5 Smart Tips to Save Money on your Grocery Costs

In the list of significant expenses, grocery shopping always holds a place for most households and families. However, with some clever tactics and minor changes, you can remarkably lower your grocery bills. You can use the savings you make on more important investments, to pay your debt more efficiently, or to increase your retirement savings.

Following are some smart tips to save on your grocery expenses:

1. Use a List

Having a shopping list can help you save a significant amount of money on your groceries. Make it a point to stick to your shopping list and buy only things that are in the list. Additionally, you should not miss buying anything listed in it. In this way, you can avoid impulse purchases and also will not need to return to the shop because of forgetting an item.

2. Plan your Menus

Planning your menus a month or a week in advance will help you take advantage of bulk buying and sales opportunities. Such planning will also help you avoid eating out. You will be able to cook similar main food items on one day, while freezing the other foods for later. This would prove to be helpful for you on the days when you don’t want to cook. You may also plan the menus according to the weekly circular of your grocery store, which would help you take advantage of the sale prices of the store. In case planning your own menu is difficult for you because of time constraints or other factors, you may buy menu plans online. Such plans usually come at about $5.00 per month, but would help you save way more at a grocery store.

3. Go for Generic Brands

In a majority of cases, generic brands equal the name brands. In some cases, generic brands even surpass the popular brands. Note if the name brand item offers you a significantly better quality than a generic store brand. If not, it’s worth switching to generic brands, which would let you save a good amount of money.

4. Buy in Season

Keep in mind to shop only vegetables and fruits which are in season. Shopping food items that are not in season are likely to cost you far more, and they may not even have a very good taste. So, stick to shopping fresh produce that are actually in season.

5. Shop at Different Grocery Stores

Why do you buy from your current grocery shop? Is it the most convenient in terms of location? Is it very friendly? Well, to be honest, most people usually shop at a store out of habit.

However, do not allow a comfortable routine to increase your expenses. If you don’t know about grocery stores that can help you save more money, ask people. Those who get the best deals at grocery stores would surely tell you about them!

Additionally, check out your area’s weekly ads to know the things on sale at the competing grocery shops. You may find out that shopping at your current store costs you more over time. It might be frustrating initially to determine a new plan for shopping; however, the effort is worth it to save some extra money.

Summing Up

So, keep these tips in mind and try following them. These are simple yet effective ways to save money on your grocery expenses while making sure that you buy all grocery items that are necessary. Start applying these tips and see the difference in your savings for yourself!

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