6 Super Simple & Smart Productivity Hacks You Should Know

Being more productive is perhaps something the majority of us want! In today’s digital times, we have a huge number of tools for helping us become more productive. However, simultaneously we are faced with a constant stream of smartphone notifications as well as the temptation to open new tabs and watch cute cat videos.

Well, to get great results, we need to do the important tasks with maximum focus and beat the temptation to pay attention to something else…something less important. Boosting productivity is no rocket science, but the disciplined application of certain techniques and doing stuff differently. To help you start this New Year with increased productivity, we have come up with some simple yet effective tips and tricks.

Here you go…

1. Pay Attention to your Mood

Your mood influences your productivity to a large extent. In a calm and collected mental state, you can focus easily and accomplish a lot in a day. However, if you are depressed, angry, confused or have anxiety, accomplishing anything may take twice the time.

To keep your mood its best, do something after waking up. Have a healthy breakfast. Listen to a motivational song while traveling to work. If necessary, ignore your email inbox and just pay attention to your routine tasks during your day’s early part. Routines have the ability to instill a sense of relaxation and grounding in our minds.

2. Take Advantage of your Peak Energy Hours

Most people have a daily set of hours when they are at the peak of their focus and energy. In these hours, you would probably be your sharpest and give your best work. Identify your peak energy hours and use them effectively.

You may work on your toughest task during this window of time. Or you may use this time to get everything easy done so that you can put your undeviated focus on the most challenging work. Determine which of these ways works best for you based on your way of working and your personality.

3. Determine your Schedule for Tomorrow Today

Something that can considerably slow you down is waking up in the morning, sitting down for work, and wasting half an hour to plan the to-do list for the day. So, it’s always better to invest a few minutes today, probably when your working hours end, to plan your work for tomorrow.

While you may not feel like spending any time at your workday’s end for this, but understand that spending 5 to 10 minutes today can save you 30 minutes easily tomorrow. Moreover, you will have a good and productive start to your workday.

4. Say No to Unnecessary Tasks

Successful people not only handle important tasks efficiently, they also know which tasks should be avoided. At times, you may need to do things that are unnecessary during your workday; however, often it’s possible to avoid them.

For example, if you think that a given task is unnecessary, don’t hesitate to bring this up before your boss explaining why the task is unnecessary. Instead of phrasing this as a complaint, come up with an alternative approach that would be more cost-effective, efficient, and faster.

When you put forth a solution rather than a problem, you would not be considered as lazy – rather you would be thought to be a smart expert that intends to save money and time for the company. As an individual employee, you would be more productive, and you would help your company be the same. This will certainly enhance your value.

5. Batch Process your Tasks

Every time the human mind changes gears when switching from one task to another, an adjustment period is needed. When shifting to a new task, you need to refresh your knowledge about the subject and remember all the minute details involved in the work. Not only does this process consume time, it can also make someone feel discombobulated and disorganized.

This is the reason batch processing is so effective! Spend as less time as possible to switch gears by infrequently switching gears. Avoid jumping back and forth with a large number of little jobs. Handle specific projects or tasks in large, seamless portions of your day. Switch to another task only when you have completed the previous work for that day. This will enable you to get way more done, plus the time you spend each day with an out of touch feeling will also reduce.

6. Face your Least Favorite Task First

There are tasks for almost all of us that we simply dread doing. At times, these tasks are not even difficult or time-consuming, we simply don’t like them. In such cases, we tend to put off the task to work on later. However, putting them off for last doesn’t help us, when it comes to productivity!

When you start your workday, it’ best to get the tasks you dread the most, done and out of your way. If you delay working on these tasks, your mind would remain occupied with the stress and intimidation of having to work on something you absolutely don’t want to work on. This will deter your focus from the work you are doing now.

Adding to this context, get done those tasks at first too that will need two minutes or lesser. These tasks on the to-do list, that take very less time (2 minutes or less), are often put off for later since they seem minimal. Nevertheless, considering the little time they require, it’s better to simply get them done and out of your way. Applying this two minute rule allows you to get done all the small tasks, so that you can focus upon the heavier tasks in an undistracted way.

Wrap Up

Everyone wants to boost their productivity to get more done in a day and still have time to do things they enjoy or simply relax. To increase productivity, all you need to do is apply certain smart hacks in the right way. These tips and tricks, if implemented well, would certainly help you become more productive and accomplish the tasks in your professional and personal life faster and more efficiently.

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