is an important element of operating an online business. By helping with or managing email marketing, you can lighten the burden of responsibilities on the shoulders of online business owners.

4. Customer Service/Community Moderator Virtual Assistant

Online businesses usually create online communities and Facebook groups that need a moderator for ensuring that nothing inappropriate happens in them. Customers also seek assistance in these groups if they face any problems. The virtual assistant in this role needs to offer solutions to customer queries.

5. Technical Virtual Assistant

If you are technically gifted and have expertise in any particular technology, you can become a technical virtual assistant. You have to offer solutions and answers to people’s problems and questions related to that technology.

6. Creating Content Upgrades

Bloggers often leverage content upgrades for drawing readers to subscribe to email newsletters they offer.  However, after developing content, bloggers often face time constraints to develop the content upgrades. As a virtual assistant, you can do the job of creating the content upgrades so as to get more and more readers to subscribe to the email list.

Working as Virtual Assistant

Before becoming a virtual assistant for full-time, it’s wise to start working as one as side hustle. Prior to getting started side hustling, it’s good to be mentally prepared that you will be undertaking additional work, which may be exhausting. It’s helpful to have a goal with your side hustle.

In addition, remember that the money you earn through the side hustle is taxable. Don’t skip paying taxes, to avoid getting into any trouble.

Summing Up

Being a virtual assistant can help you be in a role you love and work according to your own convenience. If you are someone who yearns for adventure and freedom, the job of a virtual assistant is highly suitable for you. Knowledge about the job roles you can choose in this field, can help you find work you love and make a sound income at the same time!


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12 Interesting Freelance Jobs that can help you make Money Easily

‘Freelancing’ is the new buzzword of this digital age. If you want to make some extra money easily, freelancing is a great way to do so. Whether you’re thinking about becoming a full-time freelancer or want to supplement your regular income through it, choosing your field of work is important. You would want to choose a field in which you are equipped with some training or experience. You would also want to make sure that the job helps you make enough money such that it’s worth your time.

fitness trainer

Among many people, it’s a common notion that freelancers don’t earn much money. Well, as a matter of fact, around half of all the freelancers earned somewhere between $25,000 and $75,000 in the year 2015. A person can make a living on that money, and can even support their family with the upper limit. If you’re planning to add your freelance earning to your regular earning, your income will get a significant boost.

Nevertheless, if you seriously want to make a sound income through freelancing, you need to act smartly. To help you choose a great field for your freelance work, we’ve created a list of some freelance careers that pay most impressively. Read on…

1. Marketing

Have experience in marketing? Working as a freelance marketer can help you make a per hour income of an amount within $46 and $52. Work responsibilities of a freelance marketer usually involve creating strategies for brands, leveraging social media and other media forms, and working on customer relationships. Look for a company that values your skills and work, and you may be able to acquire a long-term, flexible job.

2. Voice Acting

Is acting one of your interests? Do you often get complements from people that your voice is wonderful? If yes, voiceover work would be a great freelance job for you! This job can let you make a per hour earning of $72. Several companies nowadays are using more and more videos in advertising, since the masses respond better to videos than print. Hence, this industry is steadily growing.

3. Recruiting

Is choosing new talents one of your skills? If yes, consider working as a freelance recruiter. Several companies are realizing that hiring a freelance team or freelancer to hire new employees is more cost-effective as compared to doing the job in-house. As a freelance recruiter, you can earn $46 per hour on an average.

4. Programmer

The work of a computer programmer can be done from anywhere; all you need is an internet connection and a computer. If you have experience in programming, that’s great! However, even if you are a beginner, you can learn computer programming from several resources on the internet. Once you learn programming and gain some ground in it, your hourly income as a freelance computer programmer would be about $60.

5. Translation

If you happen to have the knowledge of two or more languages, a freelance translator would make a great job for you. Jobs in this field that pay well are Korean-English translation and Spanish-English translation. However, you can find opportunities for other language combinations too. Based on the task, the languages involved, and your skill level, you can earn somewhere between $25 and $40 per hour.

6. Legal Work

If you have the training of a lawyer, the job of a freelance lawyer can help you make an impressive income. Usual legal consulting would let you make about $70 per hour, patent lawyers make $112 an hour, and intellectual property lawyers earn about $120 per hour. If you have a lawyer’s certifications and training, legal work can turn out to be an attractive freelance job for you. You don’t need to practice law as your regular job to work as a freelance lawyer.

7. Internet Security

Freelance internet security professionals are quite in demand at present considering the breaches of big data that came to the limelight. In this career, you can earn more than $50 an hour. In case you already have adequate knowledge about this field, try doing some freelance works. If you don’t have any knowledge about this field, but have interest in it, you may consider learning about it, since this is a freelance field that’s not going to fade away anytime soon.

8. Photography

Photography is something that has drawn the interest of a major section of the population. If you find this field to be interesting, you’ve the skills needed, and you’re a good photographer, you should certainly consider a freelance photographer career. Professional wedding photographers earn about $2,000, based on the market. Freelance photographers can charge even greater once they become well-known. A bonus point is that, as a wedding photographer, you may get invitations to several exotic destination weddings.

9. Infographic Design

If you find design to be interesting, consider getting a specialization in infographics, and you can earn about $65 an hour. Recently, infographics have gained a huge popularity as people love seeing the information contained in them, especially the data and statistics, rather than merely reading text about it. When the information is complicated, it’s helpful to find new and interesting ways to represent it. Study some great infographics, try out a few, and then start working at jobs in which you will be able to apply your newly learned skills.

10. Writing

In today’s competitive era, everyone wants to say something, but most people are unable to say it because of lack of time. Here comes in the freelance writer. Freelance writers can focus on any one or more niches like blogging, advertising, financial writing or more. If you’re a good freelance writer, you can earn about $55 per hour, based on the assignment. However, beware that there are a large number of low paying companies out there that hire freelance writers. Hone your writing skills as well as do your research well to prevent yourself from making significantly lower than you should.

11. Search Engine Optimization

If you find search engine optimization to be interesting, consider becoming a freelance search engine optimization professional, even if you don’t have the necessary skill sets. Even as a beginner, you can earn up to $50 an hour. As you eventually grow your skills and become well-recognized, you can charge more. Start with carrying out some research about the field.

12. Social Game Development

As per a report from IBISWorld, in 2013, social gaming made the hottest field in the year 2013. According to the report, the niche of social gaming underwent an explosive growth of more than 180% from 2008 to 2013. The niche is likely to grow continuously as long as the social networks exist. This brings attractive jobs for game developers.


To work as a freelancer in this field, you need to learn or already have skills like game design and computer programming. These skills have a high demand, and you can find many resources to learn them. Online programming courses and developer boot camps are widely available.

Summing Up

With freelance jobs being more and more available these days, it has become easy to give a boost to your income. There are many professionals who have switched to full-time freelancing and are making their living quite well on what they earn. Whatever be your plan, now that you know the well-paying freelance jobs available out there, you can make your choice smartly and fulfill your goals.

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10 Easy Jobs For Retired People To Make Money Today

Retiring from your regular job does not mean that it is the end of your way to earning more money. In fact, now is the time when you can actually begin to earn while also enjoying yourself.

There are things that you have always wanted to do all your life but your regular job has always kept you away from it. Use those fine skills that you have to earn some handsome returns at the end of your main career.

Fitness trainer

Make the best use of your experience, skills, and assets and make some quick money while you enjoy your life too.

Here are 10 top easy jobs that you can consider trying your hands at while also making some quick and easy money post-retirement.

1.  Sell Your Photographic Skills

You have passionately clicked on some of the best views of places that you have visited so far, while on your trip to other cities when on the job. Those photographs are truly invaluable and you can continue to make use of your photographic skills now to the fullest extent.

photographic skills

Even everyday life photographs when clicked from an interesting angle and the right hue can become an exclusive piece on the frames. Sell your photographs through professional online sites and maintain a steady earning all year round.

2. Earn by Copywriting

If you always had the knack to write the appropriate witty lines that grabbed the attention of anyone the read them, take it up as a profession now!


Get in touch with the authorities at the several online copywriting sites and see how you can spin your words to earn money for you. Begin as a freelancer and move on to regular contributions through advertisement houses or other establishments that need such texts.

3. Begin Freelance Online Tutoring

Make use of the expert knowledge that you have always had by tutoring students online.

want to become a babysitter


There are several online teaching portals that you can join where they will love to get an expert on the subject. The virtual sessions are spread out and are also interesting while they also pay well!

4. Try Out Pet-Sitting

Pets are parts of many families but the present-day work pressure often forces owners to leave them alone for at least a part of the day. As an animal lover, you can fill in the gap by pet sitting and taking them out for a walk in the evening and enjoy yourself too.

pet setting

More than a job it can turn out to be some of the most enjoyable time that you would be spending after retiring from your regular job. At the same time, you get to earn some handsome returns too.

5. Opt To Be A Movie/Small Screen Extra

It’s time for you to shine brightly as a star! There are plenty of opportunities to work as extras for movies as well as on small screens with so many popular shows on the air. There is always the need for people that will do the small roles and fill in the gap as the extras.

It is your opportunity to watch the big stars before you, work with them and also give vent to the artistic skills that you have always had. To top it all, you return home each day richer by some more dollars. Check out the websites for casting calls and start earning your bucks right away!

6. Become A Freelance Teacher

Kids in your area need the help of a knowledgeable and patient person like you. You can make that difference in their life by giving out coaching on different areas of life and not just bookish knowledge. Time management, environmental stewardship, philanthropy or any other related areas of life are just perfect to help them mold them as good humans and citizens.

freelance teacher

Offer paid classes on such catchy areas that will have them coming in droves. Help the kids benefit as you earn too!

7.  Join An Enterprise Board

If you have been the part of the corporate world all your life in positions of responsibilities, it is time that you make use of your expertise by giving advice.

enterprise board

There are plenty of entrepreneurs that are looking for professional advice and guidance to forward their endeavors with success. You choose to be a part of one such board that will help grow a new brand and business. At the same time, you get to earn well for the part-time engagement!

8. Offer Life Skill Coaching

You are richer by the wealth of experience that you have accumulated over the years. Share it with adults and children alike. Offer classes on life skills like relationship management, stress and anger management or any other area that you have personally developed yourself.

Not just certified coaches can earn by sharing their knowledge, but you too can and earn too. Look out for any such opportunities locally or browse to find them in abundance online.

9. Turn Into A You-Tube Star

V-blogging is the new way to spread your words online. Those that have You-Tube fan following are making thousands of dollars every month. People with expertise in their niche are in this category.

Pick yours, make a video and post it on You-Tube and let it go viral. There is a big gap in the area of the senior citizens making their You-Tube posts. You can become a part of this phenomenon and start earning good money!

10.  Drive People To Work Or School

Set up a pool car drive of your own and offer to drive people in your area to work. Most are worried stiff about the traffic and parking while also having to share the burden of daily work.  You can set up fixed days of the week when you’ll be dropping them. You can also opt for giving out school carpool services talking children instead of taking adults to office in case you’ve had enough already!

While making the best use of your large vehicle and helping others save trouble, you get paid while also making good money!

Make your pick and start earning those extra bucks during your relaxed retired days. Not only will the experience be fulfilling monetarily but you will end up helping a lot of people and children. Live your life to the fullest by enjoying your retirement days and also being comfortable financially.








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Top 3 Ways you can Make More Money by Renting Out your House

Rental properties have always been a great source of making money. Many may think that buying more and more rental properties would lead to the inflow of more money. However, instead of acquiring more properties, focusing on your current property can be an effective way of getting more revenues.

Read on to know how you can make more money by renting out your house:

1. Reduce Vacancy

You can minimize vacancies best by finding a long-term tenant in order to avoid dealing with turnover. In case your tenant decides to move, you can reduce vacancy by minimizing the turnaround time. One way of doing this is by posting ads to find new tenants shortly after you learn of the move.


2. Minimize Turnover

There are several ways turnover costs you money. The various costs include advertising costs, expenses of painting and patching walls, replacing flooring and more. Although it may sound counterintuitive, however, in this area, a relatively lower rent might tend to increase your revenue.

You should try finding tenants that keep your property in a sound condition and pay consistently. When such tenants stay in your property, always try to keep them.

Whether your rental properties are managed by you or a property manager, ensure that you treat your tenants with professionalism and respect, value their concerns, and deal with matters related to them with urgency. A good relationship between a tenant and landlord keeps tenants from moving from the property.

3. Increase the Rent Strategically

Although lower rents can bring higher revenues, it may be wise to increase the rents for your long-term tenants. This may sound as a contradiction, but it’s actually a delicate balance requiring you to know the value of your property relative to your competitor properties.


Tenants may not move if they don’t find properties with lower rents elsewhere. However, this does not imply that rents should never be raised even when there is a good reason for doing so. When moving, tenants need to bear some expenses. If their current rental’s value is substantially better than a new rental’s value plus the expenses of moving, they may choose to stay.

When increasing rents, you need to be tactful. For example, you may want to paint your home’s exterior or upgrade your old windows to dual pane from single pane, and schedule the work such that it coincides with lease renewal. This may make your tenants feel that they are receiving some advantages from the deal.

As a landlord, if you have a small number of rental properties but you operate them intelligently, you are likely to get substantial revenues. These are some effective ideas you can apply to earn more by renting out your house.

Do you have a rental house? What strategies do you use to make the most money? Share them with our readers through your comments!

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20 Super Easy Ways to Earn Quick Bucks as A Student (Shameless Self Promotion)

You have worked hard enough academically to reach high school or college but funds don’t come easy to students. Here are 20 super easy ways for you to earn those quick bucks. Make a pick of the ways that suit you best according to your personality and the situation in which you live. Earning about $100 a week should not be a problem and that too without sacrificing your study time.

Here you go:

Tutor students

Science, mathematics and language are some of the areas that children need help with most. These are also important in determining the future choice of studies that they make.

teaching tutions
Teaching Students

Helping them with their lessons during your convenient hour that matches with theirs is a great way of earning good money. If you are willing to sacrifice your free time, you can opt for tutoring a couple of such children. The financial gains will surely be high!

Give music lessons

Whether you are a good vocalist or have a knack with instruments, it is time that you make maximum use of it now.

teaching music
Giving music lessons

Give children or even eager adults music lessons. It is a way of enjoying your passion and also earning some quick and handsome bucks.

Take care of pets

Pets are part of the family for most. But a lot of people are unable to take them out for that walk that they so much need.

Taking care of pets

If you are a pet lover, it is a great way to both relax and earn. You can ask more than one pet owner if they are interested and take them all out together for a great evening and return with your pocket full!

Be a babysitter

For those of you that have spent time looking after your siblings or have the experience in spending time with children and have a love for it, babysitting is a great option.


Look for eager and busy parents in the neighborhood or ask your friends to refer you. You can charge as per the market rate when you have the experience in the job.

babysitter jobs

Rent out or sell your tangible yet unused goods

Over the years you are sure to have accumulated a number of items that you have not been using for long. You can either sell them or hire them out to make a regular earning out of them.

Unused items
image courtesy: Pixabay.com

Renting Street is one such online portal that allows you free listing of items and also skills on hire and sale. Transactions are made directly with the people that buy or hire and you get paid instantly.

Sell your photos or drawings

This is the time when your photography or painting skills can earn you money.

sell your paintings
Sell your paintings

There are several websites that sell photographs at a premium. You can sell yours to them and get your check. You can sit in the square and offer to draw people’s profiles or any other painting that you are good at. It is a way to pursue your passion and also use it to earn.

Sell your notes

Students are always looking for easier ways to study for exams to get good marks.

sell your notes
Sell your notes

If you have spent hours on making those valuable notes, sell them at the correct places where you can earn handsome returns. Don’t give them away to the first person that approaches you, there are joints in colleges where they are sold at the best rates.

Deliver food for restaurants

Be the local pizza boy or work part-time for the food delivery companies.

delivering food
Delivering food to restaurants

In most cases late night order fulfillment are a good option especially when you have already turned nocturnal due to studies. Get into an informal tie-up with these companies and keep your bike handy ready to pick and deliver the order.

Cook healthy meals for people

If you are a health freak yourself and have a passion for cooking too, you can ask similar minded people to taste the dishes you cook.

Cooking healthy meal for people

Set out the word or list free ads where more people come to learn about the healthy options that you have. A good way to do it is sell them to the people that go to the local gym.

Become a local gym instructor

As a health free you can opt to assist trainers in busy gyms.

gym instructor
Become a gym instructor

You will of course need some formal training and knowledge yourself to be able to do it. The best way to go about it is to ask the gym that you frequent if they or anyone else needs a personal trainer or assistant. It will keep you healthy and wealthy!

fitness trainer jobs

Be a freelance writer

There are plenty of freelance writing jobs available on the internet. Make a good search for such jobs and ask for the best rates before you start.

Freelance writing

If you are good at it, you are sure to get a constant flow of work coming in the form of blogs and other similar posts. You just sit back at home and let your ideas flow out and earn you quick money.

Become a graphic designer

You can take up the work of designing cards, covers or even stationery.

Graphic designer

All you need is the software with which you can work to bring out those stellar designs. You will find plenty of such jobs online or you can contact professional houses if they need freelance service.

Move furniture

Moving furnitures
Moving furniture

A lot of moving companies are continually looking for strong and young hands that can assist in their assignment of moving. Leave your number with the moving companies nearby and ask them to call you when they have a job. You get paid on spot.

Be a valet

Be a valet

Offer to park the car of people at a convenient location that you own or know of. People are increasingly finding it difficult to leave their cars at safe locations while dining or shopping. You can fill in the gap and earn too.

Put up holiday/occasion decorations

Birthday celebrations, Halloween, Christmas and the list goes on.

christmas decorations
Christmas decorations

Offer to put up decorations that are appropriate for the time and take them down later and get paid. You can get in touch with an event management company or tell your friends and family of your expertise too.

Do fall or spring cleaning for people

With everyone being busy all through the year, springtime cleaning is not an easy task.

cleaning garden
Spring cleaning for people

When people know that you are willing to help them with it, you are sure to get more than one assignment. Sure it is a bit of hard work, but with a few days apart, you can easily earn well in the season!

Help remove the snow

removing snow
Removing snow

Offer to clean up the doorway and the driveway for people to go to work and children to go to school. You will get paid for your work immediately and move on to a couple of homes more before you are too exhausted to earn more!

Help people with cleaning their homes

You need not work with a maid service providing company but still, you can clean peoples’ homes and earn.

cleaning home
Helping people in cleaning their homes

A lot of homeowners are looking for reliable and energetic hands that can clean their homes at convenient hours. Pass the word around or ask if people around need such services. Working for even two homes a week will keep your pocket well-stocked.

Run errands for elderly people or the sick

A lot of elderly people live alone and would love someone to run errands like buying groceries, taking them for a walk or even a short drive to the stores.

helping older ones
Helping elderly people

It is surely a pleasure to be with them and carry out their small tasks. Not only will they be delighted but you get paid for your good services.

Make handicraft items and sell them on Etsy

handicraft items
Handicraft itemsu

Put to use your skills in arts and crafts in your free time. Make innovative small items from the material that you already have or can buy cheaply. Sell them on Etsy, it is an excellent platform to showcase your products and earn directly from buyers.


So enjoy your life as a student with these easy way to keep your wallet full all the time!

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