How To Lose Weight At Home In 2 Weeks

Weight management & its definition coming from high-place celebrities

Managing weight is not about giving up food, said Deepika Padukone the famous Bollywood actor that has also recently starred in Hollywood. It is about eating smartly not with your eyes but to keep your stomach satiated so that there are no cravings. In as much as there is the all-important factor of exercising daily, there is also that involves mind-training!

Weight loss reasons explained in simple words

Weight loss takes place when your daily calorie intake is less what your body requires every day as per your height, weight, sex, and age. The other reason for losing weight is burning off calories by way of exercise such that ultimately your body has less calorie intake is lesser than what it needs to sustain itself every day.

Become a fitness trainer

No two weight management plans can be identical. Weight loss programs for a lady in the early twenties and height five feet six inches is going to be very different from that of a forty-two-year-old man of five feet height. Physical conditions such as the presence of illness ongoing medications are also important considerations when formulating such programs.

How weight loss affects blood sugar

The link between Type 2 Diabetes and obesity is a proven one. Though Diabetes is not reversible, studies do confirm that losing weight is a sure way of keeping a leash on the increased blood sugar levels.

At the pre-diabetic stage, losing five to ten percent of your excess body weight can surely cut down the risk of developing full-blown diabetes by more than fifty percent.

How weight loss improves health

The best way to lose weight and attain a healthy body is to avoid any crash diet or fast weight loss programs that are difficult to pursue and sustain.

A well-balanced eating and exercise regime that triggers off steady weight loss is beneficial for health in two ways. Firstly, the body gets time to adjust to a new way of functioning and secondly, the body systems regain their normalcy functioning at optimal levels. This way, you are sure to find yourself looking and feeling good both physically and also mentally.


Losing weight boosts the heart function thus improving cardiovascular health, lower blood pressures and improve overall metabolism. All this improves mental health as there is increased blood circulation helping your brains get the blood supply needed for it to relax.

How weight loss changes you

One of the very first changes that you will find in yourself after losing weight is a high increase in your energy levels. You become part of a healthy cycle of increased activities, weight loss, more energy, healthy eating and more activities.

Your self-esteem gets a boost as your clothes fit you better, you look younger not just physically but also in the mind. At the end of the day, you sleep better and wake up fresh to face the world with confidence.

Easy to follow weight loss exercises at home

Your body is not a punching bag and it is best not to try anything foolish that could lead to irreversible damage to the nerves, muscles or bones.

  • Walking, jogging and freehand movements that help in bringing the muscles back into action at a slow but steady pace are the easy weight loss exercises, to begin with. Continue this for the first two days.
  • By the third day, you will feel the difference being able to walk faster and breathe easier. It is now time to push your body further depending on your health condition. Exercises like plank, pushups, and crunches are the best way to lose abdominal weight. Keeping going with these exercises for the next four days.
  • Within a week you will feel a tightening of your abdominal muscles and a reduction in the inches. Now is the time for you to sustain the tempo with a greater push to your exercise regime without any weight loss supplements.
  • Start light jogging around your home, on the treadmill or to the park nearby and finish them off with the exercises you were doing. At the end of two weeks, you should be losing at least a couple of pounds and more importantly emerge fitter and ready to go for more!!!

Make sure that you take care to keep yourself hydrated along with cutting out on oil and carbohydrates. At the end of two weeks, you should have lost a couple of pounds and an improved metabolism ready to lose more weight.

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