10 Chic Uses of Vintage Wood Charm

Homes and families tend to collect furniture that has come down from previous generations. A lot of times these vintage pieces are placed aside to make way for modern and eye-catching new furniture.

Gradually, the attic, the garage or some other place in the backyard is piled up with old and period furniture. You are either tempted to arrange a garage sale or put it up at online selling portals like Renting Street.

But have you ever considered how these same pieces can make your interiors chic?

Well, read on and see how innovatively you can use that you own for a stylish makeover to your home!

Here is how you can make those wonderful furniture pieces functional again in style.

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1.  Old cupboard to Home Office

You can sand, polish or paint a 20th-century cupboard into a home-office desk.


While a lot of people are likely to cringe at the proposal of painting period furniture, doing it well only highlights its beauty. Place it against a contrasting wall with photographs containing frames with the mat of the same color as the furniture piece. It will turn itself into a centerpiece of the room from an old derelict cupboard in the backyard!

2.  Chest of drawers to stylish Side-Table

An old chest of drawers can be found in many old homes. You can get it varnished and place in the dining room to store your cutlery and other dining accessories while also placing a mirror on top for that classy look.

The other way is to spruce it up with fresh paint for that outstanding look. In case some of the drawers are broken, you can empty out one side to create a larger storage space and place it in the living room.

Place a period chair with some matching brightly colored upholstery and near it and see the effect…

stylish side table

You just can’t beat that old-world charm that they create!

3.  Chic Center Table

What would have been an otherwise drab and unexciting period table makes the entire room come alive with this bold color coat on it.


In fact, this table can be placed with modern straight-line synthetic sitting arrangements adding life to it being made of wood with its antic touch.

4.  A distressed door to Coffee Table

Have you ever thought how a distressed door can give your living interiors a rare and chic touch?

coffee table

Just don’t throw away that broken door that is lying in your backyard! See how you can convert this solid wood door into a coffee table with storage too. Placed amidst modern sofas, it breaks the monotony to give the room an interesting look.

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5.  Old drawer set to Sofa Table

See how the warm texture of the intricate wood grains with the brass drawer hardware stands out despite its age! It can sure stand out as an heirloom adding more value to your décor – literally!

sofa table

6.   From old dresser to interesting Wine Cabinet

Don’t contemplate throwing away that old dresser with broken drawers! Turn it into an into a wine storage in your dining space. Just remove the broken drawer parts and carve out the holding from a piece of wood. Attach it to the base area and see how you can store the bottles.

wine cabinet

Giving it a fresh coat of paint while retaining its old and rugged look further adds charm to the piece making attracting immediate attention to it!

7.  The worn antic piece to modern Kitchen Storage

This old dresser cum chest of drawers has turned into a wonderful open cupboard in the kitchen. Just modifying the upper part by covering the back with wallpaper and adding the shelves makes it a functional storage cum display in any kitchen.

It adds oodles of charm to them to the kitchen area with the same colored wall.


open cupboard in kitchen

8.  Old worn out table to Kitchen Island

This rustic table used in a farm kitchen would have never made it in any modern home had it not been for the innovativeness of the owner. Adding a side pocket to it had made it more functional as kitchen island while some paint on its legs takes away the monotony.

A coat of food-safe wax brings out the dark luster of the wood and makes it waterproof too in the kitchen.

old table

9.   Bedroom to Charming Bathroom Commode

drawer set

See how a small modern bathroom gets that extraordinary look with this old and otherwise unwelcome drawer set! The owners thought of retaining its distressed look in the paint and turning it into a commode with a single basin.

What would have otherwise been just another bathroom has become an attractive bathroom with this vintage solid wood furniture giving it a chic makeover.

10.  Broken drawer to stylish Wall Shelf

Those broken drawers from those old chest of drawers have a stunning use in your living area! See how one of these has been turned into an unusual wall shelf that attracts attention and has high utility too.

Giving it a coat of wood polish is sure to bring out the vintage charm of wood even in the midst of synthetic modernism.

stylish wall shelf

Share with us more interesting makeovers ideas with old furniture that you may have. We will be happy to share it with our users and others!!!





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