Want a Roommate? 5 Tips to Write a Great Ad

Having a roommate in your rental apartment can help you save on rental expenses, alleviating some of your financial stress. However, finding a good roommate can be a challenging job. You need to find a person who is suitable for your lifestyle.

Well, the way you craft your roommate ad can play a major role in whether you are able to find a great roommate or not. Here I have listed some useful tips that would help you find a suitable roommate fast.

1. Create a Great Headline for your Advertisement

Roommate ads are flooding on the web. If you wish that people should click on your advertisement and read it wholly, your ad needs to catch their attention within a fraction of a second. So, your ad headline needs to be attention-grabbing. The headline should also raise their curiosity to know more.

So, instead of saying, “One bedroom available for rent downtown”, say, “Huge bedroom available for rent at a gorgeous downtown apartment”.

2. Provide Relevant Details About Yourself

Applicants would like to have some information about you – their potential roommate. Give brief information about yourself. Some important factors to list include professions, ages, and general schedules/habits of all the members residing in the house.

For instance, a woman in her 30s who likes to have a tidy, calm household is likely to attract a different kind of roommate compared to three guys in their 20s who like throwing parties regularly.

Give some details about your lifestyle, like at what times do you prefer silence in the house. When providing such information, say this, for example, “Night nurse in 30s who needs complete silence in the house between 7am and 4pm.”, instead of saying this, “Professional in 30s who likes to have a quiet house.”

4. Highlight your Apartment’s Best Features

If you are searching for a great roommate, the best way to get one is enticing several potential roommates. The more are your options, the better it’s for you! So, make your rental place sound as appealing as possible to draw more candidates. Create a list of all selling points and feel free to flaunt the appealing features of your rental house.

When doing this, say, for example, “The huge walk-in closet would showcase all your shoes, purses, and accessories! When you look out from the balcony, you would feel as if you’re on a vacation. Additionally, you can stay within walking distance from the most popular coffee shop/night club/bar of the city!” Avoid saying, “The apartment has a lot of space for everything and it’s close to various places around the town.”

5. Mention What you Expect from a Roommate

If there are things that you cannot stand or you have specific expectations from a roommate, mention those in your ad clearly. For example, if you cannot tolerate smoke’s smell, have a bullet point saying “non-smoker”. In case certain pets cause you allergy, mention that too. If you prefer a neat and clean space and would like staying with someone who is clean, say that right away. It’s always better to state what you expect outright than getting someone moving in and discovering later that some of their habits drive you crazy.

When stating your expectations, say, for example, “Highly allergic to cats and peanut butter. Pet hair and sandwiches of jelly and peanut butter are a no-no for me!” rather than saying, “Don’t like some foods and pets”.

5. Make the Ad Readable with Proper Formatting

A large block of text is difficult to read for anyone. The readers should not have to work hard for finding the important information bits. Your ad should be clean-looking and easy to read. For this, use line breaks and bullet points wherever relevant. Create a list of what you expect in a roommate, information about yourself, and best features of the rental house, rather than writing down one huge paragraph. Such well-formatted, skimmable ad would be appealing to your readers.

Although finding an awesome roommate is not the easiest of tasks, an effective ad can make the job easier. Following these tips would help you write a great ad to get a great roommate.


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