10 Tips to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle on a Budget

Leading a healthy lifestyle is often associated with high expenses in today’s modern times. However, that doesn’t have to be the case always.

Yes, it’s possible to eat nutrient-rich, fresh food, and use non-toxic, green personal care and cleaning products even when your budget is tight. All you need is some careful planning and a bit smart shopping.

Here we’ve come up with some great tips to help you live healthy and eat healthy on a budget. Read on…

1. Walk

Walking some extra steps today may help you start a lifelong journey of good health. Walk more by incorporating walking in day-to-day situations.


For example, go to a back parking spot during lunch by walking. Reach the mall by walking in bad weather or walk to the beach during a vacation. Quite easy, this may set the tone of your health routine if you have just started one.

2. Drink Tea

Tea has incredible health benefits and its cost is far lower than latte.

drink tea

This makes it not only health friendly but budget friendly too. Tea is loaded with antioxidants, helps with sleep, enhances the immune system, and has several other health benefits too.

3. Eat at Home

At restaurants, you consume more calories and more food than when eating at home.

eat at home

Make eating at your home convenient and easy by planning weekly menus, and allow yourself ‘cheat’ meals about 2-3 times every month. This will not only save you money, but also help your waistline.

4. Eat Beans

Ground beef, the unhealthiest yet the cheapest choice among the meat family, comes at an average of $3 p/lb. The average cost of chicken is about $3.41 p/lb. Lentils and dried beans come at around $1 per pound. Considering that the protein you get in one cup of beans is the same as that you get in a ½ burger, beans provide you lots of protein at a way lower price, and they are way healthier too.

5. Eat Whole Grains

Taking whole grains with meals helps you stay fuller for longer. Replace your food items of refined white flour with healthy and economical whole grains such as whole wheat pasta, oats, and brown rice.

6. Buy from Ethnic Markets

Indian and Mexican use lots of ingredients that come at a low-cost, in their cuisine. Apart from native offerings, in ethnic markets you can find several items at cheaper costs.

7. Plan Ahead

If you want to eat healthy on a budget, you need to do some planning before visiting the grocery store. Here are some organizational tips that can help you have a budget-conscious and healthy lifestyle.

  • Plan meals in advance in order to avoid wasting money and time by visiting the grocery store at the last minute.
  • Create a list of items to buy from the grocery store before going there. Avoid looking at things not on your grocery list. Try sticking to the area of the store that has meats, fresh produce, and items that expire. Fresh items are good. Ignore the items that are processed and packaged.
  • Make sure you eat prior to visiting the grocery shop. Don’t go there hungry.

8Purchase produce in season

Purchasing produce in season turns out to be way more cost-effective than the alternative. So, consider making your purchase of produce in season.

9. Do Workout Outdoors

You can do an amazing workout outdoors and get some Vitamin D simultaneously. You can choose various outdoor locations for this like parks, trails, lakes, and oceans. Go for swimming, biking, walking, or running, and stay in shape inexpensively.

10. Remove the Extras

List down all the luxury items you consume or use – four-dollar coffees, fancy ingredients, bottled water and so on, and stop buying them. Simply forgoing that Starbucks Venti Mocha everyday would make a difference.

Observe your food expenditure and determine if there are any splurges that are increasing your expenses. Cut out the non-essentials altogether. Alternatively, you can find ways to prepare them at home. Get a reusable water bottle or mug of good quality and fill water in it before leaving home in the morning. Consider eating real foods instead of expensive supplements and protein powders. Avoid wasting money on things that are not essential for you.

These simple tips, if applied well, will help you lead a healthy lifestyle on budget. So, start incorporating them in your daily life and see the difference in your savings.

If you know of any other ideas to living a healthy lifestyle on a budget, share them with us in the comments!



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